Jerry Jones: Anthem protests hurting the league


Jerry Jones already has stated that he expects Cowboys players to stand during the national anthem. The Cowboys owner hopes the rest of the league’s players follow suit for the sake of the NFL.

Jones spoke after the Cowboys’ 40-10 victory over the 49ers, the first time he has talked publicly since the NFL owners meetings last week. While Jones did not express disappointment that owners left New York without a rule mandating players stand for the anthem, he said the protests are hurting the NFL.

“There is no question the league is suffering negative effects from these protests,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Jones said some Cowboys sponsors have expressed “concerns” about the anthem protests.

“All times, I want to do the right thing by them and their customers,” Jones said. “I have a great responsibility to the people who support us. We all get great benefits from having a lot of people watch our games. All of us do.” 

Jones said the players’ message has been lost in their protest, with the debate now about taking a knee rather than about social injustice.

The Cowboys are one of six teams not to have a player protest during the national anthem. Two weeks ago, Jones publicly declared that the Cowboys would bench any player protesting during the anthem.

“I care about a lot of things,” Jones said. “But our ability to be substantive is based on having a strong NFL, a league that people are really interested in and want to watch games. At all times, if I am anything, I am first and foremost a proponent of making the NFL strong. Making us have as many people watching the game as we can and watching in light of what we are doing and that’s playing football.

“If all this makes you stronger to represent messages, let’s don’t do it in a way that tears down the strength of the NFL.”

One Black Lives Matter protester in New York accused Jones of treating players “like a plantation owner.” Jones said they have it wrong.

“They don’t know me,” Jones said, “and I didn’t know them. I am well aware they don’t know me. To the extent that they were frustrated with me, they are wrong. Just wrong.”

66 responses to “Jerry Jones: Anthem protests hurting the league

  1. They don’t have this problem in Russia… it’s really just that pesky 1st Amendment all those Veterans died for… plus the fact that some fans just can’t comprehend that Injustice for Some is Injustice for All

  2. Trump put them in their place, and now the players nonsense is stopping.

    Thanks Trump! For your presidency, my investment portfolio, and making the NFL great again!

  3. Things hurting the league more than this issue.

    1) Injuries
    2) concussions
    3) Roger Goodell and his unfair policing of the players
    4) Non Competitive teams
    5) Bad coaching

  4. He’s right. They serve no purpose but to hurt the NFL while demonstrating that SJW-thinking is not only divisive, but a cancer on Society.

    Any other employer would fire an employee that did something so offensive ON COMPANY TIME to a huge majority of their customers and the country that made them all wealthy.

  5. No, your bad prduct is hurting your game. This is the Super Bowl rematch on right now, and it’s unwatchable, and that’s been the problem with the league the last 5 or 6 years.

    The anthem thing had died down before the carnival barker brought it up before the year, yet your product was still bad, and that stems back to needless tweaks to it that morons like you and many of the new school owners green lighted over the last 10 or 15 years in concert with Roger Goofball in the quest for the almighty dollar over the quality of the product.

    Work on that and stop talking about trying to force players to do something that you have no ability to do.

  6. Jones is 100% right, and I am an Eagles fan. The players are biting the hand that feeds him. People are in denial if they don’t think protests have hurt TV ratings. And that’s not even including declining tickets sales and merchandise sales.

  7. enough with these nonsense protests….no one is out to kill you man…you resist arrest, of course your life is at risk, i mean, everyone knows are not gonna convince all other races the police that work for them is an issue for you. cops are not supposed to be your friend. i mean, come off it already.

  8. Jones is right. The players are essentially 50% partners with the owners — they get 50% of the revenue. Every dollar less earned by the league is 50 cents out of the players’ pockets. So the kneeling players are not only killing the league, they are hurting themselves. It makes no sense. Jones get it, Goodell doesn’t.

  9. No, ur wrong Jerry. People do know you, to the extent that you want to control ur players to do things ur own way. And that’s why you’ll never going to win another Super Bowl.

