John Lynch not a fan of 49ers survey about importance of winning


If 49ers owner Jed York made some fans angry by asking them if it was important to win, he might also have some problems in his football operation.

As part of a larger survey, the team asked fans: “How important is winning to your stadium experience?

First-year General Manager John Lynch, during an appearance on KNBR, did not seem pleased.

“Someone brought that to my attention and that’s not something I want reflected in this organization,” Lynch said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “There’s different aspects of an organization. I can promise you this: It didn’t come from my desk. . . .

“There’s a lot of layers to this organization. I don’t know where that came from. I’m not a big believer in surveys myself. I think you put out good work and people come. And you build it and people come. Yes, winning is everything to us. It’s everything to me. And I’ll just leave it at that.”

The 49ers are 0-7 and haven’t won a home game in more than a year. They’re 7-32 since running off former coach Jim Harbaugh, which did nothing for the impression that football wasn’t the top priority.

They gave Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan six-year contracts to help with what should be a long rebuild.

23 responses to “John Lynch not a fan of 49ers survey about importance of winning

  1. The 49ers: ran off Mariucci because they weren’t satisfied with not making it beyond the divisional round of the playoffs. 6 years of awfulness and they score with Harbaugh, immediately become contenders. One year he doesn’t make the playoffs and they think they can do better lol. I believe in Shanahan n Lynch but this organization sucks

  2. Was winning the main driver to cut Bowman and move Reid to LB? What about pushing Hyde out for Breida? The 49ers are 0-7 and are off to a worse start than each of the last two years. You need continuity and your best players to win.

    Lynch and Shanahan seem like all talk to me. I’ll believe it when I see it but they are off to a bad start.

  3. I wonder if Lynch has gotten to the point yet where he’s asked himself “Why did I take this job?”

  4. Jed York needs to recognize he’s not the type of owner who is iconic in any way and it probably would be best to quietly disappear into the background for him.

  5. Big fall from the 49ers of past to the worst team in the sport, I would rather be a Browns fan than a 49ers fan. In the end it’s all about the owner, if they care about the sport and the fans they can make money and put a good team out there, sad just how much a change of owners can effect the team on and off the field.

  6. lynch & shanahan are unimpressive so far.
    york is a horrible owner.
    More losing days ahead for 49ers.

  7. The survey was obviously not put out by the football operations side of ‘the business’ but rather by the ‘guest operations’ folks from the stadium operations side. Probably one of those ‘We appreciate your feedback! Help us improve Your Gameday Experience!’ type things.

  8. It’s a silly question. All fans want to see their team win. Perhaps it is less important to some owners as long as they are making money, but all fans want to see their team win.

  9. commentawaitingdeletion says:
    October 27, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    Probably one of those ‘We appreciate your feedback! Help us improve Your Gameday Experience!’ type things.

    [ ] Bring Kaepernick back.
    [x] Cheaper concessions.
    [x] Less Sun.
    [x] Start winning.

  10. Lynch is now questioning Jed York. What about before he took the job?

    Nothing better than to spend the big bucks on tickets and take the family to an NFL game. The total fan experience where most fans are drunk, fans criticize each play as if they are football mavens, wait in long parking lines and concession lines for overpriced beer, soda, and food, and then watch a pathetic over hyped display of entertainment.

  11. Be careful John, you might hurt little Jed’s feelings and lose your job for not having “class”. Smh.

    Somebody please tell John York to get his little weenie son out of grown folks business.

    49er FAITHFUL.

  12. Waiting for ctiggs to chime in from his alternate universe, where Kap is still a great QB, kneeling for the anthem is OK, and the Niners still “have it better than everybody”. I’m sure he’ll have a hot take on this one.

  13. Prove Sherman’s point. Lynch has a guaranteed contract. Tell the boss how you really feel. Worse case…. paid time off!

  14. Hey John, I can help you with where that came from but I’ll give you 1 guess……………………………………ok, you don’t want to answer, here is your answer. Your Boss. He’s an idiot and you will be probably be fired in a couple seasons, and wishing you never left the play by play booth. Here is to another decade of irrelevance except in a different city Santa Clara 49ers.

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