Mike Tomlin: We’ve invested a lot in Martavis Bryant, won’t trade him

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Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant may be interested in a change of address, but the Steelers say they aren’t going to give him one.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said on Tuesday, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, that the team has invested a lot in Bryant and will not be trading him. He did say that Bryant’s comments about his desire to play for another team have been a distraction and that he plans to have a conversation with him.

“He was out of bounds in what he said … it will be dealt with,” Tomlin said. “I’ll visit with him at some point … he’s a good guy to work with in the building and has been.”

Bryant told Josina Anderson of ESPN that he wants to leave Pittsburgh if his role on the team doesn’t change and there may be an opportunity for increased snaps against the Lions this week. Tomlin said that JuJu Smith-Schuster is in the concussion protocol, which could keep him from playing come Sunday.

43 responses to “Mike Tomlin: We’ve invested a lot in Martavis Bryant, won’t trade him

  1. This is what Pittsburgh does…They draft low IQ, entitled, selfish players who love them some me, and then wonder why this stuff happens.


    IQ, maturity, coachability, all of these things are down the list for a team like Pitt when it comes to scouting players.

    It’s why they’re overrated every year.

  2. “We’ve invested a lot in Martavis Bryant.” That’s the sunk cost fallacy, Trip. Also, no you haven’t. He’s a 4th round pick who hasn’t panned out. You’ve invested very little in him.

  3. Even with the Bears total lack of anything remotely resembling a Wide Receiver, I would want nothing to do with this clown.
    Would be their luck too that if they did, he’d get popped for weed and suspended. Don’t do it Bears – stay away.

  4. Given the Steelers stuck with him after a long suspension they should bench him for a game or 2, suspend him for a game for conduct detrimental to the team maybe, but not put up with this crap. Trade? Doubt you’d find any partners at the moment for a cancer in full bloom

  5. Now that Tomlin said something won’t happen, I expect him to be traded or cut as soon as possible.
    Most likely to the Patriots who will use his skills to beat us in the playoffs again much like they did with Blount.

  6. This guy is one “left handed cigarette” away from a lifetime ban.
    Trade him, get something for him and watch him self destruct.

  7. He’ll do fine once he leaves…needs to go somewhere where there isn’t much depth at WR. Bears should get him…he’s a physical talent and no more a diva than other WR’s. Check out All-22 of Antonio Brown “blocking” for Bell during 2nd half…

  8. vikings1234 says:
    October 24, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    This team always seems to have some kind of drama going on, doesn’t it?

    Yeah, because they have a bunch of drama queens and divas.

  9. The problem is approx. 75 percent of the snaps go to either Bell or Brown which leaves about 25 percent for the rest of the skill position players.

    In 2015 when Bell was out for the season the steelers had the number 1 ranked passing offense which avg 330 yds + 30 points per game, there were plenty of balls to go around and Martavis lit it up.

    Now Bell is taking away 25 snaps per game which was not the case in 2015 and the steelers now are happy to settle with 230 yds passing and scoring 20 points a game to go along with their awful red zone offense compared to the unstoppable up tempo offense that lit it up in 2015.

  10. Yeah, this whole situation is silly from the player’s perspective. You’ve been suspended half your career and are just a bad test away from getting the Josh Gordon treatment. First, no one is trading for that baggage, and secondly, the Steelers have been here before many times with way more talented receivers. They’ll let you go when you finish your rookie deal and find another you in the draft next year. Ask Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, and Santonio Holmes about that.

  11. Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, and santonio Holmes?? This guy isn’t as good as any of those guys were, and he’s more of a headache / liability. I think the writing is on the wall. He is officially on the trade block and Tomlin doesn’t want to make it seem like he can be had for cheap. But nobody in their right mind is gonna offer much.

  12. Nofoolnodrool says:
    October 24, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    It’s why they’re overrated every year.

    Sure they are Ty. I am sure that’s why you comment so frequently on their threads. …..loser.


    Is this the reason you are on every Patriots thread? … Winner?

