Rex Ryan: Sanchez was never a franchise quarterback, Geno didn’t help himself

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Rex Ryan reflected recently on his two quarterbacks during his six seasons as the Jets’ head coach, and he doesn’t sound like he has warm memories of either Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith.

Ryan told that he never thought, even when the Jets took Sanchez with the fifth overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft, that Sanchez was a franchise quarterback.

“With Sanchez, I knew he wasn’t going to be a franchise quarterback, but I thought he’d be good enough to win with,” Ryan said. “With Sanchez, we just couldn’t have it anymore. The boneheaded interceptions, especially in the red zone, it was mind boggling. Unfortunately, Mark never really got better. I think that was the disappointing thing to me.”

Once the Jets drafted Smith as Sanchez’s replacement, Ryan says, G.M. John Idzik didn’t put the right pieces around Smith — and Smith didn’t make himself get better.

“I don’t think we helped Geno by any stretch of the imagination,” Ryan said. “We never added anything that could help him. And he didn’t help himself, either. It was that combination.”

Ryan put together a great defense that got the Jets to the AFC Championship Game in each of his first two seasons there, but the offense never developed, and Ryan’s defense declined in quality. Perhaps with better quarterbacks, things would have been different for Ryan. He seems to think so.

75 responses to “Rex Ryan: Sanchez was never a franchise quarterback, Geno didn’t help himself

  1. Pot meet kettle you weren’t and did your self no favors either. And I see some things haven’t changed you don’t know when to keep your mouth shut either!

  2. “Sanchez was considered by some to be an even greater talent than Georgia’s Matthew Stafford, who went No. 1 overall to the Detroit Lions, but some teams were wary of his lack of experience. Not the Jets, who saw enough in his 16 starts with the Trojans to make them believe he could be the leader of the franchise.”

    This is from the B$PN article on draft night. The Jets and their fans were gushing over Broadway Schmoe! As always, the Football Gods stuck it to this slimy franchise and clueless owner. No matter how Goodell meddles and schemes and tries to tilt the scales in the Jets favor, it never works.

  3. Didnt Rexy have a tat of his wife sporting Sanchez’s jersey on his foot… err I mean arm. Rex is clueless about offense so no QB had a chance, Smith and Sanchez were both subpar but Sanchez had a great D and some decent skill players.

  4. This guy and his brother are the prime examples of nepotism and privilege in the NFL.

  5. Name the Jets receivers who played with Sanchez.

    Here are the best ones:

    – Braylon Edwards
    – Jerricho Cotchery
    – Plaxico Burress
    – Santonio Holmes
    – Chaz Schilens
    – Stephen Hill

  6. You are in idiot Rex, and no class.

    You got a tattoo wit his name. Are you stupid enough to do that if he’s just average? Come on. Doesnt pass the sniff test…you like to do that with feet dont you?

    What an absolute tool.

  7. Classic Ryan Family BS. Blame the victim of poor coaching. Sure those two were never going to be in the hall of fame but their careers essentially ended instead of beginning when they ended up with Rexy as their head coach.

  8. Coming to an arena near you: Headliner Rex Ryan and the Blowhards, on their much-anticipated “Throw ‘Em All Under The Bus” Tour. With special guest artist Rob Ryan, playing selections from his latest CD, “Eat ‘Em All.”

  9. One of the great unexplained mysteries of our time – Sanchez has four road playoff wins and played well in all of them. How many QBs in NFL history can say that.

  10. I just lost whatever respect I had left for Rex Ryan. It isn’t Sanchez’s fault. He had terrible coaching in the NFL on a defense-first team. From everything that has come out, Sanchez is a great teammate and never has anything bad to say about anybody. Rex Ryan should take note and not throw his former players under the bus for his own failures as a coach.

  11. learysdisciples says:
    October 26, 2017 at 2:21 pm
    Sounds like the White House…place blame for your failures on someone else.
    Can you cry babies find a way to whine about losing the White House in every conversation you have?

