Bears: Surgery stabilized Zach Miller’s injury, Miller remains under evaluation

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The Bears released an update on tight end Zach Miller‘s condition Monday, a day after he was taken to a New Orleans hospital to have his dislocated knee treated by doctors.

Their update confirmed that Miller needed “urgent vascular surgery” to repair the damage done when Miller came down awkwardly while trying to catch a pass in the end zone. It appeared Miller made the catch, but it was ruled otherwise while Miller was on his way to the hospital.

“During our game at the New Orleans Saints yesterday, TE Zach Miller sustained a serious injury to his left knee and immediate evaluation from our medical team on site rushed him to nearby University Medical Center New Orleans (UMC) for urgent vascular surgery to repair a torn popliteal artery. Successful surgery was performed immediately on Sunday by the UMC vascular surgeons to stabilize his injury. Zach remains at UMC, along with Bears medical personnel, where he will stay under further evaluation. We are thinking of Zach and his family and support from our entire organization goes out to them.”

There was talk about the surgery being needed to “save” Miller’s leg. If that’s the case, it’s certainly a positive outcome that the surgery went well and that Miller’s arterial damage was able to be repaired. Hopefully the recovery proceeds smoothly from here whatever that may wind up meaning for his playing career.

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  1. Like with Bridgewater’s injury, kudos to the teams medical staff for recognizing the extreme seriousness of the injury. These guys/gals are doing more than taping up ankles and they don’t always get the credit they deserve. Good luck in recovery Miller

  2. Get well, Zach. Regardless of who you cheer for, let’s never forget these gladiators take a beating for our entertainment. Yes, they’re paid well, but it’s still brutal.

  3. Hate anyone getting seriously hurt. Good luck Mr. Miller. Thankfully he is on the right track. As for the catch… another week another blown call. Becoming a normal occurance over the last few years.

  4. We should all keep him our prayers – this injury is very serious – worst outcome is a loss of that leg. This guy doesn’t give his team issues and we should embrace him with our prayers.

  5. immediate evaluation from our medical team on site rushed him to nearby University Medical Center New Orleans (UMC)

    Kudos to the Bears’ medical staff for recognizing the seriousness of the injury and taking immediate action which may have saved his leg.

  6. Some are just disagreeing that it was a TD… If that catch by Calvin Johnson a few years back wasn’t a TD than this one sure wasn’t either… the refs have to be consistent

  7. This is quite a bit worse than Teddy Bridgewater’s injury. This is more like Robert Edwards’ injury. He’ll be lucky to walk again even if he keeps his leg.

  8. This is a true knee dislocation, so the peroneal nerve and popliteal artery are usually damaged.

    The key is to recognize its a dislocation and try to reduce (relocate the knee) it as fast as possible. The reduces the pressure on the delicate structures to limit the damage. In the case of Roberts Edwards, he had a similar injury at a flag football/sand game at the pro bowl and the NFL opted to have limited medical coverage. His knee was dislocated and not reduced/relocated right away, so it resulted in that nerve damage (can’t flex his foot) that ended his career. And I think he got a settlement.

    In the case of Miller, they got him right into surgery and hopefully, it was fast enough that he won’t have major ongoing vascular or nerve damage.

    I think the solution for replay is for Al Riverton to make that catch, come down with the ball while someone dislocates his knee–then ask if he still thinks it was a good idea to overturn the call on the field.

  9. thebigkuhuna says:

    October 30, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    It sounds like the same issue that Teddy bridgewater has with his knee, I hope he is able to play again, prayers for your recovery


    This is far worst than the injury that Bridgewater suffered, as Bridgewater didn’t suffer artery damage in his knee. That is a huge significant difference

  10. What a beast, dude held on and scored the TD even while his leg was bent a horrible way it’s not supposed to bend. Not a bears fan, actually quite the opposite, but that was a tough clutch play. Hope his surgery goes well and it isn’t career ending.

  11. He’s had one unfortunate injury after another, which is too bad because most teams are working flex Tight Ends into their offense.
    This may be the last straw for him, though.

  12. Would LOVE to know what the NFL’s rationale was for adding insult (that call) to Zack’s injury.

    Changed the entire game.

    Usually when they overturn a ruling on the field (from “command center” in NY, no less) it’s based on concrete supporting evidence.

    But this? That changed ruling with NO explanation whatsoever is exactly what costs the NFL it’s fans.

    Godspeed, Zack.

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