Still no decision on possible Kiko Alonso suspension

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Three days after Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso concussed Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco after Flacco slid at the end of a run for a first down on third and 10, Alonso’s status hasn’t been determined, yet.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that neither Alonso nor the Dolphins have been informed of a suspension. A suspension nevertheless remains possible. If it’s going to happen, it needs to happen soon.

Alonso would surely appeal any suspension immediately, and ideally it would all be resolved by the end of the day on Tuesday. So if a suspension is coming, look for it to happen by the end of the day on Monday.

The NFL has imposed three suspensions in recent weeks, two for illegal hits (Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan and Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo) and one for entering the field and contacting an official (Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch). All were upheld via the appeal process, although Trevathan’s was reduced from two games to one.

11 responses to “Still no decision on possible Kiko Alonso suspension

  1. It was “ELITE” joe flacco’s fault.

    “ELITE” joe flacco slid late while trying to inch out a first down.

    “ELITE” joe flacco should have slid earlier to protect himself.

  2. He shouldn’t be QBs shouldn’t slide that late they are trying to draw flags on the defenders.Flaccos own fault .

  3. Lots of people are confusing the idea of hitting Flacco and hitting him full force.There was a good 5 yards separating Flacco and Alonso when he started to slide. That’s not enough time for Alonso to not hit Flacco, but it is enough time for him not to try to level Flacco.

    I don’t even like the idea of a player going for a knockout shot over just a tackle anyways. Doesn’t matter if it’s a QB or not. All of this talk about player safety will be just that – talking – if they don’t suspend him. It’s about the force of the hit, not the hit. Forcibly hitting a player that gave themselves up should be punished with a suspension.

  4. Coming top speed from 15 yards out you can’t expect Kiko to be able stop on a dime when Flacco goes into a late slide move. Kiko has a right to protect himself too.

  5. Sooooo… you’re saying Kiko was going to tackle Flacco’s shins? Sure, I’ll buy that the LB changed his trajectory to a level just below the knees because he didn’t think Flacco was going to slide. I’m also sure it was a mistake that his shoulder pad just happen to take Flacco’s head off. Dumb luck because he was moving too fast. People and their agendas.

  6. i think the dolphins are matter who the coach is or the quarterback or other big name players they just cannot get it done.its basically the same thing year after year after year…….sometimes i don’t understand what the front office is doing or thinking!

  7. beachsidejames says:
    October 29, 2017 at 10:31 pm
    Coming top speed from 15 yards out you can’t expect Kiko to be able stop on a dime when Flacco goes into a late slide move. Kiko has a right to protect himself too.

    And he did a great job of it! By driving his shoulder through Flacco’s cranium he was able to protect himself from mean Joe.

  8. Drove it right through a football player who was going for extra yardage. That’s what linebackers are taught that’s how they are coached. That is what professional tackle football is. A fast, vicious hitting, blocking and scoring game.That’s why people watch the game.Nothing was intentional but in that setting injuries happen. Joe being a mean Joe or a polite sweetheart of a guy Joe is irrelevant.

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