Travis Kelce: Mahomes does “unbelievable” things in practice

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Everyone knows it’s just a matter of time before Patrick Mahomes supplants Alex Smith as the quarterback of the Chiefs. And even though Smith is having one of the best years of his carer, anticipation is building for the debut of Mahomes.

Fueling the anticipation? High praise from key offensive players like tight end Travis Kelce.

“Pat’s right there trying to learn everything he can from Alex and Alex is trying to help him out as much as he can,” Kelce said in an interview that aired on Wednesday’s PFT Live. “But I think what Alex has done best is he’s been running this offense to a ‘T.’ So he’s showing Patrick just how to execute it and what Mahomes does in practice is just unbelievable. I mean what kind of behind-the-scenes stuff that you guys haven’t seen on Sundays is Mahomes is getting better, getting more fluent, getting more comfortable just being a professional athlete and understanding the scheme and the timing, how long the seasons are, stuff like that. He’s gauging all this stuff and I think when he gets on the field eventually knowing that he is going to get the keys to the car eventually, everyone knows that, and when he does I can’t wait to see just how good he is.”

That assessment makes an inherently awkward situation even more potentially awkward, but Smith continues to help his potential replacement prepare to replace him.

“I mean, Alex is the ultimate leader,” Kelce said. “He’s the ultimate competitor but at the same time he’s the ultimate teammate. That’s what the best leaders do is that they make guys around them better, and right now he’s helping Mahomes understand just how to be an NFL professional. Alex knows how it feels to have that much pressure and really not have that much success in your first couple years. So I mean for him to go through all of that I’m sure he would hate to see Mahomes have to go through what he went through at San Fran. I think it was six or seven offensive coordinators over there that he had before he came to Kansas City. He went through the works over there and I honestly think that he’s the ultimate teammate and embraces that, ‘You know what? While I’m here I’m still ballin, I’m still doing my thing, I know this is my ship to drive right now and why not help out the future and help out this kid grasp his professionalism?'”

For now, the most professional thing Mahomes can do is show patience, which has to be a challenge given that the quarterbacks taken eight spots ahead of Mahomes and two spots after Mahomes are starting and playing well. At some point, however, Mahomes may be one of the quarterbacks about whom many will be raving.

And Smith will likely be showing true leadership and excellence with yet another NFL team.

36 responses to “Travis Kelce: Mahomes does “unbelievable” things in practice

  1. Alex has ALWAYS been a true teammate… So happy he is ballin out… sadly he is going to wind up starting for like the browns or something. It is a shame what he has had to endure.

  2. His is the first time i’ve read anything that Kelce had to say. It is about what I expected from an entitled big mouth millennial.

  3. Practice is practice, and that’s something Travis Kelce will learn very quickly when the bullets are flying for real. Playing QB at the NFL level is much more than a strong arm. Mahomes has a long way to go before reaching Smith’s range.

  4. Mahomes was the top player in the draft. Should have easily been the number one pick. There area lot of great young QBs in the league, and a few more set to come out this year. Who said college isn’t preparing these guys for the pros? The Browns?

  5. Love when commenters tell us what playing in the NFL is like… Practice is practice, bullets flying for real, and its more than just a strong arm… As we site behind our computers.

    But for real, if coach woulda put me in in the 4th quarter, we woulda won state, I woulda gone pro…

  6. You could see the kids gun in preseason. He doesn’t throw, he flicks the ball. The deepest throw Smith can make Mahomes can do with ease.
    I have no bias in this other than what the eyeballs tell me and I think if not for the hot start Alex Smith had, we might already have been seeing him out there.

  7. I give AS all the credit in the world for balling out, but it’s pathetic that a draft pick was required to make him play like an actual man.

  8. Alex deserves to hoist a Lombardi. As a Chiefs fan, if Alex continues his outstanding play this year, I’m not sure how the Chiefs let him walk in favor of an unproven 2nd year player. Additionally, if he does leave, I really hope it’s to a contender; he’s such a class act.

  9. It’s funny to me how much people want to run Alex Smith out of town. The guys is having an MVP season and even his own teammates are talking about replacing him. Careful what you wish for…

  10. Smith has handled all the downs as well as the ups in his heavily criticized career. Except for the last two years with the Niners, and now with the Chiefs, he really has had no continuity in O coordinators, yet has always been a fairly productive QB. Maybe what we are finally seeing is the QB he might have been earlier if he had gotten that consistent coaching.

  11. Its kind of uncool talking up the replacement for the guy that ballin it out for your team currently. Sure we all know what will happen eventually. But until it does Smith deserves the respect.

  12. LMAO@ florida. I am pretty sure Kelce is more aware of what a NFL caliber QB is than some trolling poster. Also, am pretty confident that Kelce knows more about practice as well. Good to know that there are some real Pro Scouts on this site that for some reason, cant find a job with a team, but are able to tell us all the he/she knows more about whats going on in Chiefs practice than Travis Kelce.

  13. Smith is solid. He played a great game against the Raiders. Was slightly out played by Carr.. 9 times out of 10, His performance would have resulted in a win.

  14. Sounds like the Kap situation is brewing… I hope Alex can stay healthy and hold the kid off all year.. Alex was balling out in SF the year Harbaugh did him dirty!

  15. as a Pats fan….i think KC should do what they can to restructure his deal. The OPT Out after this season is interesting. If they keep him, his CAP hit is 20 million. Yet its already 16.5 for this season. Why not see if he would be open to an extension with a bigger bonus like Tommy? Its risk sure, but what if Mahomes’ cannon arm does not equate to the NFL because of injuries or cannot read defenses? Green Bay, Dallas, and the Jets are prime examples of what happens when you do not have capable backups QB’s for that system.

  16. That’s great Travis. No how about you get to doing some “unbelievable” things on the field. You’ve been unbelievably non-productive recently. Time to man up and get going.

  17. The thing that I like most about Alex Smith is that instead of biting back at all the criticism he’s received, he uses it as motivation to get even better. That’s how a true professional athlete conducts himself. Kelce could learn a lot from him, like eliminating the on-field temper tantrums that cost his team dearly.

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