Marvin Lewis: Joe Mixon should show maturity like everyone else

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Based on his time at Oklahoma, one would have likely guessed that calls for more maturity from Joe Mixon during his rookie season would have come as a result of off-field misbehavior.

That’s not the case, however. The Bengals running back has not had any trouble away from the team, but he earned a rebuke from coach Marvin Lewis for speaking his mind about the team’s offensive approach in Sunday’s loss to the Steelers. Mixon wondered why he didn’t get any carries in the second half and why the Bengals went away from the ground game in general, which led to a sharp response from Lewis on Monday.

“You should show maturity just like everybody else,” Lewis said, via the team’s website. “Everybody wants to be out there all the time. But we’re not going to create a run when we are down by 12 or 15. We’re not going to create it. I saw a ball go on the ground when he received two balls thrown to him, which are the same situation. We got to handle it all the time the correct way, and be strong enough to not be led into questions after the game, which unfortunately he doesn’t know enough about.”

Mixon had seven carries for 48 yards while the Bengals were scoring two touchdowns in the first half of a game that was tied at 14 until a Chris Bowell field goal with 1:50 left on the clock in the second quarter. The Bengals went down by six before the half was over on another field goal and two more Boswell kicks put them down 12 with 5:28 left in the third quarter.

The Bengals ran only eight plays over that span and 51 for the game, which offensive coordinator Bill Lazor said is inevitably going to leave someone feeling like they aren’t doing enough. That’s true, but one could also argue that the choice of plays impacts how many a team runs in total even if it means Lewis questions your maturity.

32 responses to “Marvin Lewis: Joe Mixon should show maturity like everyone else

  1. LOL

    Classic…As if this shouldn’t have been the first checkbox on your list along with football IQ, so you have a solid feeling about the player’s ability to grow and advance at the NFL level?

    How many more examples do we need of prospects peaking the NCAA level and living off of draft hype, only to be a disappointment?

    And you wonder why the product is bad?


    Go Pats!

  2. Marvin Lewis should not be talking.. when asked about the kicker that went to the Eagles and hit a game winner, he could have showed some class and said he was happy for someone from an NFL Practice Squad making a roster, whether his team or another, and just wish him luck. BUT instead he said something around “who cares… didn’t he miss his first kick?” Jeff Fischer 2.0

  3. Mixon is for real. The Bengals offense should run through Green, Mixon and Bernard. It’s horrible coaching to give the ball the Hill outside of a short yardage situation. To make it worse Hill is getting the ball on 50% of the snaps he is in so the other team knows what’s coming.

    Lewis has lost it.

  4. He shouldn’t even be in the league but the Bengels have a history of taking guys on fourth and fifth chances. I’ll give you another chance stat, chances are he beats another woman while verbally degrading her for not accepting the most disgusting catcalls imaginable. Then smashes her face in. And isn’t in prison. He’s on the Bengels instead. Enabled to the max, it will happen again.

  5. If this team had a solid O-line it could be really dangerous, but with this unit it’s hard to even evaluate what you have.

  6. Yeah, it’s the players problem for wondering why the game plan that was working in the first half was changed. Averaging about 7 yards a carry sounds like something to stick with when your o-line is struggling in pass protection and your QB has some of the happiest feet in the league. But as he’s more then willing to tell anyone who questions him, Marvin knows way more about football then we do.

  7. Says the guy who defends his player known for cheap shots after he kicked a dude in the head with both feet for no reason. Pretty sure Mixon, a rookie, is higher up on the maturity meter than half his team and definitely his head coach.

  8. How dare anyone call out Marvin’s brilliance!? His post bye record is astonishing and his half-time adjustments are legendary.

  9. Marvin,

    On one hand you have Burfict running amock.

    85 was the biggest distraction in football for most of a decade.

    .. its really hard to take you seriously when you talk about maturity.

  10. Marvin Lewis has no control over his locker room, never has. Zero. He has no creditability when he lectures players on their behavior.

  11. He’s lost the locker room. For all the Marvin-ish stuff that has happened historically, they were winning enough where the players fought for him and bought in. Now? They know he is holding them back and that he isn’t fit to hold the position. The respect is gone.

    Question is, will Mike Brown see that and act accordingly? Or will he take one of his “gut feeling, don’t care if it is unpopular” stands (a la supporting pacman this offseason).

  12. Wow, so now the HC responds publicly to Mixon, who made the mistake of speaking publicly to the HC.

    This is absurd.

  13. How does the drivel posted by tylawspick6 get passed the editors yet so many others are deleted for no reason. Lewis is wrong. They should have ran the ball more. Being down 2 scores with 3 or 4 minutes left is 1 thing but being down 2 scores with nearly half the game to play means your whole playbook should still be open.

  14. & yet Mixon was in there on pass pro late in the game (& completely whiffed on a straight line sack, albeit which is why) when Lewis NEVER puts rookie RBs in that situation …?

  15. Lewis should return all his pay checks from the BUNGALS for the last 5 years if not he should be charged with robbery!!!! How in the hell does this clown still have a job.

  16. When the locker room leaders are Burfict and PacMan, it kind of sets the tone for the team, doesn’t it?

    Burfict was apparently using choice language before the Steelers/Bungals pregame coin flip — with kids present — and then refused to shake an of the Steelers’ hands. Kept his hands clasped behind his back.

    What a piece of . . . work.

  17. & on this “kick” incident, Nix was working over Burfict both before & after the whistle (illegally clipping for one thing) & pushed Burfict hard enough with a couple of body punches thrown in for good measure to knock #51 Minter off his feet AND #28 Bell on his back also pokes his cleat straight up Burfict’s hineyhole (just watch the clip) in the ‘normal’ provocation of nearly every team vs Burfict trying to provoke a response early since he came into the league

  18. I’ve about had it with Marvin giggling at the press conference. What Joe said is right this teams coaching is just sad. Guenther is the only one even worth anything on that staff.

  19. When someone asks me to explain “irony”, I will merely point them to this.

    Maturity? Yeah Marvin, the Bengals are the paragons of maturity. You’re clueless. Just clueless.

  20. It seems to me that “maturity” to Lewis means accepting mediocrity (or worse) completely without any reservations. Mixon has some competitive fire and wants to win games and coach wants that shut down?

  21. So, Dalton goes 17 of 30 for 4.66 yard per passing attempt and two turnovers, and the young RB was averaging right about 6.9 yards per carry……… but he is out of line for thinking he should have been used more? Marvin has been a bust since he was hired, and with actually statistic proof like this, there is no doubt he should have been gone long ago.

  22. Down 12 with over 5 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter and Lewis is saying that is not the time to run. What the heck? If you had Tom Brady or Joe Montana I could at least not argue but you have Andy freaking Dalton! Run the ball with the woman beater until he goes to prison!

  23. lotoffcenter says:
    October 24, 2017 at 1:31 pm
    Down 12 with over 5 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter and Lewis is saying that is not the time to run. What the heck? If you had Tom Brady or Joe Montana I could at least not argue..


    Tom Brady or Joe Montana would be audibling to the run if that’s what the defense is giving you. Going public isn’t the way to do it from a strategic viewpoint Mixon isn’t wrong. They went away from what was most effective with plenty of time still left in the game.

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