  12. tylawspick6 says:
    October 26, 2017 at 2:11 pm
    this guy is a liar..and very stupid. all of those draft picks when he was there, were his…widely reported and widely known.
    Completely untrue, as usual your ignorant hatred clouds your memory.
    Rex is a clown but he was completely powerless as Idzik ran that team into the ground and he was allowed to have 1 pick under Mike T…nice try though

  13. Revisionist history is inevitably predictable when you realize that Rex is, and always has been all about self-aggrandizement. He’s fundamentally right about Sanchez, but as a Fins fan who followed that competitor closely, I know that in fact he did think that Sanchez was a potential top tier QB. Of course, with his obsession on defense, he and Tannenbaum sure didn’t help Buttfumble by putting great pieces around him, nor by his hiring unqualified “Mr Field Goal Fist Pump” Tony Sparano, as his OC. He even described Tony as his “mini me,” which if you think about it, really does speak volumes about both of them.

  14. Rex is missrembering. He really liked Sanchez stayed loyal too him far too long but never got him any play makers. Geno was the guy he seemed unsure of. Sanchez was a weaker version of Romo mobile quick release read defenses well just when you start to believe boneheaded play. Geno was Jeff George with less talent.

  15. Notice he’s never blamed himself for his failures in either of his tenures as a head coach, from his time with the Jets he blamed the General Manager and now his Sanchez and Smith. Can’t wait to see who he blames for his terrible defenses in Buffalo

  16. You have to wonder does Ryan understand offensive football though at this point. Sanchez was never the answer, but there was a lot of other offensive talent on those Jet teams that got mismanaged. That also happened in Buffalo.

  17. waldoampere says:
    October 26, 2017 at 2:33 pm
    One of the great unexplained mysteries of our time – Sanchez has four road playoff wins and played well in all of them. How many QBs in NFL history can say that.

    4 1 Rate This


    umm; handing the ball off and the team getting lucky is somehow sanchez personally doing something to win the games?

  18. Rex isn’t going to last a year at ESPN. Not entertaining. Can’t use big words in a sentence. His commercials suck. He is probably thinking “hey” Belichick, do those rings come in toe rings?’ I might do some kissing there

  19. 4rings4brady says:
    October 26, 2017 at 2:52 pm
    Rex really needs to write a book. really. I’d underline really if I could.
    Rex prefers footnotes to books. I’d underline footnote if I could.

  20. Hard to believe we are coming up on the five year anniversary of the butt fumble. And over two since Geno was sucker punched by a teammate and then told by other teammates that he deserved it. What a glorious time to be alive.

  21. “One of the great unexplained mysteries of our time – Sanchez has four road playoff wins and played well in all of them. How many QBs in NFL history can say that.”

    Including Sanchez.
    2010 at San Diego. 17-14 Jets win. 12 of 23 for 100 yards with a TD and an INT. Rating of 60.
    2011 at Indy. 17-16 win. 18 of 31, 189 yards with an INT. Rating of 62.

  22. Rex is a joke. He’s a terrible coach and does nothing but make excuses. I wish ESPN never hired him. I’d be thrilled to never see that stupid face again.

  23. factschecker says:
    October 26, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Rex prefers footnotes to books. I’d underline footnote if I could.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, Wes Welker, He’ll be here all week

  24. waldoampere says:
    October 26, 2017 at 2:33 pm
    One of the great unexplained mysteries of our time – Sanchez has four road playoff wins and played well in all of them. How many QBs in NFL history can say that.
    Actually he played awful in the SD road game where the Jets eked out a 3 pt victory scoring all of 17 points because usually accurate Kaeding blew 3 makeable FGs including 2 gimmes and Shon Greene broke off a 50odd ard run for a TD. Sanchez’s stat line was terrible, 100yds, 52% completions and about a 60 QBR with 1 TD and 1 int (the Jets getting possession right back when Rivers returned the favor). Carried by the defense. Also Mike Westhoff, with his fields-eye view has been quoted that when it came to playoff runs, Sanchez never drove the bus.

