Bills grant Anquan Boldin permission to seek a trade

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Anquan Boldin signed with the Bills in August, then announced his retirement two weeks later. Now the veteran wide receiver is interested in playing again, though not for the Bills.

Boldin’s agent reached out to the Bills to ask for permission to find a trade partner, and the Bills granted that permission, though the team made clear it will want compensation for him.

“Club grants you limited permission to speak with other NFL teams for the sole purpose of discussing a trade for Anquan,” the Bills wrote in a letter to Boldin’s agent, via Adam Schefter of ESPN. “This letter of permission shall not be construed as a grant to allow the player to make visits, undergo a physical or tryout with other NFL teams at this time. In addition, player and/or his representative shall not be permitted to discuss a new contract for Anquan with another NFL team.”

Boldin wasn’t exactly in demand when he was a free agent this offseason, so it’s hard to see any team offering much if anything for him in a trade. But perhaps some receiver-needy playoff contender would offer a conditional seventh-round draft pick to Buffalo. Boldin is hoping to find out.

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  1. I wonder what Anquan’s problem with Buffalo is. From what I can tell, the players like the new regime there.

  2. Bears could use him. He’s a real, live professional WR, and we’re pretty short on those.

  3. So Boldin’s excuse for leaving the Bills was more/less BS.

    Makes me lose a bit of respect for a guy who is supposed to be known for his high character.

    He shouldn’t have committed to the Bills in the first place. He never seemed to be all in anyway, even though he claimed after he signed that once he signs somewhere he is 100% all in. Word is he backed out of a deal with the Bills before eventually signing there. Then backs out of the deal again after actually signing.

    The Bills have been competitive this year, too. Even though Boldin looks to have lost a step, he could have been a big help to a depleted Bills WR corps. He still could…

  4. He’s just looking for a playoff run. The problem is, playoff teams rarely trade for long-in-the-tooth recievers. The Bills are interested in the quality of the compensation and not Boldin’s desire for one last shot at post-season play, so good luck with that Mr. Boldin. Plus, no team with picks to play with (like the Browns, for instance) aren’t likely to go after him because he’ll just ‘retire’ again not wanting to play for someone going nowhere fast.

  5. elmerbrownelmerbrown says:
    October 26, 2017 at 7:39 pm
    Giants ,,,,,,,a lot of potential balls his way !

    Pretty sure his goal is to sign with a contender. If there were any justice Reese would be the one playing behind that o-line for a couple of games.

  6. The Ravens could only get a sixth-rounder for him when they traded him four years ago, when Boldin still had a little bit of gas in the tank.

  7. Patriots wouldn’t on paper seem to be short of WRs but they worked out former Bengal WR Jake Kumerow just yesterday (along with a FB). So my guess is they migh just be interested in another veteran guy to spell Amendola. Boldin took nearly 90% of his 2016 snaps in the slot and was reportedly “intrigued” on the talk of joining the Pats this Sept – and the Pats have a history of picking up from the Bills. Watch this space.

  8. Good fit in KC, WFT, Miami, minn. quite a few teams could use him. If nothing else the guy is still one of the best blockers in the nfl. I wouldn’t trade anything for him though. The bills should just grant his release.

    Maybe a Bryant for AB and a 3rd with the Steelers.

  9. Would the Bills consider Terrell Pryor? He makes really great off-season workout videos. The videos use amazing special effects to make it look like he can actually catch the ball.

  10. Pats offer Gilmore… lol but seriously, the Bills are in a position of power. Can’t imagine they’d trade to NE based on principle alone that he’d leaked that he wanted to go there.

    Of course, they don’t need to
    Trade him either..

  11. I’d love to see him back on a team. Funny how so many snowflakes on this site lament the loss of the “good ol’ days” of football, yet here we have an old-school, tough-as-nails, does everything kind of guy wanting to get back on the field and you whiners all deride him for it.

  12. Baltimore, New York, Denver, Detroit, and New England could all sign him. He and NE had mutual interest before the season. Denver lost their best route runner and reliable third down option in the passing game in Emmanuel Sanders. Baltimore and Detroit are both teams in need of a reliable set of hands that Anquan is very familiar with. And New York? No offense to Giants fans, but can anyone name their starting lineup at WR right now?

  13. He clearly doesn’t want to be on Buffalo and you can’t blame him.

    If you’ve been there then you know what I mean.

  14. I had a feeling his “Humanitarian work” excuse was bs and that he was waiting for a team to become needy at the receiver position. The Bills have been shorthanded at receiver since he left and could have really used him. I hope the Bills blackball him to no end, asking for a 6th round pick as compensation. Hopefully then he will learn not to use a good deed to get out of a contract.

  15. Dear Q, You have been a favorite player of mine since you shocked the league in your first game by getting shot out of a cannon and devouring DBs. You were the leader of a great team that didn’t want you and still came to play each and every week, putting your body on the line. You went on to win a Super Bowl and are the reason Joey F was at one point the highest paid player in the league. You were a boss in SF and had a resurgence last year in Detroit.

    I understand backing out of Buffalo after they traded and Sammy, never buying your BS excuse, but you’ve certainly earned a pass. However, this is absolute garbage. Report to One Bills Drive and prove you still have it.

    Mike Alstott and Hines Ward have moved ahead of you on the list after this move.

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