Jeff Heath has longest kick by non-kicker since 1979

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Cowboys safety Jeff Heath, a former high school kicker, made two extra points Sunday. They were the longest successful kicks by a non-kicker in the NFL since 1979 when Packers linebacker John Anderson made a 39-yarder.

Wide receiver Wes Welker made an extra point for the Patriots in 2010, but that was before PATs were moved back from the 2-yard line to the 15. They now are 33-yard kicks.

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh missed an extra point for the Lions in 2010.

Welker was the last non-kicker to try a field goal, making a 29-yarder in 2004 for the Dolphins, and Doug Flutie converted a drop kick for the Patriots in 2005.

Heath was forced into double duty when Dan Bailey, the NFL’s all-time most accurate kicker, injured his groin in the first half. Heath made two of three extra points.

Linebacker Ted Thompson, now GM of the Packers, was the last non-kicker to make two extra points in a game. Thompson made his in 1980 for the Oilers.

Heath, who grew up playing soccer, made a 49-yard field goal in high school to win a playoff game for Lake Orion (Mich.) High School. He also hit a game-winner from 30 yards as a junior.

Last season against the 49ers, Heath nearly had to replace Bailey when the kicker’s back tightened up on him during pregame warmups. Heath warmed up but Bailey made it through the game.

Heath did kick during practice the following week, the first time he had kicked with a snapper and a holder since high school.

Heath’s side job, though, will come to an end. The Cowboys will work out kickers this week if Bailey can’t play against Washington next week.

10 responses to “Jeff Heath has longest kick by non-kicker since 1979

  1. negadelphianinjersey says:
    October 22, 2017 at 7:16 pm
    Cowboys crush the hapless Niners and Cowboys fans are suddenly back out of the woodwork. Pathetic.
    You’re the only comment… an Eagle Fan on a Cowboy article… Harding Cowboy fans coming out of the woodwork. Go back to sleep little bro.

  2. If this were a Packet post, you’d see about 10 lane comments saying “next man up.” Of course, those were missing last week

  3. Philthy has nothing better to do than come sniffing Cowboy jock, it’s like the whole city is obsessed with everything Dallas…that being said, good on Heath to be ready when needed.

  4. That was awesome!!!! However, I would sure hate to lose Bailey for any length of time 🙁

  5. Well don’t care if you anyone likes it or not….but for some reason after 40 years of watching this team the last 21 have been painful at best.

    As long as the puppet calling himself a HC stays the same and the “GM” stays the same the results are going to be same..Wake up.

    They’ve already lost to two rookie HC’s…. The 9’ers don’t have enough to win, not even close so all of you that are super excited about winning by 30 points get over it. The next team they play that’s has any talent they’ll be right back to the same team…… horrid.

    It’s on the one man everyone thinks he’s a HC however he’s never held responsible….it’s always thrown on the Assistants who have NO choice but to run the puppets scheme.

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