Martavis Bryant takes shot at teammate on social media, requests trade


If Martavis Bryant is happy to be in Pittsburgh as he claimed last week, he has a funny way of showing it.

The Steelers receiver took to Instagram on Sunday night to make a case for more targets, again expressing frustration with his role in the offense. In the process, Bryant took a swipe at teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster and intimated he wants out of Pittsburgh.

A post from “FantasyFootballCounselor” showed a video of Ben Roethlisberger overthrowing Antonio Brown on third-and-one and criticized the Steelers quarterback for forcing the ball to Brown rather than throwing to Bryant. A commenter trolled Bryant, tagging him in a reply that stated Smith-Schuster is better.

Bryant took the bait, responding from his official account, “JuJu is no where near better than me, fool. All they need to do is give me what I want and y’all can have JuJu and whoever else.”

The post later was deleted.

Instead, Bryant’s Instagram comment about Smith-Schuster now reads: “JuJu is the future and got great talent and is going to be one of the best to play this game. I want him to get his. I just want mines, period, point-blank. Ain’t nobody did nothing to get me back. I worked my ass off to get myself back with no help and little support, period. In due time the process will show.”

Roethlisberger targeted Smith-Schuster three times in Sunday’s 29-14 victory over the Bengals, completing two for 39 yards and a touchdown. He targeted Bryant twice, with Bryant making one catch for 3 yards.

For the season, Bryant, who missed last season while serving a suspension, has 36 targets and 18 catches for 234 yards and a touchdown.

NFL Media reported last week that Bryant had requested a trade, and team president Art Rooney II responded that the Steelers are not looking to trade the frustrated receiver.

But Bryant’s continued expressions of displeasure and frustration might influence the team into moving him before the Oct. 31 deadline.

48 responses to “Martavis Bryant takes shot at teammate on social media, requests trade

  1. C’mon dude.. you sound like a couple guys on my softball team. Be a man.. don’t call out teammates.

  2. Buffalo needs receiver help. Bryant could step in and replace Zay Jones immediately. I’m sure Tyrod would love Bryant’s speed and height.

  3. Steeler fan here and its time for the clown to take the circus out of town, team stuck with him through a year long ban and this is how he acts. Juju is playing better and more focused. Ship bryant to the browns and see how he feels. Teams 5-2 looking great and does not need the bs.

  4. If Martavius put in as much effort in becoming a better receiver as he does talking about whether or not he wants to be traded, he’d be an All-Pro.

  5. He may want out but I don’t know that the front office in Pittsburgh wants to trade him before the off season. We all have seen how fast injuries can hurt teams. Why trade good depth even if the player is a malcontent. After the yr is over u can get rid of him and draft a new wr.

  6. Martavis, you are starting to get on my last nerve. Two weeks in a row there is media nonsense about your attitude.

  7. “I just want mines, period, point-blank. Ain’t nobody did nothing to get me back. I worked my ass off to get myself back with no help and little support, period.”

    Hey Martavis, take two attaboys, and call us in the morning. Delusional. You’re lucky to still be in the NFL.

  8. Enough is enough. Time for the Steelers to divest themselves of this fool. He’s not really contributing, has been surpassed in the offense, and has become an unnecessary distraction.
    The Steelers have enough talent and depth at WR to make Bryant superfluous. Time to let him be someone else’s problem.

  9. ninetysixer says:
    October 23, 2017 at 9:15 am
    put him on waivers……..Ravens are waiting to make the claim

    Do the Ravens really want another overrated former Steeler WR on their roster?

  10. Bryant has no trade value. He’s one more screw up away from being outta the league. Not to mention his selfishness during a contract yr. You’d be lucky to pry a 7th from someone.

  11. great leadership. never would this happen on Patriots. He would have been cut or traded by now.

  12. Trade to who? Because nobody who cares about winning will want this guy anywhere near their team. He picked a time when the Steelers are absolutely ROLLING, playing their best football of the year, to throw his tantrum?

  13. 7timechamp says:
    October 23, 2017 at 6:44 am
    2nd round pick….Chicago
    No thanks.
    We already went through the Brandon Marshall & Martellus Bennett thing.
    The Bears need WRs like they need oxygen but this guy is a cluster just waiting to explode.

  14. While Bryant shouldn’t be so public, I have to agree with him on being traded. They aren’t throwing him the ball at all. He gets open. But Ben just doesn’t target him enough. They should trade him. A conditional 6th I think gets it done. Plenty of 4-2 teams could use a big fast WR right now.

  15. Get rid of the cancer. Should be able to get like a 3rd round and a 7th round pick for him. I understand keeping him to combat injuries, but this has to be separating the locker room.

  16. 50-765-6
    That’s this guy’s best season, and he’s never played a full season in his career. He has zero reason to consider himself a star NFL WR, let alone play the diva. He’s a role player who is unwilling to accept his role. A disciplined team would cut him to send a message but I can’t imagine Trip doing that.

  17. I’m a big JuJu fan like most everyone else here, but Bryant is right about him being a much better receiver. He’s just not very smart in saying it publicly.

    I hope the kid cools his roll and this all works out. I can’t forget how we needed him last year in the afccg. Bryant takes that first Coates bomb to the house and it’s a different ballgame.

  18. I worked my ass off to get myself back with no help and little support, period.

    First of all, why should he expect help? It’s not like he was injured. He was suspended. Does he expect a babysitter? Secondly, the only reason they drafted JuJu was because Bryant can’t seem to stay off the suspended list. If he wants to blame someone for that he should look in the mirror. No team is going to trust him, especially after his juvenile tirades on social media. He should be happy he has a job. Maybe he should work harder instead of whining about everything.

    I doubt if they trade him. He gives them some depth. Tomlin should call him into the office and tell him if he has another tirade like that he’ll be suspended for four games–without pay. There’s no reason to trade him. They’re still on the hook for his salary. I think it’s safe to say they won’t resign him after the year though. If he thinks some team is going to give him a huge contract then he should be tested again. How can you trust someone who is one step from being suspended again and out of the NFL and takes his grievances to social media like a child.

  19. He’s good, but he’s not THAT good. He has talent, but he’s not a top 5 reciever in the league like he’s being made out to be. I doubt he has the same production in another system. The Steelers found a guy who fits what they want to do perfectly, and while the next guy may not be as perfect a fit, they’ll be just fine without him (again) and Bryant will either be on the practice squad or number three on the depth chart somewhere else.

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