Benjamin Watson: Ndamukong Suh has “crossed the line since he’s been in the league”

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The NFL has no plan to suspend Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for multiple personal fouls (two were called; one wasn’t) committed on Thursday night in Baltimore. Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson, a 14-year veteran and a member of the NFL Players Association’s executive committee, seems to believe that the time has come for serious action.

“I think he’s crossed the line since he’s been in the league,” Watson said on Friday’s PFT PM podcast. “Years ago I was playing with the Browns and I remember him body slamming Jake Delhomme when he was in Detroit. I mean there’s been numerous times — he’s stomped on Aaron Rodgers. There’s been numerous times where he’s done things that are totally unacceptable in our league and things that as a player we all go out there and give our best effort, we prepare, we provide for our families, this is our life’s work. And for someone to come out and do things outside of the game. He’s a dominant player, he’s a powerful player, he’s a guy who can totally take control of a game. He’s that guy that you have to say, ‘Hey, we have to make a certain protection for this guy’, because he’s that good of a defensive player. And so for him to go the extra mile and to do things to hurt people or maybe he thinks it’s intimidating people, there’s no place for it in the game and what he did last night is kind of his M.O. That’s what he’s been doing since he’s been in the league. He gets fined and keeps on going, and I hope the league looks at what he did last night and punish him accordingly.”

If there will be a punishment this time around, it will be a fine only. And that may not get Suh to stop doing what he’s been doing, including the application of a one-handed choke to Ravens quarterback Ryan Mallet. To truly get through to Suh, he’ll need to be suspended. And the suspension will have to withstand the appeal process.

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  1. He has and at some point the league needs to take a stand with this type of repeat offender with an eye opening suspension. I’d think the NFLPA could be talked into it in the next CBA.

  2. Remember that time when Terrell Suggs tried to intentionally end Sam Bradford’s career by going at his knees in that pre season game? Or how about the time where Suggs went after big Ben’s head and not the ball….

    Just made me chuckle when Ravens fans got mad at Suh for trying to fight someone when their players are trying to end careers.

  3. He’s been dirty since he was at Nebraska, he is borderline manic and he is going to really hurt someone some day and that will be too late. he needs a severe ban, not just a few games.

  4. That’s one reason I wasn’t sad when he left Detroit. He’s a force on the line, but he loves to get a 15 yard flag in a heated or close game.

    Incredibly smart guy, I don’t understand why he can’t realize there are always cameras on him when he’s on the field. Usually 2 or 3 angles. And he’s talented enough to not need the extra curricular nonsense.

  5. This is why the NFLPA needs their own form of conduct code and punishment. This is not an NFL problem, this is a player and coach problem. They players have no fear of consequences or fines from the NFL. As it stands now, the NFL suspends and the NFLPA appeals and they get reduced.

  6. I remember when the NFL punished NE for their “pattern of behavior” during deflategate…

    Let’s see the NFL try to weasel it’s way out of the same for Suh, who has been dirty since day 1 in the NFL.

  7. More crying from the Baltimore cheap shot artists who didn’t get flagged once. The fix was in on this game.

  8. They should prorate the fines. An UDFA rookie gets fined 25K and he might not be very aggressive until his next contract (if he gets one).

    25K to Suh is a drop in the bucket.

    His fines should be 500K and go up from there. He’ll get the message.

  9. Suspend him 3 games and send him to counseling. He’s obviously dealing with some internal demons that may stem from childhood trauma. Maybe too many times he was called ugly as a child so he now summons his Waterboy alter ego to compensate for his low self-esteem.

  10. Wow. Folks have really been itching for Dom to do something “dirty” so they can get their virtue signal on.

    FWIW, Come back to Detroit. We miss you.

  11. No, a suspension won’t do. He needs to experience the other side of a cheap-shot. Put in some practice squad guy and let him roll him up or cut block him. This will remove him from the game, which is the only actual cure.

  12. Baltimore in a glass house and throwing rocks.I guess it could have been worse if Terrell Suggs was complaining.

  13. Suh should have been banned long ago. And Alonso should get at least 4 games or more – while he could be excused a little contact he could have at least tried to avoid Flacco but instead deliberately followed Flacco down low to ensure he hit Flacco’s head uber-hard. But how about that OTHER ugly incident Thursday night – Hayes poking Howard’s eyes? You can blind a guy doing that – at least enough in one eye to effectively end their playing career. When done in those circumstances that should be an automatic 8 game ban or longer if previous. Miami are a dirty team, and Fraudger’s claims of player safety a total joke.

  14. I don’t usually wish for anyone to be injured, but losing Suh to a career-ending injury would be no loss at all to the league. He’s dirty to the core and no amount of coaching is ever going to change his true nature.

  15. It amazes me that the NFLPA believes it’s job is ONLY protect players from the league. It’s job is to protect players, period! Suh’s Pattern of behavior has established tha he is a hazard to other players. The NFLPA should be trying to remove him from the game rather than protecting him.

    I believe you must be a union member to play in the league. If the NFLPA kicked him out, would that not decertify his contract?

  16. Suh has been getting away with it for so long he takes it as his birthright and if you look at it objectively it’s hard to fault him for feeling that way. When you have essentially gotten away with everything you feel you can do anything. It’s like a child that continuously misbehaves with little to no consequence and the parents can’t understand why the bad behavior persists when he’s been asked not to do it. At some point we stop blaming the child and start looking at the real problem.

  17. Suh’s after play choices are complete and total slime. He then goes on to make some statement like “I’m defending myself” or “My feet were numb” I’ve known people just like this guy and they believe their own lies wholeheartedly. He needs to be treated the way that he treats others and it needs to be pointed out to him, “Hey, you poked this guy in the eye ball. Please wait a moment and find out exactly how this feels. Oh, and by the way you were never educated in the fact that hurting other people is WRONG. Now go write a twelve page paper on the golden rule you jack-wagon.” He needs to literally be treated like a six year old in primary school.

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