Sean McDermott: Buffalo feels “like heaven” after 3-0 home start


Sean McDermott did something no other Bills coach has ever done before on Sunday.

No, it wasn’t getting booed off the field at halftime. That’s happened in the past, but no other coach has ever won his first three home games as the head man in Buffalo. McDermott did that on Sunday when the team finished a rollercoaster affair with the Buccaneers with a Steven Hauschka field goal that provided the final margin in a 30-27 victory.

McDermott said after the game that it is “like heaven” playing in front of the crowd in Buffalo and that he thought Sunday’s win was a good representation of the town.

“I thought there’s a lot of heart on this football team,” McDermott said, via “Really, to me, personifies this city, doesn’t it? Heart, toughness, blue-collar, and fans stuck with us all day. I thought it was awesome, man. Awesome. It’s tough to win in this league. Every week it’s tight. Every week is tight. Guys stuck it out, played four quarters and came out with a win, so it was good to see.”

Had the Bills lost by three points, it probably would have felt like the opposite of heaven for McDermott. The Bills bungled a chance to kick a field goal before halftime when time ran out after a short completion to Jordan Matthews. That led to boos as the team went to the locker room and a mea culpa from the coach after the game.

“That was my fault,” McDermott said. “That was all my fault. I thought we could get three plays off right there, meaning a completion or a shot [at the end zone], and then a spike after that. We’ll go back and work on that. That’s all my fault.”

The points wound up being there for the Bills and McDermott will get a chance to make it four straight home wins against the Raiders next Sunday.

23 responses to “Sean McDermott: Buffalo feels “like heaven” after 3-0 home start

  1. No, it was not choking. The Bills took control of the game when Taylor led them to the tying score. When Buffalo forced the fumble and ran a daring play that led to them keeping the ball until the final 14 seconds.

  2. Listen, you can blame McD for the half-time debacle, it’s fair and justifiable, however… The “veteran” QB should also have an understanding of situational football, and the same goes for the coordinator in said QB’s ear. You just don’t throw the ball there, just get it out of play, or the better option, call a better freaking play. Good QB’s wouldn’t ever let that play happen. And listen, Tyrod had a solid game, but he continues to baffle me with his decision making. I also get that Zay hasn’t been all that reliable, but, he had the DB’s deep about 2-3 times, and he never got a look. Deonte Thompson breaking out like he did today makes me think they will start trending to that type of attack, it was definetly solid.

  3. Buffalo and Jacksonville in the AFC Championship Game. Why is that even a thought you have to entertain.

  4. Great to see how the division gets better, and Patriots will still dominate and people will still complain they get 6 free wins in their division every year

  5. megnailsit says:
    October 22, 2017 at 9:46 pm
    Seriously dude? Thanks for confirming the Neanderthal reputation of Philly fans.

    That can’t really be a Philly fan. Sissy? Really?

  6. If it wernt for some horrifically bad decisions the Bills won by 13. Not only was there the terrible playcall at the end of the half, but on the drive before, the Bills were around the 20 yard line with a 3rd down. Tyrod Taylor had a clear shot to the endzone (realistically he could get the 9 yards he needed for the first) but he hesitated and threw instead of running for it. The pass was incomplete and the FG was missed.

    2 bad calls, 1 by coach, 1 by QB made that a much tighter game than it should have been

  7. nhpats says:

    October 22, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    The Bills are playing tough football. Just goes to show how bad Rex stunk.
    Spot on post and I love this coach, he has them playing tough football. The day I found out Rex was hired I almost cried.

  8. Personally, at this time, Z Jones needs to sit and try to learn. He drop a watchable ball that would have won the game. It shattered his confidence. For Taylor to throw deep to Jones is a mistake for both. Taylor lacks confidence in that area, he needs a receiver who has the confidence to go and get it and bring it in. Jones will not survive if he is wide open and drops a perfect pass.

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