What’s next for the Browns?


The Browns are now 0-8 for the year, and 1-23 since the latest reboot of a franchise that may need to get booted out of the NFL for the CFL in order to ever consistently win.

So what happens after Sunday’s 33-16 loss in London, the place where multiple coaches (Dennis Allen, Joe Philbin) and one G.M. (Martin Mayhew) have gone to get fired?

Some think that it will be the end of the road for coach Hue Jackson, but the absence of a clear-cut candidate to take over for the second-year head coach could help him keep his job through the end of the year. Jackson has no offensive coordinator, which is great protection against an in-season firing. He also has Gregg Williams as the team’s defensive coordinator, whose role as the mastermind of the Saints bounty scandal could make him an unpalatable choice to take over for the final eight games.

Others wonder about a ceremonial front-office firing, with whoever decided (or recommended) passing on Carson Wentz and/or Deshaun Watson being passed over for continued employment. Former baseball executive Paul DePodesta would be an obvious place to start, if the Browns want fans who have had enough to know that ownership has had enough, too.

Before figuring out what the Browns will do, it’s important to figure out who will be making the decision to do anything, or nothing. Although the team owner routinely is identified as Jimmy Haslam, his wife, Dee, has become more and more involved in recent years. Before they can decide what needs to be done, they may have to get on the same page.

However it plays out in Cleveland, it’s clearly not working. Yes, the team is still rebuilding. But in today’s NFL, no rebuild should require a full-blown retreat.

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  1. To stay in the same vein as everybody else getting outraged over everything, we need to do away with this Cleveland NFL team’s name. I can’t even say it.
    Sign the petition and join me in kneeling so that we can finally do away with the name….gulp…Browns!

  2. Part of me hopes that the Browns fire Hue and he comes and works for his good friend Zimmer. He shouldn’t have taken that job and should have held out for a better one. I think he will be a great offensive assistant/coordinator again. The Browns just don’t have much talent to work with. That falls on management.

  3. I don’t even consider them to be an actual franchise anymore. The Browns are basically the loveable loser mascot for the NFL.

  4. As a Raider fan who watched Hue Jackson as my team’s HC, I warned Browns fans at the time Cleveland hired him that this guy was both overrated as a HC (he inherited Tom Cable’s 8-8 team of the year before) and he’s also mentally unhinged. I always thought he would be a downgrade from Mike Pettine, but it turns out that he may challenge Rich Kotite for title of all-time worst NFL HC.

    I hope that despite having a fool like Haslam as owner, that the Browns are somehow able to get a decent HC. Their fans deserve to see a competitive product.

  5. Once again the factory of sadness doesn’t disappoint. Who is the next player who doesn’t make league minimum to get cut / traded? Maybe next year they can be 75 – 80 million under the cap.

  6. The obvious for the Browns is to just keep looking forward to the easiest game on their schedule to finally get that all important first win. Just a few weeks and they’ll be able to put up a dominant win against the packers. Good confidence builder at the very least, knowing they’ll totally outmatch their opponent.

  7. They have consistently drafted poorly. Few teams have as many top 10 picks and misfires as Cleveland.

    Compare the 2 teams playing today – in 2014, both teams had two 1st Round Picks.

    MIN takes Anthony Barr, a perennial Pro Bowler, and Teddy Bridgewater, a good-to-very good QB despite the injury. Hed be the starter In Cleveland when he returns.

    CLE takes Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel, who aren’t even with the team. You cannot build a good team of your top picks aren’t quality and no longer playing. Sure, every team swings and misses from time to time. But the Browns do it more often than anyone.

    Don’t even get me started on passing on Wentz and Watson but trading for Osweiler. These are management decisions and front office has put this team behind the eight ball far too much.

  8. the browns HAD 2/3 wins this season, but Hue jackson decides to gamble by going for it MULTIPLE times on 4th down, instead of punting/taking the points. The games against the Jets and Titans come to mind. In terms of blame, Hue Jackson is clearly in over his head. If Josh McDaniels leaves us(HOPE NOT) i would hope it would be for his hometown Browns. Hopefully, that team gets it together.