  10. Too late Jerrah! You followed what you thought was the popular opinion, siding with all the sjw’s and liberal media. Then quickly found out you choose wrong and the ratings, ticket sales, and merch sales, all are suffering as a result. The NFL will never be the same again

  11. on saturday travelled to nearby college,took in football game,stayed overnight…..on sunday,went shopping for day,lunch……no NFL….and i didnt even miss the NFL….. compared notes with friend at the college football game,they have same opinions,have been doing the same thing: … no NFL,very upset with the NFL,but not missing it either….

  12. Jerry Jones, Hall of Famer, truer words were never spoken!!! I am very proud that my Cowboys, have always stood for the Flag and Anthem 🙂 Evidently, David Irving must have decided NOT to pull a stunt, as he said in his interview…lol..He probably figured out if would not be the wisest thing to suffer Jerry’s wrath!!! Good ole Rog & Co. have not seen beyond their noses, to know they are killing the golden goose, bit by bit. That is truly pathetic!!! When more sponsors start asking questions and the bottom line is the money, they will get their heads out of the sand……..all imho

  13. I think it is disgusting that Jones would accept a phone call from the so-called President that stole the election from the Russians and would actually listened to that illegitimate “President” would say about anything. It is because of Trump that these protests because a proxy for Republcian hatred against African-Americans millionaires wanting to bring attention to the social issues facing their communities.

  14. As a Redskins fan, I loathe Jerry Jones. But when he talks, the NFL listens. And he’s correct, these misguided “protests” are hurting the NFL and are garnering nothing but more division and resentment; exactly the opposite effect. Like the silly “Redskins” name controversy where 3 protesters outside of a stadium constitute a “movement” to PFT (lol), this anthem lunacy will fade away as well. Americans are too smart to fall for the false narratives these protesters are championing. People will rightfully stand for the national anthem and the Redskins will be the Redskins 100 years from now, you know, and I know it.

  15. I’m pretty sure actual slaves who lived under the terrible conditions on real plantation would take exception to people calling men, who can quit at anytime most of whom are worshiped as heroes, while make millions of dollars, being called slaves.

    Perspective is a wonderful thing.

  16. “They don’t know me,” Jones said.

    They know you, Massa Jerry. You tell them who you are every chance you get.

  17. Huge message to all the people that didn’t think that protesting the flag was a big deal or not hurting the NFL. That’s straight from an owner himself saying that it’s definately hurting the NFL and the message has been lost.

  18. Dude some of the football is just unwatchable. Look at my Bengals today they have an o line that blocks worse than 7th graders.

    Take a look at some of the qbs starting now. CJ Beathard, Drew Stanton, an aging Eli, Case Keenum, Brett Hundley, Mitch Trubisky (4 completions and wins), Helpless Dalton with no o line but has played poorly in many of the games, Joe Flacco who is terrible, Cleveland’s mess of qbs, Siemian, Bortles, Brissett, McCown, and Matt Moore. You have almost half the league right there that has bad qb play.

    And I’m not trying to make this a Kaep argument the qb play just sucks right now in the NFL. Not for every team but many of the teams.

    Also Jerrah you have no right to talk sitting for the anthem at your first home game as Dallas owner. Maybe if someone had some credibility that can speak on the issue I would listen. Jerrah you have none.

  19. I don’t like Jerry, but at least understands what’s happening. If they keep taking a knee during the anthem, it’s going to hurt them financially. Why not take a knee before or after the anthem, and send all that “not lost” income to a charity or fund a political action group?

  20. What is hurting the NFL is that some rich old guy like Jones can buy his way into the Hall of Fame,
    And that a sleazy guy like Goodell is still ruining the game.

  21. Just answer the question. Would you rather they not have the right to protest? Yes or no.

  22. I’m watching the night cap of ESPN and they’re doing a fashion break down of Cam’s latest clown out fit. REALLY? this is what sports and tv thinks fans want to see?
    The guy dresses like a bozo but I guess certain elements of society think he’s cool.

    the nfl is dead in 15 years

  23. Ratings were dropping prior to the protest. To those blaming it solely on that are just mistaken. The people who are refusing to watch because of the protest will grow accustomed to not watching so forcing the players to stand won’t bring a huge ratings boost.

    I personally feel like the owners are in a lose lose situation. They can make the players stand and stop the current ratings drop. However when it comes time to renegotiate the CBA it would come back and bite them. As much as the players need the owners, the owners need the players. The last thing they want is something to prolong the negotiating of the next contract, which already looks like it will be a long fight as the players look to limit Goodell’s power and get more money. If it ends with a lockout the owners will miss out on more money than the protests are causing.

