Martavis Bryant running with the scout team, expected to be inactive

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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is sending a message to disgruntled receiver Martavis Bryant: If you complain about your role on the team, we’ll change your role. And not in the way you want.

Bryant has been demoted to the scout team rather than practicing with the starters today. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Bryant is expected to be inactive on Sunday.

Steelers guard Ramon Foster told Jeremy Fowler of ESPN that backup receiver Justin Hunter took Bryant’s role in the offense at practice today.

Bryant, who has 18 catches this season, has been unhappy about his role in the offense and said this week that if his role doesn’t change, he wants to be traded. Tomlin replied that Bryant isn’t going anywhere.

It’s unclear how long Bryant will be on the scout team, but for now he has traded places with Hunter on the depth chart, and Hunter has been inactive for most of this season.

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  1. So how long does everyone think it will take Bryant to realize that if he hadn’t missed 20 games due to suspension over the past couple of years, the Steelers might consider him a more reliable target?

    The Steelers have stood by this guy despite all his missteps, and for Bryant to shoot off at the mouth like this is pathetic. This guy doesn’t know, or have any appreciation for, how good he has it.

  2. Wow. This is a pretty big deal. Might be the most insulting punishment in his current state of mind.

  3. I saw that coming. Martavis must be stoned again thinking he’s in a position of strength to dictate what the Steelers will or won’t do with his Contract or Playing Time.

  4. Good! A slice of humble pie never hurt anyone. A lot more of these guys in the NFL need to be fed their share as well. Can we just get back to playing football??? Please??

  5. Awesome job, Tomilin. I am all for players speaking up and speaking out, but I am also for coaches doing what they feel is necessary. This demonstrates true leadership, and I hope that Bryant learns something from it.

  6. This is the appropriate punishment. I agree with Bryant that the Steelers aren’t using him to his full potential but he went about it the wrong way. Not only did he go on social Media to complain, he also threw a teammate under the bus. Bryant needs to grow up and understand he is only hurting himself.

    If you have an issue, talk to the head coach, talk to the offensive coordinator and talk to the QB, not blow up your team on social media. Especially, a team who stood by you when you kept getting suspended. Grow up.

  7. Just keep yapping Martavis. Better check and see if Canada will let you in the country would be my advice.

  8. Ya, that’s going to motivate him more to want to stay with the club. Tomlin’s message should be connected with a trade. Sillyness

  9. Kudos, Tomlin. This is how you handle things. Bellicheck would’ve coddled the guy and took him under his wing to teach him how to cheat more effectively.

  10. If I am the saints, Seahawks, Bears, Bucs, Jets, Jaguars…… I absolutely give up a 3rd or 2nd round pick for MB. He is without a doubt one of the most electrifying playmaker in the NFL on an extremely cheap contract for this year and next. If I am the Steelers I’ll be very careful how I treat MB. Just last year their offense was shut down vs The Pats when LB got Injured. He might not be the most important but MB is the most explosive player on that offense.

  11. Well, I have to hand it to coach Tomlin. I didn’t think he had it in him to do this type of move as a “Player’s Coach”. This is actually a Cowher like move (minus the spittle). I approve. It teaches MB a lesson and more importantly, the other players are watching!
    Great Move!!!

  12. The Steelers are imploding right before our very eyes. Can’t wait to humiliate them again in the playoffs.

  13. Good on the Steelers for taking a stand. That being said, that does help the Lions now on Sunday. Now they can truly double Brown and stack up against Bell without worrying about him. Still a long shot for Lions to win possibly, but this is better than him playing.

  14. Yeah, that is the way to fix the problem…look, you are not Noll and he is not Bradshaw, this is a different age and time, this will get ugly before it gets better because the kid knows he can get paid on the first rebound. So, looks like tomlin wants drama in his locker room..that is the best way to get it, put a diva on the practice squad to try to get your point across, why? you do not use him, it does not bother you to put him on inactive, so why waste the effort, he has no value to you already, because if he did, you would be trying to find ways to get him more touches at least every other game. Put away your Lombardi doll Tomlin..that type of stuff dont work on these snowflakes now

  15. Thankfully, the NFLPA hasn’t gotten involved, since it’s not costing Bryant any dollars. Considering his previous drama, they should let him deal with it & hopefully mature along the way.

  16. Not smart. He already knows what its like to have football taken away for a dumb reason, that’s why he’s not happy to begin with

  17. Hmmm after Antonio Brown threw a gatorade jug half way across the field after not getting the ball enough and telling coach Haley to go bleep off, he was put on the scout team Or did he get twice the amount of passes thrown to him the following week?

