More revisionist history from Rex Ryan

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One of the best aspects of the Rex Ryan experience as an analyst will be hearing all the things he’ll say that conflict with the things he said when he was coaching the Bills and the Jets.

Here’s the latest, and perhaps most egregious to date, example of Rex engaging in revisionist history.

Now: “With [Mark] Sanchez, I knew he wasn’t going to be a franchise quarterback, but I thought he’d be good enough to win with.”

Then, from Play Like You Mean It (2011), Chapter 11, titled “Mark Sanchez“:

“Coming into my first year as head coach with the Jets, we knew there was a pretty good chance that Brett Favre was planning to leave. If we were going to be successful, the most important person that we had to draft was someone who could lead. It had to be someone who could take control of this franchise. For a quarterback, we set our sights on Mark Sanchez.

“For the record, let me clarify that previous statement. [General Manager] Mike Tannenbaum and I set our sights on Mark Sanchez. Mike and I were determined to draft Sanchez. Of course, now that he’s become the first quarterback in NFL history to win four playoff games in his first two seasons, everyone in our organization says they wanted Mark!

“Who wouldn’t want to be responsible for making Mark a Jet? There isn’t a single person in the franchise who doesn’t respect him as a person and a player. Honestly, the kid is unbelievable. He’s not just a guy with GQ good looks and a good arm. He’s the real deal. He has all the intangibles: talent, charisma, intellect, and leadership abilities. I believe Mark’s going to be extraordinary in the NFL. I have believed that since I first met him. I refer to him as ‘my baby.’ I know that may not be the most masculine way to put it, but it’s the truth. He is absolutely my baby. He wasn’t just my first draft pick as an NFL head coach; he was the first of many important decisions I was going to make for this franchise. He’s my guy, and I’m damn proud of it!”

Ryan goes on to explain that, with the 17th pick in round one of the 2009 draft, the Jets believed they were too low to get Sanchez. So they traded up to No. 5 to get him. Which isn’t surprising based on what Ryan wrote in his book. But it is surprising based on what Ryan is saying now.

So which version is true? Since the action of trading up meshes more closely with the praise of Sanchez, it’s safe to say that Ryan claiming that he “knew Sanchez wasn’t going to be a franchise quarterback” is a load of crap (all due respect), aimed at shifting blame for the failures of the Ryan-led Jets away from him and toward others.

And it’s clear based on Rex’s own words from 2011 that Rex of 2017 is essentially, albeit unwittingly, blaming himself.

19 responses to “More revisionist history from Rex Ryan

  1. Ryan is far from a bad coach. In fact, he overachieved with some of his Jets rosters (but underachieved with the Bills). But even when you get the iteration of Ryan who is overachieving with an imperfect roster, there’s still the institutional rot taking place just below the surface. He’s sloppy.

  2. After reading that excerpt from Ryan, it’s hard to see much discrepancy from what he said about Sanchez recently. Give the guy a break; his first two years as a head coach, he came within a game of the Super Bowl. That’s pretty good.

  3. aarons444 says:
    October 26, 2017 at 5:46 pm
    I’m sorry, why are we bashing the only other coach who’s been competetive in the AFC Least this decade?

    The AFC East may not have been a competitive division for the past decade but it is far from being the least. All divisions are .500 against themselves so the strength of one division against another is avg wins per team. The AFCE is the winningest division in football over the past decade. The weakest, by a lot, is the NFC West.

  4. The AFC East may not have been a competitive division for the past decade but it is far from being the least.

    The Bills and Dolphins haven’t won a Playoff game since Brady became a starter.

    The Bills haven’t even BEEN to the Playoffs this century.

    The Jets have been irrelevant for 7 years.

    Its the worst.

    Its not even close or debateable.

  5. I think it was more that before he played in the NFL, they thought he was going to be great, and he wasn’t alone. However, once he got him in the building and started practicing and playing, may have started to realize his weaknesses were greater than that realized. That is how I read it. And no I am not a Ryan homer, Browns fan here so I had no horse in those races.

  6. aarons444 says:
    October 26, 2017 at 6:41 pm
    Its not even close or debateable.

    You’re right it isn’t debatable. Numbers don’t lie but trolls do. Per the usual you cherry pick to make your point ignoring the obvious, the AFC East is stuck with having to deal with having NE in the division. How about an independent source and some real numbers? Since all divisions are 12-12 against themselves CHFF posited the comparison of the relative strength of one division vs another is wins per team over time. These are CHFF’s numbers for avg yearly wins per team over the past decade:
    AFCE: 8.425
    NFCE: 8.25
    NFCN: 8.25
    NFCS: 8.075
    AFCN 7.925
    AFCW: 7.725
    AFCS: 7.675
    NFCW: 7.40

  7. Sanchez is probably still better than a half-dozen or more starting QBs in the NFL this season. He’s easy to bash, so Rex will now bash him. Rex has never been known for deep thinking.

  8. Ryan could get his teams to play at a high level only for certain weeks and not for others. He was inconsistent – hyper-focused on Patriots week, but AWOL on others, letting the inmates run the asylum and doing incomprehensible stuff like sending 2/3 of the team to ‘leadership camp’ or making everyone a captain by declaring no one a captain.

  9. Per the usual you cherry pick to make your point ignoring the obvious, the AFC East is stuck with having to deal with having NE in the division.

    Cherry pick nothing.

    Yes, the Patriots dominate. The rest of the teams consistently stink.

    The Bills haven’t made the Playoffs in 16 years! Bradys entire career as a starter!

    The Dolphins aren’t any better. 3 trips, 0 (ZERO) wins!

    The Jets are the gold standard for teams not residing near Boston, they haven’t made the Playoffs since 2010. 6 trips in Bradys tenure.. somehow, Rex Ryan managed to beat Belichick in teh post-season… so I suppose you would deify him for that.

    I don’t need an independent source to see how bad 3 of those teams have been.

    Even bottom feeders like the Browns and Jags have playoff wins in the course of Bradys career, unlike the Bills and Dolphins.

  10. I’m a Bills fan and yes we haven’t made the playoffs in forever but we never fully suck either. :- ) Usually 7 or 8 wins which puts us as consistently average.
    It’s really what is your definition of “Least”…. wins per team we aren’t good but definitely not the worst. Playoffs… we are definitely the least.

    Wow… we really need to beat the Raiders on Sunday and put this curse of benching Flutie in 99 to rest.

  11. always enjoy the math challenged knuckleheads claiming the AFC East is weak when it consistently wins more against the rest of the league. AFC East currently has the best record in football –
    again. Must be an alternative measure of strength other than wins.

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