Marcus Peters fined $9,115 for hit on Derek Carr

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Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch earned a suspension for his role in a scrum last week. Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters drew a fine.

Peters, who began the disagreement between the teams with a hit on Derek Carr, was fined $9,115 for unnecessary roughness, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

In the second quarter, Peters’ hit prompted several Raiders to go after him. Lynch ran off the sideline to intervene and made contact with line judge Julian Mapp, an automatic disqualification. The NFL suspended Lynch for this week’s game against the Bills.

Peters spoke on Lynch’s behalf at his appeal hearing.

Earlier in the week, Chiefs coach Andy Reid defended the hit, saying Carr was a runner, “That was a quarterback draw. Once you do that, you’re declared a runner until that whistle blows. So he was playing. I’m not gonna knock him for that. It’s hard to get the whole call there on what they said. Once he’s designated, he’s no different than a running back. That’s the rule.”

7 responses to “Marcus Peters fined $9,115 for hit on Derek Carr

  1. Heheh, the ONLY tackle that Marcus Peters has attempted to make all year long, and he gets fined for hugging Derek Carr to the ground (who was not down at the time that Peters contacted him, nor had Carr gave himself up.

    If Carrwreck had gotten free of the one handed tackle attempt, does anyone think he’d have just flopped to the ground or thrown the ball errantly out of bounds? Nope, he was a runner on the play – but the officials had to once again protect the Fade and toss a flag on a clean gang sack. They threw one earlier to wipe out a strip-sack fumble recovery, too.

  2. “Marcus Peters fined $9,115 for hit on Derek Carr”

    – good, and well de$erved (could the CB we Chiefs fans have come to call ‘Toast’ for his proclivity being burned, have some help from a certain ‘cousin’ paying for the damages?)

    For the first poster this thread ‘bestcameraanglesnevershown’ (who apparently had his lens shutter ‘shuttered’ moment of impact CB ‘Cheapshot’ and the OAK QB, stating that Carr “was not down at the time that Peters contacted him, nor had Carr gave himself up” –

    Visit the KC Star website/have a look at the visual evidence (won’t post the link but this story heading ‘Chiefs’ Marcus Peters fined for hit on Raiders QB Derek Carr’ contains said picture.

    Upshot: Carr is on the ground both his left leg AND knee both down BEFORE Peters hits him.
    I’m a Chiefs fan, but as I stated when it happened & the NFL has affirmed, it was a dirty hit deserving of both a penalty and a fine… kudos NFL/mission accomplished.

  3. If you ran every play back to back on a video this one would be the least offensive one you could fine. Good portion of KC fans who are down on Peters are that way because of his anthem protest. Bigger undertone here than play on the field.

  4. He wasn’t down and the whistkecwant blown. If it’s a penalty it’s on the ref for not blowing his whistle.

    But, Peters is a turd so take his money.

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