Thomas Davis’ wife: Linebacker playing with “completely broken ribs”

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Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis fractured ribs against the Saints in Week 3, according to his wife.

Kelly Davis appeared on Fox News Edge on WCCB in Charlotte to promote Thomas Davis’ Defending Dreams Foundation charity Halloween party on Friday. WCCB host Morgan Fogarty tweeted video of Kelly Davis saying her husband has been “playing three or four weeks with completely broken ribs, and he’s out there still trying.”

Davis has played in every game this season. He left the Saints game with what the Panthers announced was a rib injury, but he later returned.

He played 37 of 70 snaps in Week 4, 31 of 61 in Week 5, 55 of 62 in Week 6 and all 38 plays Sunday.

Reporters have asked Ron Rivera whether Davis has played with broken ribs, but the Panthers coach has never confirmed. Panthers spokesman Steven Drummond released a statement downplaying Kelly Davis’ comments.

“Thomas was listed on the report with a rib injury in Week 4 and 5,” Drummond said. “Kelly’s comments concerning his injury, while heartfelt, were overstated.”

Thomas Davis tweeted a reply to Fogarty and his wife, saying simply, “Bruh!!!”

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  1. ive been waiting for this. It’s been 3-4 weeks since I’ve been reminded what a warrior Thomas Davis is. This guy will play through injuries and he’ll sure let everyone know about it one way or another.

  2. What influence do the team doctors have in Carolina? Instead of a shared decision involving coaches, medical and the player, it sounds like the coaches have total control and ask the player can he keep going. This could become a serious issue for the GM and the owner when the team doctor and his medical staff are routinely ignored (and don’t suggest for a moment that the doctors advocated Davis keep playing with broken ribs). Very scary precedent.

  3. Maybe the wife thinks that by “outing” him like that, he’ll come to his senses and get off the field.
    Might have been the same thinking by Brady’s wife earlier this year.

  4. If he has COMPLETELY broken ribs, he needs to be taken off the field ASAP, which leads me think, they’re not a complete break, and probably not close to a complete break, just very painful and she has to hear his pain and worry about him.

    Impacts with complete breaks are very dangerous, because upon impact they can move and stab you like a sharp knife with your internal organs completely surrounding it, which can cause a heck of a lot more damage than any normal hit can do. But even a completely broken forearm, is nothing one should play with, much less a rib with much more vital organs around it.

    So either it’s not completely broken, or someone on the medical staff needs to be fired (assuming he didn’t completely hide the injury from the medical staff).

  5. This game is always very chippy! They made us wreck our Cadillac for the 2nd time. Still remember Steve Smith frantically wave for assistance from the Bucs sideline when Carnell went down. They still owe Chris Sims a spleen.
    Back when Jake Delhomme had “it”! He and Steve Smith killed us. Always admired his heart.
    I forgot who the Bucs kick returner was that signaled for a fair catch and totally got blasted by Carolina’s gunner.
    Looking forward to seeing if the Bucs D can stop their new rookie. Always love this matchup. Here’s to a good clean game

  6. Met him on the street in Philly during the NFL draft with my son; agreed to take pics with this Eagles fan; great guy!

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