Talk of a possible T.Y. Hilton trade intensifies

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Now that the Colts have fallen to 2-6 (and likely won’t be able to get up, at least for the rest of this year), it’s time to consider flipping current assets for future picks. And, as mentioned earlier today, receiver T.Y. Hilton remains a possible target for a trade.

Multiple sources have now told PFT that the Colts are willing to move Hilton. However, the Colts won’t want to simply give him away. Moreover, Hilton (we’re told) won’t be inclined to renegotiate a contract that pays him a salary of $8 million this year, $11 million next year, and $13 million in 2019. He also prefers to stay in Indy.

G.M. Chris Ballard didn’t draft or sign Hilton, and Ballard may believe that a healthy Andrew Luck will allow more mid-round draft picks to become future Hiltons. So they can sell Hilton to a contender with a need, they can stockpile picks for the ongoing effort to improve the roster, and they can save some money that otherwise would be paid to a player whose performance could be largely replicated by a young player on a wage-scale deal.