  24. The players are still making the exact same amount of money so what he must mean is that he and other owners are being hurt. That’s just fine with me

  25. I find it hilarious that people think the players have stopped because of Trump. No, the people with all the money stopped airing it so you don’t see it. This is the whole problem with Trump people. They literally have no brains, they are like zombies. If they can’t touch it, feel it, see it or experience it for themselves directly it doesn’t exist. Its why when it snows early or late in winter climate change isn’t real. Your stupidity is literally the cause of our country’s downfall. Thanks!

  26. j0esixpack says:

    They don’t have this problem in Russia… it’s really just that pesky 1st Amendment all those Veterans died for… plus the fact that some fans just can’t comprehend that Injustice for Some is Injustice for All

    You obviously have no clue what the 1st Amendment is all about and shouldn’t be talking about what you don’t understand.

    Until you read and comprehend it, please stop posting and proving your ignorance.

    I’m a vet that served over half of my time overseas between 1972 and 1978.

  27. You anthem respecters are so cute in thinking that a huge majority of fans agree with your totalitarian views. Continually blathering about lower ratings, lost merchandise sales, sponsors attitudes, etc. Not only do you fancy yourselves as super patriots, you’ve also instantly become experts in television ratings and marketing. That’s a quick rise from beer guzzling and stuffing chips in your mouth while couch sitting.

  28. To jackofnotrades have you ever heard of Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, or Freddie Gray?

    I wonder why so little of the conversation actually addresses the concerns of the players. Those of you that don’t get it, listen to Greg Popovich (a veteran) or Steve Kerr (his father was a diplomat that was killed) about the issue, they have wonderful perspective.

  29. He says we don’t know him, but I think we do. The players are protesting something Jones doesn’t see as his problem.

  30. wouldn’t that be something if America’s police forces had the same sort of ultimatum placed upon them? no more “shoot first, ask questions later” policing or you lose your job

  31. This is not a First Amendment issue, this is a CBA issue. If the league said that this is a general guideline and policy and not a rule, then the players can do whatever they want.

    Whatever happened to, “I may disagree with what your saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

  32. There were pictures posted on the internet yesterday of about 5 different stadiums NFL games.

    Those stadiums looked only half full.

    Jerry is right, but it might be too late.

    Thanks Roger, you buffoon!

  33. realfootballfan says:

    The anthem thing had died down before the carnival barker brought it up before the year,

    Wrong. The players started expanding it to protest Kaepernick being unemployed. Now there’s empty seats galore.

  34. Well, yes, with a state populated by a majority of neanderthals who are still taking the possible advantages of fire under consideration, I would expect no less.

  35. “There were pictures posted on the internet yesterday of about* five different stadiums NFL games. Those stadiums looked* only half full”.

    This is the type of “data” that the anthem respecters love. “About” five stadiums? Well, it may have been five, maybe seven, maybe three, who knows? “Looked” half full? Well, they could have been five eighths full, maybe three eighths, who knows? Oh, and it may depend on when the pictures were taken. Real reliable facts that you’re citing there.

  36. @Michael E – You really need to expand your sources of information beyond Breitbart. No players were kneeling solely in support of Kaepernick prior to President Trump’s intervention.

  37. The racism in these posts would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that some of these people exist in our society. Which is why we got a clown for a president.

  38. Yep, you won’t find much conversation or pictures showing the stadiums a third or more empty from the mass media. Kneeling Football League still has a problem. Wait till those season ticket renewal packages come in the mail. Lot of these resell ticket companies are getting crushed.

  39. So, the season ticket renewal packages for this season…came before the protests started last year? Having trouble following this line of reasoning, mainly because it makes more left turns than a NASCAR track…which you should be staring at instead of posting here…

  40. Jerry Jones played football instead of going to Vietnam, and he’s upset that his players aren’t showing respect to the flag and the military?

    What’s hurting the NFL is that regular working folks can’t afford to take their family to a game because it’s so insanely expensive.

  41. The only problem is that Jones is the only owner who currently thinks that this is all that serious of an issue, lol.

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