  13. I’ve read a bunch of comments about how martavis Bryant is a self entitled millennial. Which by his actions I agree. But he’s getting beat out by a 20 year old, who is a millennial. My point, every generation has good/bad seeds

  14. “But he’s getting beat out by a 20 year old”

    No he isn’t. JuJu has not lined up once in MB’s position. MB despite being unhappy is still doing his job, blocking until whistle blows and running his routes. All wide receivers are divas, Bell is eating up 60% of the touches as he should, then Ben looks to AB first. MB and Ben will get on same page and he will have big games before 2017 is over and then maybe MB will get traded before/during the draft, JuJu will be ready to play the “Z” position and hopefully the Steelers draft another WR with the 3rd round pick they get for him after a 600-700 yard season and at least an AFCCG appearance . MB’s stats arent great right now but he drew long PI calls in first couple games, Ben overthrew him against Bears or that game starts 6-0 Steelers with a 75yd TD and Eli Rogers never muffs a punt. He’s still clearly the 2nd best WR on the team by the way defenses are defending him, when/if teams start worrying about JuJu you can expect MB’s numbers to rise. It’s a shame this kid cant just keep his mouth shut and play, he feels under pressure to have big games, he knows he is only going to get a big contract once, this is not the way to go about it.

  15. The Bears should dangle the Conditional draft pick to the Steelers, say a 5th or 6th rounder and that he stays active through this season. At least Trubisky would have a bonafide NFL WR to throw to. Besides, the one thing Fox and Pace have done is build a strong locker room…he will fall in line.

  16. bradygirl12 says:

    Keep a guy who doesn’t want to be there…let’s see how much they get out of him on the field, if he even sees it.

    Presumably he should be playing hard because when his current contract is up he’ll be wanting more money. So, if he tanks it this year and next no team is going to take a chance on him. That is, if he’s still in the league by then and not suspended again.

  17. @luciano26

    So what you are saying is, JuJu is getting less looks yet production is better, so yes he is getting beat out by a 20 year old.

  18. Go to Youtube really quick and search for Martavis Bryant highlights. You can start with the 88-yard TD vs Arizona. Guy is amazing. As a Bears fan I’d be all for acquiring him.

  19. The Steelers hold all the cards with Bryant. He is under contract through 2018. And they are winning with or without him. Bryant has little if any leverage. And it does not affect the team at all despite the media’s attempt to make it so. The team (management and players) have expressed support for Bryant. Roethlisberger’s comments today summed them up well. Despite the media’s attempt to pretend there is drama, there is none as far the players are concerned. The only ones claiming there is any are the media…and the sheep readers (many commenting here with no basis in facts) who believe everything the media tells them that they want to believe, facts be damned.

  20. Is this the reason you are on every Patriots thread? … Winner?

    Spoken like a true Patriot troll……distorting the truth with an outlandish stretching of the truth. Hey thanks for noticing my winning ways. Ice up Sheldon …ice up.

  21. Been a few weeks since we’ve heard from Brown or Bell, but I assume that’s next week’s soap opera.
    All on Tomlin in my opinion for getting in these guys heads that they are all going to be stars and all the fame and fortune to follow.

  22. What the media and fans do not want to talk about in this situation is the fact that Brown gets doubled teamed and Bryant gets the next best db on him which leaves JU JU with a below avg db covering him every play and as another poster pointed out, he drew several very long pi calls that would have been td’s if he was not interfered with. Sometimes those are just as good as the catch but go unnoticed in the stat colum

    This wont fit today’s narrative of pile on Martavis, but in reality he and Brown are drawing all the coverage which leaves him in a good situation to prosper.

  23. hmmmm… so kneeling for the flag… ok, freedom of speech
    openly protesting on company time… of, freedom of speech
    keeping your entire team in the locker room when they are required to be on the filed for the anthem… OK, freedom of speech
    player says he wants to be traded…. he should never say anything like that, he will be dealt with!!

    makes total sense.

  24. Is this the reason you are on every Patriots thread? … Winner?

    Spoken like a true Patriot troll……distorting the truth with an outlandish stretching of the truth. Hey thanks for noticing my winning ways. Ice up Sheldon …ice up.

    It’s not distorting the truth. You and Ty are two sides of a coin.

  25. October 24, 2017 at 4:36 pm
    Please drooley. Winning ways? I’ve never even seen you win an argument. Not once.

    0 0 Rate This
    Hey Teddy! Great to see someone in the Presidents class as a stranger to the truth! Saying that you won over and over doesn’t make it true Teddy. Great to see you still nibbling on the troll bait.

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