Mike Zimmer disagrees with officials on Andrew Sendejo hit

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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer disagreed with officials who penalized Andrew Sendejo for unnecessary roughness following the safety’s hit on Ravens receiver Mike Wallace.

Cornerback Xavier Rhodes was attempting to pull the ball out of Wallace’s arms after an 8-yard catch. Sendejo lowered his shoulder into Wallace, who lost the ball and his helmet.

Zimmer argues Wallace was not a defenseless receiver, which drew the late flag.

“I think the receiver took five steps after he caught the ball and I think [Sendejo] hit him with a glancing blow,” Zimmer said, via Ben Goessling of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I know what [the officials] told me, but I’m going to turn it in and see what they say. [Wallace] established position as a runner, took two extra steps and Xavier [Rhodes] was trying to pull the ball out, which he ended up doing. The guy went down a little bit, but in my opinion he was a runner.”

The Ravens lost Wallace, who entered concussion protocol, but kept the ball because of the penalty on Sendejo. They got a field goal out of the drive.

The NFL fined Sendejo $24,309 for an illegal hit on Bucs tight end Cameron Brate in Week 3, though the hit didn’t draw a penalty.

25 responses to “Mike Zimmer disagrees with officials on Andrew Sendejo hit

  1. Definitely wasn’t defenseless, these refs are a grotesque mixture of incompetent and corrupt. You want to know why ratings are dropping? Forget the anthem, it’s garbage like this. I’m sure even Ravens fans would agree that he wasn’t defenseless on that play.

  2. Vikies never execute hits with intent to injure. Tomorrow’s headline: “I am not a dirty player”, (fill in the blank) said.

  3. tommymomoney says:

    October 23, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Another week, another dirty play by Sendejo. Watch him celebrate his cheap shot after the hit. Ruthless.

    Hawks fan.


    Someone clearly did not watch the play or read this article. Although that is a very ironic comment coming from hawks fan.

  4. A “glancing” blow? I’m sure that’s why Wallace’s helmet came flying off. Wallace was being tackled and was bent over. This guy came in and took Wallace’s head off.

  5. I agree – it was a legit hit with his shoulder. It’s not his fault that Wallace was getting twirled around like a rag doll and happened to have his head thrown into the shoulder. There was no intent to headhunt or to spear the receiver. Nor was a flag thrown and then when it came back from commercial break somehow Baltimore had the ball again and a 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty was charged to Sendejo.

  6. The NFL is a joke when it comes to fining players for hits that didn’t get flagged or penalty during games. Just throw flags whenever they are hard hit. Unreal.

  7. Last week it was Rodgers. This week it was Williams.

    Who will the Vikings target next week?

  8. What a bunch of pansies the players and fan bases have become. This is tackle football still, right?! It’s a bang-bang game and all anyone wants to do nowadays is slow the replay down and pick every move and hit down to the Nth degree. These plays get executed in real time. It’s a fast and many times violent game. If you’re all so offended by players getting hurt, then stop watching. Or outlaw the game. I tell ya…the past greats would shake their heads in amazement by the amount of crying and griping about hard hits in the game today.

  9. I’ve never seen a flag thrown almost 5 minutes after a supposed penalty. It was like they decided that since Wallace got hurt on the play they should penalize the defender. Watch the tape, how the ref sorta walks off and drops the flag when no one was looking. I’m not saying this a just Vikings problem, it happens in every game. The refs are incompetent.

  10. demstopper says:

    A “glancing” blow? I’m sure that’s why Wallace’s helmet came flying off. Wallace was being tackled and was bent over. This guy came in and took Wallace’s head off.

    If you saw the play, you’d realize that Sendejo went to hit Wallace in the mid section (exactly what the NFL wants you to do). It’s just that Wallace had lowered his head to waist level. He probably didn’t have his helmet strapped on properly either – that’s why it went flying off with a glancing blow.

  11. It looked bad because Wallace’s helmet came off and he suffered a concussion. Sendejo definitely gave him more than a glancing blow, but to me, it didn’t seem like there was unnecessary roughness or Wallace was down or anything like that. We’ll see when the fines are handed out if the NFL agrees.

  12. Shocker…dirty hit from a dirty player on a dirty team. When you can’t win with your talent, take out theirs.

  13. tinye67, exactly. But what do you expect from a generation that cant even handle and are “hurt” and “scarred” by WORDS. They don’t believe in tough competition. Tough hard nosed football is “offensive” to them.

  14. Legal hit by Sendejo, Later, the Vikings get flagged for a high/low hit when the Viking rush was blocked in to Flacco, Yet a high/low hit on Case by the Ravens goes uncalled later in the contest. The inconsistency and bad calls are ruining football…

  15. pkrlvr says:
    October 23, 2017 at 4:58 pm
    Shocker…dirty hit from a dirty player on a dirty team. When you can’t win with your talent, take out theirs….

    No penalty or fine for Barr. Get over it…

  16. negadelphianinjersey says:
    October 23, 2017 at 4:40 pm
    Do the people complaining about this hit want tackling out of the game? Serious question.

    Tackling is out of the game, everyone throws shoulders or helmets at receivers now days especially when a teammate is holding a player up going for the strip. Then someone comes in and tries to blast the guy, and someone tends to get rattled whether it be the WR or teammate or the hotter.

    If players did an actual wrap ip tackle I feel these types of injuries are less likely that happens.

  17. Players in a defenseless posture are: A runner already in the grasp of a tackler and whose forward progress has been stopped.

    Rhodes held him, and Wallace was going down, but his forward progress has not been stopped when Sendejo released. You can argue, that it was not a necessary hit (i think it was not necessary), but i don’t think the intent was to kock him out.

    What pissed me off (as a Vikings fan) was the celebration after the hit. Sendejo saw that Wallace was knocked out (he looked back at Wallace when got up). Celebrating the turnover when you know there’s an injured player on the ground is not OK (even if the hit was legal).

  18. It is why receivers decide to miss catches and wet their pants when stepping out in front of that defense SKOL! Get into their heads, keep the foot to the floor!
    Wallace bent down to try to break the tackle, before Deho’ could react. He clipped the strap hook, watch it slow motion. If it was that bad why did it take the Ref close to 3 minutes to throw the flag? WHINING, that’s why!

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