Dolphins: Field was safe, but not up to expected standard


When watching the Dolphins and Jets play on Sunday, it was hard not to notice the terrible condition of the field at Hard Rock Stadium.

Miami and Syracuse played in the rain on Saturday night and the field looked worn out before the Jets and Dolphins even started their game. Players slipped throughout the game while the equipment staff on both sides worked to find cleats that could gain traction on a surface that Jets coach Todd Bowles called “a little boggy.”

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports that some Dolphins players called the field “trash” once outside the numbers, but the NFL said it “was certified as in compliance with league standards.” The team released a statement after the game that said they would address the poor condition of the field, which was installed this week.

“The field today was safe to play on, but was not up to the standard we expect from a playability standpoint. It was a new field for this game that was put in earlier in the week. We’re working to rectify the situation and expect better conditions moving forward.”

The Dolphins will next play at home against the Raiders on November 5, which is a day after the Hurricanes host Virginia Tech and the Dolphins will need a better solution than the one they came up with for this doubleheader.

17 responses to “Dolphins: Field was safe, but not up to expected standard

  1. “…the NFL said it “was certified as in compliance with league standards.”

    You mean the same standards that allow for painted dirt in Oakland and the garbage that is Soldier filed in from the end of October on? Those standards?

  2. the NFL claims to care about player safety
    just look at the field conditions around the league

    The biggest thing they ever did was cancel the hall of fame game last year due to painting the line markers on the field –and it was too slippery to play on.

    But would they ever not play a game due to a poor field?

    never happen. Which means player safety always comes second

  3. The reason this is happening is the new roof over the seats, creating an inadequate aperture to let sunlight reach the field below. A similar thing happened when Marlins Park opened, and it took a couple years to find a proper grass for the conditions. That, and the addition of grow lamps.

  4. Talk about entitled. Back in their day, legends like Bones Jackson and Scary Ice played on rock, ice, and/or toxic waste without issue.

    They didn’t worry about the field’s consistency. No, they were too busy avoiding landmines and firepits.

    And the NFL wonders why ratings have plummeted.

  5. Didn’t we hear this after the ’82 AFC Championship as well? Oh that’s right. Miami beat the Jets then, too.

  6. Like somebody else said ” Better than turf. Indoor stadiums and artificial grass should be banned. Football was invented to be played outside on grass, in the mud and slush, players wearing jerseys were can’t see the numbers, helmets with big wads of turf sticking out the face mask.

  7. What do you expect them to say? “The field was not safe but we sent our guys out there anyway because what do we care?”

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