PFTPM: Week Seven Five-Down Territory


The PFTPM podcast, an old-school, just-me, say-whatever-I-want look at the NFL, devotes every Monday to the Sunday that was, via a vehicle known as Five-Down Territory.

Today’s episode looked at five (duh) topics from Week Seven, including discussions about Duane Brown, Martavis Bryant, Vontaze Burfict, Jay Cutler, and Teddy Bridgewater. Plus plenty of detours and digressions that you will find mildly enjoyable and hopefully not frustrating and/or impossible to listen to.

It’s impossible to avoid the PFTPM podcast, because the link appears below. And remember to check back later tonight for a special edition of the PFTPM podcast, including a conversation with Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

In the interim, subscribe, rate, and review the PFTPM podcast.

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