Cam Newton actually does interview this week, before walking off

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Well, at least Cam Newton was talking to local reporters today. That’s progress.

After skipping last week’s required interviews in defiance of league policy, the Panthers quarterback was back at his podium Wednesday, up to a certain point.

Newton answered questions for several minutes Wednesday, before walking off if what could be reasonably interpreted as, if not a huff then a clear sign of displeasure and/or annoyance.

In a video of the exchange posted by Steve Reed of the Associated Press, Newton could be seen rolling his eyes before he went away.

He had discussed the recent struggles by the team’s offense (which managed just a field goal last week against the Bears), and spoke for several minutes.

Then Newton was asked by male reporter Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer: “The big plays, the big chunk plays that get you that energy you’re talking about, is this offense — I know you had several at Detroit and New England — do you guys have the wherewithal to do that consistently, week in and week out?”

After his “Next question,” Newton paused a beat before leaving, as other questions were being asked.

Newton didn’t talk to local reporters last week, but did do the CBS production meeting Saturday. He also spoke after Sunday’s game.

Whatever sparked his reaction Wednesday, it was a reasonable question. After losing Ted Ginn in free agency and in the absence of injured tight end Greg Olsen, the Panthers have lacked the vertical element Newton is used to.

They’re averaging 4.9 yards per play and 6.0 yards per pass attempt this year. Last year (while going 6-10), they averaged 5.2 yards per play and 6.2 yards per pass attempt. In 2015, while going 15-1 and heading for the Super Bowl, they averaged 5.5 yards per play and 6.7 yards per pass attempt.

After losing a bunch of yogurt money after making a sexist remark a few weeks ago, perhaps Newton simply didn’t want to engage in an answer which might reflect poorly on his current situation. But regardless the motivation, it’s a bad look for a guy who generally handles on-field adversity much better.

36 responses to “Cam Newton actually does interview this week, before walking off

  1. Geez, this guy is such a front runner. All smiles and energy when they are talking about how great he is… but when someone asks him a tough question he sulks back to his participation trophies.

    Oh, well… time to find another first quarter first down dance dance celebration while ignoring why he doesn’t fight for lost fumbles.

  2. “…it’s a bad look for a guy who generally handles on-field adversity much better.”

    This is a joke, right? The guy sulks and acts like a petulant child when things don’t go his way on the field.

  3. I like Cam Newton, I really do. But acting like toddler who doesn’t get their way 100% of time is not going to end well for him. Time to put the big boy pants on Cam and act like an adult.

  4. I think Cam is a classic example of what happens to even world-class athletes when they stop doing what they did to get to the top. You won’t stay there for long once you stop putting the work in.

  5. I can’t imagine having to talk to “journalists” everyday who were trying to spin every little thing into a negative headline.

  6. couldn’t happen to a better guy, ego and all, so glad to see him failing. Hopefully this makes him more humble, but we know there is no chance of that happening… EVER!

  7. How is this guy the guy you want as the face of your franchise. And to use age, maturity, etc. as an excuse when there are plenty of other young QB’s in the league who face adversity and handle themselves better is a joke. Russ Wilson, Derek Carr, etc. have all had to face adversity. They don’t pout and storm off from their duties.

  8. How hard is it to just say things like, “We’re going to keep working hard. We need to get better. And if we keep doing that then the big plays are going to come.” What’s the need to be such a diva?

  9. What a baby. If I was a reporter, from now on I would constantly ask him questions just to try to annoy him.

  10. This guy has the speed, size, strength and every other intangible to be one of the all time greats. I am rooting for him, but Lord you need to work on that attitude. I’ll even accept your questionable fashion sense, just fix that attitude.

  11. Don’t think it’s crazy to assume, but maybe a big cause in the ratings drop is simply because there aren’t a lot of “like-able” players in the league nowadays.

  12. Pouty McFrontrunner has actually had a good career for being a self absorbed guy. I don’t see him getting any better, only more frustrated and worse with a few occasional spikes in performance. NFL chews you up if you don’t have the right attitude.

  13. I agree with him. Reporters can ask some of the dumbest questions on the planet and blow things out of proportion over the sexist yogurt incident. Next question.

  14. These reporters need to learn to ask Newton shorter questions. They’re causing his brain to short circuit.

  15. Sad sack. This man needs help. He certainly isn’t on the right medicine to have him deal with the media or act properly in a media situation. All the talent in the world
    not right upstairs.

  16. This guy will never grow up, and he’s becoming less likeable as time goes on.

    With his arrogant, self-aggrandizing behavior on the field when things go well and his petulance when it doesn’t, he comes across as a first-class tool. Take that stupid towel off your head dude and start acting like an adult.

  17. By all rights I should be tired of these stories by now. But I’m not. Don’t ever change, Cam. You’re far more entertaining off the field than you are on it.

  18. “it’s a bad look for a guy who generally handles on-field adversity much better.”

    What are you talking about? This is the same guy who ran off the field after losing in the Super Bowl without shaking anyone’s hand.

    This is who he is. He pouts. Accept it.

  19. I’m as big of a sports fan as the next guy, but do we really need to hear from the players on Wednesday’s? Post game is all I really care about.

  20. I took my nephew to get an autograph from him and the dude could not have been nicer. it’s to bad he gets a bad rep. maybe he just doesn’t like being in the spotlight. who knows ?

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