Terrelle Pryor doesn’t play until third series

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Washington wide receiver Terrelle Pryor did not start, and in fact, did not play until the team’s third series.

Josh Doctson, a first-round pick in 2016, started at the X receiver over Pryor. Coach Jay Gruden said last week he wanted to get Doctson more reps.

Pryor, a free agent signing in the offseason, played the most snaps of any of Washington’s receivers in the first five games. His 266 snaps were 81.6 percent of the team’s offensive snaps. Doctson, who has battled injuries much of his two seasons, played 121 snaps in the first five games.

Pryor stayed on the sideline, his body language indicating his displeasure, for Washington’s eight-play field goal drive to start the game. He stood impatiently for seven more plays over two drives before making his entrance on third-and-two with 3:05 remaining in the first quarter. Kirk Cousins took a sack on the play.

Doctson had no catches in the first quarter on one target, but Cousins went 5-of-8 for 92 yards.

The Eagles tied it 3-3 with a 50-yard field goal from Jake Elliott with 13:15 remaining until halftime.

13 responses to “Terrelle Pryor doesn’t play until third series

  1. Ed Hochuli and his crew are insufferable. He walks around out there like he’s so efficient and all he does is over officiate the game. Just so the spotlight is on the refs. They’d make good MLB umps. Despicable.

  2. If the Redskins find this embarrassment of riches too much to bear, there’s plenty of teams in the NFL that can take that burden from them. The fact that Terrelle Pryor can’t be a WR1 on this team speaks volumes about the Redskins organization’s inability to put talent to work and nothing about Pryor himself. Ryan F-ing Grant? You’d think this team was 5-0. Pryor is another in a long list of players to get Snyder’d – enjoy the postseason golf courses!

  3. What a waste of talent. Remember, this is the same guy who earned terrible reviews from former teammates (Hartline, Boone)…Pryor’s getting paid way too much money to under-perform the way he has this year.

  4. If you were a proud man, wouldn’t you be frustrated too if you were paid that much and only being given 2-3 catches a game? And now having the coach playing mindgames keeping you on the sideline?

    I can’t understand how anyone attributes blame on this man for wanting to get out there, play, and pay the team back for their faith in him.

  5. As an OHIO STATE man… I will always love Terrelle Pryor.

    Sure… Pryor was not a great quarterback in the NCAA.
    He was a great athlete playing quarterback… but… his passing ability was mediocre.

    In Oakland… I was surprised by Pryor.
    I figured he wouldn’t see any game time as a quarterback… and… if he did… he would fail (which he did)… but… he played better than I expected in Oakland (… but…not too great). In defense… Oakland didn’t have any good receiving talent (Streater/Moore/no one else).

    Now… as a wide receiver… Pryor is better than the majority of wr draft picks.
    Sure… some 1st and 2nd rounders achieve success… but… most don’t achieve 1000 yards seasons. Even though… a lot of his yardage on that terrible Browns team came from playing behind by 30 points and Cleveland not having any other wide receivers.

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