49ers ask fans if winning games is important to them

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The 49ers are doing many admirable things in the community. They are not winning very many football games.

And they’re wondering, genuinely it seems, whether their paying customers care about that.

Via Ray Ratto of NBC Sports Bay Area, one of the questions on a survey sent to fans was: “How important is winning to your stadium experience?

It seems to not be going well.

The 49ers are 0-7 at the moment, haven’t won a home game in more than a year (since last year’s opener against the Rams), and are a sparkling 7-32 since choosing to part ways with coach Jim Harbaugh.

So perhaps owner Jed York is hoping that his customers won’t mind so much, since the stadium is new and pretty, and they got to host a Super Bowl, and have a brand new coach-G.M. combo to go about the latest rebuild of a once-proud franchise.

It’s one thing to ask your customers if they think bathroom lines are too long, or beers are too expensive. But to ask fans who come to a sporting competition in exchange for money if the outcome of said competition is important is insulting, and another bit off ammunition for those who think NFL owners are far more worried about the bottom line than anything their team does between the white ones.

52 responses to “49ers ask fans if winning games is important to them

  1. I’m sure the fans do.

    It’s the ownership that doesn’t care about winning and is more interested in being a SJW.

  2. Next question should read:
    As a fan, do you think you could run this team better than Jed York?

  3. Evidently winning games isn’t that important to the 49ers else Jim Harbaugh would still be their coach. And I thought Snyder was a horrible owner.

  4. Hey Jed, how important is the 49ers making money to you? That’s how important winning is to fans. If they’re not making you money, there’s no reason to own the team. If they’re not winning games, there’s no reason to go to the game as fans.

  5. I don’t even know where to start. You fired our best coach since Seifert because your feelings got hurt. You moved the team to Santa Clara. You built the worst stadium in football. The stat of 7-32 since Harbaugh left is all you need to see. Here is to another decade of irrelevance. Sell the team Jed to owners that care about winning.

  6. The 49ers never wanted to hire Jim Harbaugh in the first place. We were in a deep recession and they were having a heck of a time securing public money for their new stadium. At the urging of Bill Walsh they hired Harbaugh and instantly went from the worst team to the best team. Then they hired silicon valley guru Gideon Yu to put a stadium deal together. They even gave Yu 5% of the team. The moment the stadium deal was secured, they pulled the rug out from under Harbaugh and started a media campaign against him. Now the franchise is worth way more than it was before. The York’s are happy campers. They see themselves as very successful. Winning is the furthest thing from their goal. They keep revolving coaches to make it appear like they care.

  7. I have an old friend who still pays for 49er season tickets. With all the money he gives them, of course winning is important.

    I’vs said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again.

    The yorks ARE the worst owners in the NFL.

  8. Jesus. Jed York has no clue. I’m sorry for Northern California NFL fans. (Disappearing breed and soon to be extinct). Raiders soon gone and the niners might as well be soon gone like the Dodo.) No pun intended but good comparison for York.

  9. Ask, “How important is it to you to poll the fans before the franchise moves out of San Francisco to Santa Clara ?” Then, “Does a new hour-long drive to get to the stadium give you additional time to decide if York-Baalke destroyed the team for all time”.

  10. This is a good lesson for Spanos and the Chargers. ‘A shiny new stadium’ in a bad location, paying rent to kroenke, a non-existent fan base, playing in an empty ‘shiny new stadium’, and a second team afterthought in L-a-L-a-Land. BRILLIANT business model. Who’s stupid enough to purchase the Chargers? Nobody! Spanos has trapped himself.

  11. Seriously? He actually asked that?

    Even for a bad team the stadium experience people go for still has to include at least a small shred of hope the tem will win. Floatimgbthis question signals that there is no intention of providing even that much. This is moving from a team that doesnt win to a team that doesnt care to bother trying any more.

  12. That sort of thinking isn’t limited to just Jed York. Goodell and his flunkies spend all day every day dreaming of making money off the fans without having to provide them with anything of value. Their ideal would be a stadium with nothing but corporate suites, most of them sitting empty every game but still being paid for. Then they scratch their heads over why ratings are down and fans aren’t feeling as much a connection to the sport.

  13. sfsugator says:
    You fired our best coach since Seifert because your feelings got hurt. . . . The stat of 7-32 since Harbaugh left is all you need to see.