  25. This blubbering idiot is backtracking, trying to get another coaching job. He destroyed the jets, his only two good years were the first two with a team someone else built. Then he took over the bills and their #4 ranked defense and being the ‘defensive guru’ he is, he turned them into a #22 ranked defense. Ryan is not only a terrible head coach, he is a terrible defensive coach. Him and Rob are riding their daddy’s coat tails still. Enough of the talk, shut up, sit down and pray you keep getting announcing jobs.

  26. The Truth often hurts

    Rex had a lot of input in the Jets drafts when he took over as head coach
    The defense got worse every year rex was there
    Is Rex really a defensive genius? I mean, his defense needs at least two quality man to man cover corners to function well. If he doesn’t have them, his capacity to switch the defense up is very, very limited.
    The Bills defense was great when Rex took over, then he pretty much burned it to the ground in his 2 years there
    with him gone, the defense is magically good again
    Rex loves boasting and making big predictions but hates to fess up to all the busts that he pushed to take in the draft. Or his meddling. His preference to give his jobs to his friends that don’t do anything vs actual good coaches.

    And the final point that nearly everyone here has mentioned–and was missing an obvious follow up question to rex in this interview–if he didn’t like Sanchez as his QB, why did he get a tattoo of him?

    The true measure of a coach is when they get a 2nd act. Rex’s 2nd act in Buffalo was kind of a mess–took a great defense, forced him to play his 3-4 hybrid with ill-suited talent and made them vastly worse. 2nd year was even worse than the first.

    His only good move was getting Tyrod Taylor. Thats…about it.

  27. While Rex talks openly about the failure of Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, it is interesting that he didn’t talk about another QB who was foisted onto him – Tim Tebow. If he thought poorly of Dirty Sanchez I really want to hear the comments about Tebow and why he didn’t give him more of an opportunity in games.

  28. Like father, like son.
    Buddy had the same “issues” in Philadelphia. The problems were the same too. Head Coach completely ignores offensive needs, talented defense can’t completely carry team to SB, Head Coach gets fired, Ex-Head Coach blames poor offense after 2nd stint as Head Coach fails in different setting (Rex Jets – Bills; Buddy Eagles – Cardinals).

  29. The same guy who passed on Peyton Manning who had a legitimate interest to play for the NYJ since he wouldn’t have to play Eli much. Also the same guy who refused to draft Russell Wilson and instead rewarded Sanchez with a huge extension.

    Meanwhile, Sanchez seems to be a great vet to have on your roster to mentor a young QB and is carving out a good future coaching career for himself.

  30. Jeez, Rex. It’s called coaching em up. Sanchez had a lot of talent to be at least a mid to upper third tier QB- which is all the Jets would have needed with a good defense. The Jets/Sanchez years coincided with some of the Pat’s semi-rebuilding years and Rex blew it. When you’re the Head Coach if you know nothing of offense then it’s your job to get someone in who does.

    Guess what- Tom Brady wasn’t a “Franchise” quarterback either when he got his chance to start. He was coached up, and like all great QB’s he took advantage of and built on his opportunities to become the best ever. .

  31. remember when all jets fans were saying he was a better coach than belicheck and how they were know the class of the AFC east? I remember. Pepperidge farms remembers.

  32. What a punk move. First off why throw Sanchez under the bus like that for no reason? and secondly, Rex Ryan TOTALLY thought Mark Sanchez would be the Jets franchise QB, otherwise they wouldn’t of taken a guy who should of went in round 2 with THE FIRTH OVERALL PICK, and I remember all the trash talk Rex was doing after they picked him saying he would better than Brady and non sense like that after he took them to the NFCCG as a rookie. Rex Ryan is an outright liar who is trying to re-write history to cover for his mistakes now that he’s looking back on them, hindsight is 20/20 right, Rex?

  33. Sanchez is probably the best QB on the Bears today, but he’s 3rd string because we think we know his ceiling and that the other QBs might have higher ceilings. Definitely should be number 2 ahead of Glennon.

  34. I think he should coach again. Even if it is a defensive coordinator for a couple years. I think he could be a head coach again. He does make football exciting talking trash.

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