Bill O’Brien: I made some bad play calls

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The Texans leaned heavily on Deshaun Watson in Seattle on Sunday and the rookie provided plenty of reasons why that’s a wise approach for them this season.

Watson threw for 402 yards and four touchdowns and ran for 67 more, including an eight-yard jaunt for a first down just before the two minute warning in the fourth quarter. That left the Texans in need of one more first down to put the finishing touches on a big road win, but three Lamar Miller runs ended up in a punt that set Russell Wilson up for the game-winning touchdown drive.

It’s hard not to wonder why the Texans didn’t put the ball in Watson’s hands at that point in the game, at least on third-and-4 with the defense showing no sign they’d be able to stop the Seahawks. After the game, coach Bill O’Brien addressed that question.

“It’s my fault.” O’Brien said, via CBS Houston. “I made some bad play calls today, and I just have to do a better job on game day. … We have to attack. If you enter a game and you dip your toe in the water, you’re probably not going to win that game anyway. So you might as well go in there and attack. And that’s what we do. That’s my philosophy. And that’s the players’ philosophy. Just didn’t do it enough today.”

The Seahawks may have stopped Watson and won the game anyway, but it would have been going down while taking your best shot and that’s something the Texans should be doing more of given how special Watson has been through his first seven games.

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  1. Well I have to indicate respect for Bill O’Brien taking responsibility for his mistakes. Instead of blaming his offensive players for not studying as did the Dolphin’s Coach Adam Gase.

  2. Look right, they put up 38+ points in this game. That’s plenty. If anything the defense didn’t hold up its end of the bargain. If anything the Texans could have relied on the run game a bit more. But yeah the end game playcalling was a bit suspect.

  3. Wow. There was a Texans fan who commented on another article that said he would do this. The fan basically called out what O’Brien would say this word for word.

  4. I was shocked at the 3rd down play call. D hadn’t stopped Seattle at all, just got the pick inside their own 10. Watson looked so good, I can’t believe you don’t give him a run-pass option there instead of trusting your D which had shown it didn’t deserve to be trusted. Even so, how the hell do you not have safety help on a deep ball on first down. They have no TOs and you let them throw it deep? Just awful coaching at crunch time.

  5. Maybe he should get players who want to play football rather than engage in the “protest of the week” program. Make Brown inactive and trade Watkins!

  6. Anytime you win/lose by one possession it’s easy to point to this play or that play as the cause. Yes, I would have had Watson run on 3rd and 4, some would have had him throw, others hand it to the RB (it’s the RB’s job). But, I’m more concerned about the defensive backs being out of position so often, not having a clue where the receivers are. Karim Jackson has been blowing assignments for years.

    Despite all the points scored, both defenses made big plays. Clowney played lights-out. Hawks secondary got thee picks.

    In the end, it was a fun game to watch and one team has to lose. Thank you Seahwaks and Texans for giving us a good one.

  7. PS:

    Mr Mcnair – Please keep your billionaire, hillbilly mouth shut. Just don’t talk…ever!

    Duane Brown – You gave up the right to speak when you walked out on your team.

    Texans – No shame in losing to the Seahawks at their place. You can still win the division and make some noise in the playoffs. Keep playing!!

  8. Obviously it didn’t work, but keep in mind he forced Seattle to burn all three timeouts and then pinned them deep with a good punt. Watson was a force in that game but give Wilson credit for making some huge plays with less than 2 minutes left.

  9. chmba says:
    October 30, 2017 at 8:38 am
    Maybe he should get players who want to play football rather than engage in the “protest of the week” program. Make Brown inactive and trade Watkins!

    Awww did pre game activities by the players offend your delicate emotional well being? To the point you want to deactivate players not for what they did on the field but for offending you? Lol.

  10. The Texans will still win the division easily, since the Titans are absolutely horrible and the Jaguars are inconsistent.

  11. Bill, it’s about your secondary. This is the 2nd game (TD to NE) they have given up a late TD to lose it. Your DB’s were scorched for big plays the entire 4th quarter and didn’t even put up a fight the last drive.

    You finally have a QB, now go fix your secondary or you aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs this year.

  12. Yeah, taking the ball out of Watson’s hands when all you needed was to pick up what would have been a game-winning 3rd and short cost them the game. You knew as soon as Wilson got the ball back what was going to happen.

  13. Are you gonna say the same thing for future opponents. You went all gung-ho against the Patriots and the Seahawks majority of the game and then at the end of the game three straight runs and got nothing to show for it.

  14. You got a lead, and then laid down rather than trying to move the chains and run out the clock.

    The coach played to lose and got what he wanted.

  15. We need to cut O’Brien a little slack but not too much. Up until this year he hasn’t had much to work with. He’s still learning how to use good talent in the NFL. AND…his team did score 38 points on the best defense in the league, despite the 3 picks. That’s progress!

  16. Watson’s Pick 6 was Schaubesque.
    He is a great talent and has a bright future but needs to remember NFL DBs are faster and smarter than most of their counterparts in College.

    Now address the defense.

  17. Remember a few years back when Belichick went for it on 4th and 2 on his own 28? Bold, aggressive call. Didn’t work, so of course he got crucified for it by the national media.

  18. Gutless play calling on 3rd down. We all knew he would say “it’s on me”, he says the same every time the Texans lose. It’s old and we’re tired of hearing it.

    Defensive players were obviously clueless on the play calling on the last two play. Why not wait until Seattle come to the line, then call timeout. I know the thinking is that you’re giving Seattle a chance to call a play, but if the option is to walk through your zone and score, it’s worth the risk. Exact same loss as New England. If it’s on you again Bill, you should get your walking papers.

  19. bayousooner90 says:
    October 30, 2017 at 11:53 am
    Watson’s Pick 6 was Schaubesque.
    He is a great talent and has a bright future but needs to remember NFL DBs are faster and smarter than most of their counterparts in College.
    Any pick-6 is like Schaub, or Brady, or Rodgers, etc. It’s either a good play by the defense or bad pass by the QB. The first Sherman pick was a terrible play, the last a Hail Mary. The pick 6 was a good DB play.

  20. Dude, you didn’t learn from the NE game? SMH…it’s a shame when you can sit from your armchair and make a better call.

  21. If O’Brien wants to win games, he’s going to have to put his trust-all of it-in DeShaun Watson. The kid is miles ahead of other rookie QB’s. I would rather do that than run it 3 times, play it safe and have to give the ball back to Russell Wilson with a minute and change left. That’s an eternity for him. At least O’Brien owned it. I’ll give him that.

  22. He choked – plain and simple. When you’re not used to winning and have no experience with winning you simply don’t know how to win or have the guts to make the decisions that will result in winning.That’s Bill O’Brien. The Texans, even with talented, young QB, will never accomplish anything with O’Brien at the helm.

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