    I constantly read that stat about the Niners’ record AFTER Jim Harbaugh left. Why do people always leave out the fact that they lost four of their last five and finished 8-8 and out of the playoffs in his last season there?
    That team was already starting it’s death spiral with Jimmy on board. Much of that can be attributed to the front office, but his abrasive coaching style was also starting to wear thin in the locker room, just as it had at Stanford.
    Harbaugh is a very good coach, but let’s stop pretending his exit is the reason this team went into a nose dive. It began with him on board, and he wasn’t going to stop or prevent it.

  14. It is a heck of a lot more important than all this SJW garbage!!

    You are driving fans away in droves.

    Dumping Harbaugh and Alex Smith were two of the worst football decisions in recent memory.

  15. Wow if santa Clara has any fans(die hards, not suits) in the stands this Sunday I’d be quite amazed and ashamed of the fans. Telling the owner it’s ok to lose is embarrassing. I just can’t believe we have an owner asking this. What is going on in this world.

  16. “Winning isnt everything, its the only thing that matters.”

    We needed to keep Harbaugh. The Harbaugh Era was like an Oasis in the desert that is York Ownership.

    All Harbaugh did is win. His worst season with the 49ers equals the Yorks’ best 49er season without Harbaugh.

    Its funny, because Wolverine Nation and pundits are blasting Harbaugh for Michigan’s “failed” season when they lose a close game to Michigan St and a big game to the #2 team in the Nation.

    Look, this is the year where colleges’ 2015 recruiting class is supposed to make an impact. Harbaugh was transitioning as Michigan Head coach that season and was only able to get 10 Commitments and only 5 four Star recruits. It was an incomplete class. Thats why Michigan isnt as dominant on the field this particular season. Wait until the next two seasons when his 2016/2017 draft classes hit the field that has 44 four star recruits. Then judge him….but I digress.

    Yeah winning is important. Hopefully Kyle gets a fair chance to turn this thing around. We gave up on Chip Kelly way too soon. He was getting a lot of heat from pundits who influenced the fans perception, but pundits are just talking heads who dont know football. They only see the surface and not whats beyond it. “Low Hanging Fruit” as the great Harbaugh would say.

  17. Reminds me of what my kids’ T-ball coaches would ask them WHEN THEY WERE SIX! No player gets out, everyone scores, we don’t keep score and trophies all around at the end of the season. That would make that sanctuary city of SF very happy!

  18. This “question” shows the stunning level of detachment most of the billionaire owners have from actual fans, especially working class fans.

    To get a crappy ticket to most Pats games through a ticket broker is 200+. Two tix = 400-500, parking 40, beers 10 or 11, sandwiches 15-20, sodas 7, etc. Minimum 500+ to go to a game for 2 people. With similar prices around the league except the really awful teams where tix are cheap but everything else in the stadium still very expensive.

    So these detached, vastly greedy people wonder if someone who works their rear end off for their money, wants to see a team win for the 500+ they spend to get into the stadium? Really? 500 bucks is likely meaningless to the owners, but its a lot to many of the people attending games.

    That’s the only reason they go you idiots. To see their team win. Nobody walks out of a stadium going “my team lost by 2 TDs but this stadium is so super wonder ultra cool I don’t care what the team did on the field because I liked the “experience”.

  19. Do you think that maybe what they’re really asking the 49ers fans is, “would you mind if we tank the rest of this season so we can get the #1 pick in the draft?”

  20. Jed, I enjoy paying handsomely for tickets and parking, sitting through oppressive traffic, roasting in the sun, and paying exorbitant prices for less than mediocre food. When you have all that, winning football is inconsequential.

  21. That stadium is pretty? Looks like a budget stadium from 50 years ago.

    Everything I’ve heard is that the stadium really sucks. The players, the fans, the local community.

    So yes, winning probably is important. Especially when the prices are nosebleed, the product is godawful.

    This is probably the typical 49ers fan experience. Spend $500 after driving through hellish traffic to bake in the sun only to watch your team get blown out. Followed by more traffic and a long commute after the game.

    Gee I can see why with such ambiguity the dumbest owner in sports feels the need to ask the question.

  22. My first response: Are you serious?

    The fans response: “No, we hope you lose all the time. I just come for the overpriced concessions. And this guy thought I cared about the actual football game.”

    Contemplative response: Maybe after all the fans respond “Hell yes!” The owner will use this survey as a PR tool to justify the crazy insane move he has planned to get the team back to being a winner???

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