    -Pats Fan

  9. Feel bad for Cleveland fans. Great people in that city.

    This is NOT an untalented team. But they are very young and very raw. Ownership needs to take a back seat, hire a solid president of football operations and let whomever that is make all the football decisions. There’s plenty of gems on this roster, just need the right coaching staff and G.M. to polish them.

  10. They need to just get ready for their top 2 pick in the nfl draft and take the best player available again like they did last year. Everyone knew the season was going to be this way for the Browns because they’ve been purposely tanking and horsing draft picks to build for the future. That was a front office decision, not Hue Jackson’s decision. If Hue has to fall on sword for the front office tanking so they’re can get Sam Darnold or Barkley it would be a travesty.

  11. Sashi, Podesta and Jackson are all gone. Has to be and the sooner (like today) the better.

    NFL seriously needs to think about receivership for CLE.

  12. Mike Florio seems to be pushing the idea of a coaching change pretty desperately. Hue won’t be fired unless production in 2018, matches 2017. Sashi Brown on the other hand, may lose roster last say.

  13. Seriously..who cares? They aren’t a real NFL franchise. Their colors are god-awful. Their name is terrible. The significance of the name is less and less each year as it drops further into history and the team continues to be irrelevant. They could have the 1st pick in the draft every year and still be in a multi-year rebuilding plan.

  14. If firing people led to winning, the Browns would be the winningest team in the NFL. That’s a fact. The Browns don’t need to fire anybody. They just to need to hire someone with an expertise in evaluating QB’s. We all know that a franchise QB makes all the difference in the world, but you can’t draft one if you don’t know what you’re looking for. I don’t think the Dodgers and Astros are asking football scouts for their opinion on drafting pitchers. C’mon Jimmy.

  15. I believe there comes a point when a franchisee isn’t in compliance with the franchise agreement whether it be incompetence or negligence. Either way, the corporation (NFL) should step-in and take back the franchise. The good fans of Cleveland deserve better!!

  16. When is PFT going to point at that last year the Browns were 41 mil under the cap and this year a whopping 63 million under this year. How can any coaching staff get a roster made up of talent with a huge gap from the upper teams. The top 24 under the cap are all 12 million or less, which creates a 48+ million dollar budget gap for players.

    Haslam is scamming the Cleveland fans and laughing all the way to the bank. Browns season ticket holders should collectively cancel them and Browns fans should leave that stadium empty of all but the few hundred away team fans that might come to home games. Until you can embarrass the league into forcing him to sell the team the Browns have no future.

  17. Terminate everyone.

    Terminate the franchise charter.

    And ban anyone who has played for this 1-23 franchise or coached it from ever playing in the NFL again.

    Then give Pungo Virginia its own franchise.

  18. Just leave them alone and let the management/coaching staff work their way through it. Another firing is just another setback.

  19. Hay Hue, you might want to take your swim in Lake Erie now, because the water is only going to get colder in the next eight weeks! How about playing the QB that gives you the best chance to win (Kessler), instead of your pet project? All yeah, you’re some kind of a QB Whisper that can turn anyone into a great QB.

  20. When the Browns win their first game this season, the head coach and GM of the losing team will be fired,isn’t that right McCarthy and Thompson?

  21. There’s an old saying in football– ” you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s*#@”. Its the players and who they have picked. They have loaded up on draft picks and struck out terribly on their choices. And, the people selecting eg. Shashi Brown have no experience in football personel. Get a good football man with experience to run this team. Oh, A QB selection at #1 next spring would help tremendously.

  22. Ownership won’t get the message when they sell out every game. If I were a Browns season ticket holder, I’d stop going to games the rest of this year and cancel the tix for next year. Those fools keep showing up….

  23. Since, it’s the Browns and they let the people they do influence them, Hue will be extended and given a raise.

  24. “The Browns are now 0-8 for the year, and 1-23 since the latest reboot of a franchise that may need to get booted out of the NFL for the CFL in order to ever consistently win.”

    Are you certain about that? You might want to rethink your statement.