    So coach is gonna lessen are chances of winning in Detroit to prove what point exactly?
    This team cannot score touchdowns if you the opposition had 1o men on the field and now we are gonna sit our 6’5″ redzone target? Cannot make this up folks, steelers way, score 20 points per game and hope someone else knocks the Pats off in the playoffs…..

  18. He makes a big deal about coming back after the suspension and did it on his own with no help. What do you want? A cookie?!?!?! You did what you were supposed to do! Self absorbed jerk.

  19. Another spoiled NFL player who if he doesn’t get his way pouts and then it turns into a demand for a trade. You can’t make up the behavior of some of these clowns. They demand and demand but fail to realize that its a privilege to play in the NFL.

  20. He’s dropped big passes in games the Steelers lost. Dude cannot break a tackle. Who does he think he is? Juju is much better. Not sure the Steelers would get anything good in a trade. So shut up Bryant, play hard, and maybe another team might want you.

  21. nopepper12 says:
    October 25, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    Ya, that’s going to motivate him more to want to stay with the club. Tomlin’s message should be connected with a trade. Sillyness

    Right. Let’s reward his selfish behavior by giving him what he wants.

  22. crownofthehelmet says:
    October 25, 2017 at 3:56 pm
    Kudos, Tomlin. This is how you handle things. Bellicheck would’ve coddled the guy and took him under his wing to teach him how to cheat more effectively.


    This is a Steeler article yet you use it to throw stones at the Pats. You are obsessed with the Pats, it must be tough.

  23. I would love to have been paid $38,437 dollars when I was 25 yrs old to sit in the stands and watch the steelers game Like Martavis will do this week…

    I guess it is considered punishment in this day an age to get paid more then the avg. American workers yearly income while sitting and watching a football game with no chance of getting injured ect… unless Martavis injures his hand while enjoying a nice Detroit hot dog and Beer that isss!!!

    Bryant just maybe laughing all the way to the bank!

  24. The most severe punishment you can give a diva is to deny them a stage.

    When/if Bryant does return, I’d put him on the punt and kickoff coverage teams for a game or two, and force him to prevent opposing divas from making big plays before playing him on offense again.

  25. I did not think Tomlin had it in him, good job coach. Here is another self entitled spoiled me, me ,me player who has been given to many chances and he still cries I want more. Bryant plays on a winning team and has not performed as he did two years ago, you produce you will get the ball more in this league, you will get your due in contracts. Bryant got what he deserves, sit for two weeks and pout, feel sorry for yourself.

  26. And when Pittsburgh is done with him, I bet teams will line up to sign him. His act has probably eliminated 95% of the teams in the NFL that would even consider signing him. It’s not like he is a superstar. Most teams will opt for someone else with similar or even less talent than deal with this knicklehead

  27. crownofthehelmet says:
    October 25, 2017 at 3:56 pm
    Kudos, Tomlin. This is how you handle things. Bellicheck would’ve coddled the guy and took him under his wing to teach him how to cheat more effectively


    Delusional. Just because your head cheerleader finally grew some stones doesn’t change the fact that he’s the one that created this daycare/funnyfarm in the first place.

  28. I think it’s unfortunate how this has turned out. Yes, it’s Bryant’s fault for mouthing off on social media, and yes, he looked bad on some of the throws that went his way. But he came back from a pot suspension and supposedly is not smoking it now with likely random tests. He was gone a year and came back. I do think his agent, and anyone else in his “posse”, is part of the problem. I also hope that someone in that locker room sits him down and gives him some advice on growing up. I am not happy with what he did, at all, but am unhappy it all happened. He needs to sit, I hope he learns a lesson, and comes back and contributes to the success of the team.

  29. IF AB catches less passes this week because of more double teams without Bryant on the other side, Martavis will be back in the fold next week.

  30. Now he can stay in the locker room long after the national anthem is done and the rest of the team can respectfully run onto the field! Used to be a steelers fan…… but no more! Team is a joke with poor leadership!

  31. crownofthehelmet says:
    October 25, 2017 at 3:56 pm
    Kudos, Tomlin. This is how you handle things. Bellicheck would’ve coddled the guy and took him under his wing to teach him how to cheat more effectively.

    Ha ha. Belichick would have put him on the scout team too. Except it would have been the Browns’ scout team.

  32. bringbackkosar says:
    October 25, 2017 at 3:41 pm
    Mike Tomlin for President

    24 33 Rate This


    tomlin is the classic enabler coach

    who are you kidding?

  33. Benching Bryant guarantees the Lions will put Slay on Brown, stick an extra safety in on rushing downs, and clog up the Steelers offense.


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