Cardinals will stick with Stanton and Gabbert, for now

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Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer will miss at least eight weeks after suffering a broken arm on Sunday. The Cardinals will be applying the “next man up” standard in his absence.

Coach Bruce Arians said after the 33-0 loss that Drew Stanton moves from No. 2 to No. 1, and that Blaine Gabbert slides from No. 3 to No. 2. Asked why it would be Stanton, Arians applied basic logic: “He’s No. 2. You don’t skip 2 to go to 3.” (The 2011 Broncos would beg to differ.)

The Cardinals have been in this position before, and Stanton later suffered a season-ending injury. They currently have no other quarterbacks on the roster or practice squad.

24 responses to “Cardinals will stick with Stanton and Gabbert, for now

  1. I’m not a Cardinals fan, don’t have a vested interest per se, but I hate watching bad football. For that reason Arians needs to go. He is completely hopeless and frankly embarrassing.

  2. You want to settle this Kap debate, as to wether he is worthy of a roster spot? Ask Larry Fitzgerald. What his response is would answer a lot of questions. You know this is probably his last rodeo, he has AP, he just lost his best shot, albeit long shot, at the ultimate goal, does he think Kap is worthy of a roster spot?

  3. Yes. They will stick with the guys that have been on their roster and practicing with the team. How is that news? A backhanded “what about Kaepernick” story? Why would a team keep a back up on their roster and them when they need to go to that back up sign a bum off the street? Unless that bum is someone who knows the coaches playbook (Cutler in Miami), then it does not make any sense.

  4. TIme to tank the season for draft picks and Fire Bruce Arians. Also trade Larry Fitzgerald to a contender. You owe him for 13 years of loyal service.

    They don’t even look like an NFL team right now.

    Congrats to the Rams and the turnaround with the new coach. They are clearly the class of the NFC this year.

  5. How dare the Cardinals go next man up on their depth chart instead of appeasing the Kaepernick crusaders. Don’t they know white guilt and the appearance of social justice means more than X’s & O’s ??

  6. Steve Keim needs to go. They’ve drafted horribly. Arians and even Palmer on occasion has masked many of the front offices sins. You’ll see just how bad this roster is without a QB. Its time to hit the reset button, starting from the top down. Tell me which one of Keims first rounders are playing like a first rounder in the position they were drafted to play????

  7. Before you start, Kapernick sucks, hes not capable of running Bruce Arians down field offense. He wouldnt make the Cardinals better and the Cardinals werent making the playoffs even if Palmer never got hurt. So no they dont need him and like last year Gabbert has already proven to be a better QB.

  8. Because we know how much the Cards (that is) like Steelers castoffs…

    Bryant for Fitz straight up. No questions asked.

  9. 49ers Update…

    Bad news: Sadly for the 49ers, who play the Cards next week, the loss of QB Palmer means they now have a real shot at winning one game this year, and in doing so, would cough up the #1 pick to the Clowns.

    Good news: The Clowns have shown they are more than capable of allowing franchise QBs like Weitz and Watson to join other teams, while drafting the likes of Couch and Manziel.

  10. Forget Kap, it ain’t happening. Now on to the real problem: that Bruce Arians seems intent on trashing his reputation and as fast as is humanly possible. He appeared to be an (albeit arrogant) genius 2013-2015 for making this club relevant and getting it to play smart and tough most every week. However, his stubbornness is destroying all his previous good work. His buddy (Amos Jones) continues to have a job coaching the special teams despite their ranking as league bottom feeders year after year and now Arians is again getting weird with his QB choice (remember his stubborn refusal to look at options outside of Ryan Lindley a few years ago?). The only reason to watch the Cards going forward would be to see if Blaine Gabbert has the ability to be the team’s future starter, but no, Arians prefers to be loyal to Drew Stanton, who’s already clearly established that he is not an NFL-caliber starting QB. What a mess. Time for ownership/GM to straighten things out.

  11. Drew Stanton is 6-3 as a starter for the Cardinals. That’s cute how everyone is writing him off already though.

    And for you Seattle fans who predicted that a bad O-line will get a QB injured, well just take a look at your glass house before you throw any stones.

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