  25. Cleveland is heading in the right direction despite the record. They are young, the have a top 10 defense, however, more experience for Kizer without getting pulled will be a start. And he wasn’t. They need to add playmaking talent to the offense, which starts with the WRs..

  26. I’m not sure the Browns could be competitive in the SEC, much less the CFL. However, they might be a touchdown favorite against Vanderbilt.

    Still, making midseason changes seems pointless. The roster is what it is at this point; the team’s going to go 0-16 no matter who is the coach or who is in the executive suite. The basic problem is that this organization just cannot draft good players. They keep amassing tons of extra picks, then they use them on mediocrities or outright busts (or guys like Garrett — talented but completely incapable of staying healthy). Until they start drafting better, they’re going to stay right where they are. They need to find a draft guru somewhere and pay him whatever it takes to get him on board.

  27. briang123 says:
    October 29, 2017 at 2:33 pm
    Analytics says they should have 5 4th Rounders instead of a franchise QB. How’s that working out?
    Dak Prescott was a 4th rounder, and he’s a franchise QB. It just comes down to evaluating talent. It’s great to have your guys accumulating all those draft picks. There’s nothing wrong with that. Now, you need someone who can make those picks count. That’s exactly what Hue Jackson has been calling for since he’s been in Cleveland. Scouting is something that doesn’t get much respect, but as we can see, it’s crucial.

  28. Create a new division with only the Browns and the Packers in it. At least, the Browns will have a really good chance to go into the playoffs. The Browns record would be 2-14 and the lowly Packers would be 0-16.

  29. Make them stay in London. Out of site, out of mind. Then Khan can move the Jags there to keep them company.

    Or just blow out the front office and sell the team. There are no good answers here.

  30. Straight up: Jimmy Haslam is a crook.

    Consider: his first coaching hire was nobody Mike Pettine (cheap), who was fired and replaced with Hue Jackson – the second-lowest paid coach in the league (cheap). Then he hired a lawyer instead of a legit GM to handle football operations (cheap), and gutted the team of anybody earning an NFL paycheck (cheap). That leaves them with $63mill+ in cap space (most in the league – CHEAP) which has equated to ONE win in a season and a half. Not to mention this should all be moot since the guy belongs in prison for ripping off his Pilot Flying J customers (4 direct-report executives plead guilty to just a few days ago).

    Cleveland fans have a tremendous amount of civic pride and loyalty to the Browns, which Haslam has used to his own advantage and continues to &$!@ all over them.

  31. I say, ignore these average thinking clowns. The Browns have started this severe building team by the draft and pretty much this year is a rebuild of the first year. Also they unwisely decided to let all their veteran QB’s go for “what else” cheap, rookie labor. So this is the path they have chosen. It can work In the long run, but it is no way to build a team that must win now!!! These little acorns are going to need to grow up into big trees first. — they need to modify their rebuild as I said at the end of last season to balance the players with more higher priced veterans for a few years. Once they have their new culture established they can then use more draft talent. If you want to make the team, you have to be a draft pick it seems. And offensive line takes about three full years to begin to play at a high level. They are basically a rookie team. Good luck with winning in the NFL with that!

  32. There’s no quick fix. The Browns have been through 2 owners, 7 front office changes, 9 head coaches and countless coordinators and assistant coaches. They’ve tried numerous offensive philosophies, numerous defensive schemes, they’ve tried being heavy on professional free agents and all they ever did was get a lot of money for poor performance. Every regime change gutted what the previous regime did with the roster, even if the players were good. Jimmy Haslam is just going to have to bite the bullet on this one and see it through. Hue Jackson has to see it through with Kizer and they just have to develop the young team. You have to stop spinning your wheels as an organization.

  33. What would going to the CFL accomplish? They don’t have a QB. 3 downs, massive field and 12 on 12, you need a QB in that league every bit as much as you need one in the NFL. Uneducated attempt at a joke.

  34. As a lifelong Browns and Sixers fan, I wanted to go 0-16 this year. Kizer was an acceptable flyer to take with our 4th pick in the draft. Stay the course blowing everything up again is wrong headed. There are some bright spots on this team, and it is the youngest in the NFL. I was not expecting playoffs until 2020 anyway.


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