With 10 sacks today, Jaguars are on an NFL-record pace

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The Jaguars sacked Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett 10 times today, and in the process they put themselves in position to break a longstanding NFL record.

Jacksonville now has 33 sacks in seven games, which puts the Jaguars’ defense on pace to finish this season with 75 sacks. That would be a new NFL record.

Only three teams in NFL history have recorded 70 sacks in a season: The 1984 Bears, who have the all-time record with 72, the 1989 Vikings, with 71, and the 1987 Bears, with 70.

New Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell has proven to be a huge acquisition in free agency. At age 31, he has a league-leading and career-high 10 sacks this season. The Jaguars also have 6.5 sacks from second-year defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, and 5.5 sacks from Dante Fowler, who has turned into a very good situational pass rusher even if he still isn’t quite the all-around player the Jaguars hoped he would be when they took him with the third overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft.

Whether the Jaguars can keep up this pass-rushing pace remains to be seen, but there’s little doubt that they’ve becoe a defense that opposing quarterbacks do not look forward to seeing.

19 responses to “With 10 sacks today, Jaguars are on an NFL-record pace

  1. “OnPace” is the dumbest stat ever. Just because a team does X in 10 games doesn’t mean squat that they’ll do twice X in 20 games.

  2. thermalito says:
    October 22, 2017 at 10:28 pm
    Too bad nobody is going to the games or cares about this America hating franchise. Is anybody even still watching the National Felons League?


    Stadiums filled to capacity around the NFL HAHAHA

  3. Ramsey and Bouye deserve a lot of that credit too. QB has to still have the ball to get sacked.

    But yeah, this Jags defense is for real. And they are set at RB and WR. Get a QB, and they’re super bowl contenders. Unfortunately, QBs are really important to success, and the Jags don’t have one.

  4. I saw those other 2 defenses in action, and I wouldn’t put them remotely in that realm as they’ve racked up over half the sacks against 2 teams, but they are a very good defense, which was the case last year too actually.

  5. Obviously you are thermalito or you wouldn’t be on a football news site reading articles about teams that play in the league.

  6. 5 of their 9 remaining games come against teams that are among the worst 10 in the league when it comes to giving up sacks as well. Especially Arizona and the rematches with Indy and Houston

  7. That 1989 Vikings team actually had the record until Buddy Ryan cried to the league to get 2 sacks taken away. Plus, that Vikings team did it primarily rushing 4 prayers, not bring the house like the Bears did.

  8. snowdood163 says:

    October 22, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    Team gets 10 sacks in 1 game (amazing!!!), and here comes on pace guy. Smh


    It is the second time this year the Jaguars have hit 10 sacks and both times it’s been against division rivals that they play again this year.

    They most likely won’t get the record but it’s possible if they keep playing like they are.

  9. They have all the pieces in place, to be the butt-kicking team in the entire league, EXCEPT for a q/b, and a sane owner! Wonder why their stadium is 1/2 full? Hmmmmmmm I imagine that Tom Coughlin is NOT happy with them making azzes of themselves by kneeling for the National Anthem and then standing for “God Save the Queen”. What an embarrassment for our country.

  10. Efficiency is best: as such, will take the 1967 Oakland Raiders ’11 Angry Men’ defense had 67 sacks 14 games, 4.79 per game on average, better than 16 game totals 72/4.5 pg, 71/4.44 pg and 70/4.38 pg.

  11. Too bad they don’t have many fans showing up to see it. Their stadium had to be at least half empty. Keep running your mouth, Kahn.

  12. Credit should go to the defensive backs. More than half of those sacks were coverage sacks. Brissett couldn’t find anyone to throw the ball to.

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