Chargers dominate Denver to win their third in a row

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Don’t look now, but the Los Angeles Chargers are on a roll.

After starting the season 0-4 and becoming the laughingstocks of the league while playing in front of a half-empty soccer stadium, the Chargers have now won three straight after beating the Broncos 21-0 today.

The Broncos’ offense was atrocious for the second week in a row. Trevor Siemian threw an interception and fumbled twice, and Denver punted eight times. This offense was a mess.

Philip Rivers was solid if unspectacular, completing 15 of 26 passes for 183 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Tight end Hunter Henry continues to establish himself as Rivers favorite target, catching four passes for 73 yards today.

The Broncos drop to 3-3 while the Chargers improve to 3-4, and combining this result with the Raiders’ win over the Chiefs on Thursday night, and all of a sudden the AFC West race looks more interesting. The Chargers would still have to be considered long shots to make the playoffs, but the fact that it’s even possible shows how far they’ve come in the last three weeks.

45 responses to “Chargers dominate Denver to win their third in a row

  1. Siemian might be the worst QB in the league. Even worse than whoever played for the Browns this week.

    These announcers keep saying “well, they don’t have a run game..” HELLO! They don’t have a run game because teams don’t respect Siemian. They know there is a 0% chance Siemian will beat them so they focus on the run.

  2. Trevor “all star” Seimien looks completely overwhelmed, he stinks but he’s by far the best QB the Donko’s have.

    Look at their schedule, do they win another game?

  3. Remember when Denver thought they could win with anyone at QB? It turns out they were wrong.

  4. As a Broncos fan….I am disgusted. That team showed no heart. I’m pretty certain the Browns would have shut them out today. Let’s put in Lynch and see what he has at least before we start to rebuild.

  5. Siemian was mediocre last year with neglible signs of potential.

    Again, Elway won the Peyton sweepstakes and has FAILED thereafter on the QB front. Siemian? Lynch? That’s who he follows up after Peyton Manning?

  6. Broncos are going 6-10 or 7-9 at best, and any real Denver fan knows it full well.

    The last two losses are some of the worst in all of Broncos’ regular season history, right up there with the 59-14 thrashing the Raiders gave us in 2010.

    I give Vance Joseph two years tops. And Siemian will be off the team at the end of the season.

  7. This will all come down on Elway. You hire a guy with no head coaching experience and someone who no one else wanted, don’t even try to trade for a QB in the offseason and roll with a guy who would be hard pressed to even make an NFL roster on every other team except the browns! This defense is built to win now, not wait for the offense to get its act together!

  8. While I agree with the comments about Siemian, what do people expect him to do? He’s a 7th round pick- at some point Elway has got to shoulder all of the blame for putting him out there no? Lynch didn’t show anything last year as far as I know- Elway should have picked up someone in the off season.

  9. As a Bronco fan I believe Simian is in the bottom 3rd of QBs. That said the RT was a pilon giving look out blocks and the coaches wouldn’t put a TE or RB in to chip. Both tackles have issues today but when a DL is in your face on every throw it’s near impossible. Their best chance was to play smash-mouth against the worst run D in the league but they consistently were in shotgun and passing, even at their own 4 yard line on 2cnd and 6. To beat a team with pass rushers that don’t like to defend the run you A_ run it, B_chip them, C call a lot of screens. This was an awful game, nobody is blameless.

  10. Denver was WAY too satisfied with their wins over Dallas and Oakland.

    Simian has probably more interceptable passes than any qb in the league. He gets so lucky when opponents drop them.

  11. I think the Chargers may have had a chance at making the playoffs this year if they had any home games

  12. Dont look now but its 25yrs since Bolts started 0-4 and made playoffs! Deja Vu? If the Chargers had a decent kicker the first 2 weeks they could be 5-2. And thats with every game feeling like a road game. Seimian is horrible and that falls on horse face. Without Peyton he is a huge flop as GM. Donks D is built to win now and the offense is killing them.

  13. Everyone likes to say how great the AFC West is, yet there is one team with a winning record. Meanwhile it’s easy to dump on the AFC East yet there’s 3 teams with 4 wins, and the Jets are probably the best last place team in the league.

  14. Wow lots of hate on Siemian. He just sprained his left shoulder last week, same shoulder that required surgery after last season. Tom Brady also has a sprained left shoulder and his stats have been far worse since he suffered the injury.

  15. Rivers won the 100th regular season game of his career. Becoming the 15th QB to reach that number.

    Six of the 15 members of the 100 win club came from two drafts…

    Elway, Marino, and Kelly in 1983.

    Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, and Rivers in 2004.

  16. rondayne says:
    October 22, 2017 at 8:00 pm
    Everyone likes to say how great the AFC West is, yet there is one team with a winning record. Meanwhile it’s easy to dump on the AFC East yet there’s 3 teams with 4 wins, and the Jets are probably the best last place team in the league.
    Its the best Div in football because all of these teams can beat each other and they typically send two teams to the playoffs. Everyone already knows who is winning the AFC East and it’s more likely than not that none of the others will even make the playoffs.

  17. ratsfoiledagain says:
    October 22, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    The most successful QB the Broncos have ever drafted is probably Tebo. Sad but true.

    Not Elway?

  18. mmack66 says:
    Not Elway?

    The Broncos didn’t draft John Elway. The Colts drafted him and eventually traded him to Denver after he refused to sign with them.

  19. The best win/loss percentage by a Broncos drafted QB belongs to Osweiler, whether career long or just in Orange and Blue. But it’s too small a sample set to be meaningful for Tim or for Brock.

  20. Let’s cut to the chase. Somebody hire Kaeperdick and the league can go back to semi normal and stop the shut outs and quarterbacks getting injured.

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