Bucs fans begin to clamor for Jon Gruden

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The expectations were high in Tampa this year. And that’s only making the 2-5 start to the season seem even worse.

It’s gotten to the point where, as noted by JoeBucsFan.com, fans leaving the Raymond James Stadium after the Week Eight loss to the Panthers were chanting “Gruden.” As in former Bucs head coach Jon Gruden. As in former Bucs head coach Jon Gruden who three months ago mused in a podcast with PewterReport.com about returning to coach. As in former Bucs head coach Jon Gruden who will be in Tampa on a Monday night in December to enter the team’s Ring of Honor.

It’s unclear whether the Buccaneers would bring back the man they fired nearly nine years ago, in a surprise move that had all the earmarks of an inside job, with assistant coach Raheem Morris and front-office employee Mark Dominik were lined up in advance to quickly replace Gruden and G.M. Bruce Allen, respectively. First, the Bucs would have to decide to fire Dirk Koetter.

But from Tony Dungy to Jon Gruden to Raheem Morris to Greg Sciano to Lovie Smith, it’s become clear that the Buccaneers have no qualms about changing coaches in order to make the team better. Most recently, the Bucs quickly dumped Smith after only three years, elevating his offensive coordinator to the top job. Right now, the team isn’t good enough under Koetter, especially not in relation to where many thought it would be.

Whether that means a return from Gruden is one thing. Whether it means that Koetter is getting close to getting canned is another.

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  1. The defense can’t defend a 3rd and 10 to save their lives! and Winston is going to have a shoulder sprain for the rest of the season lol 7-9 at best

  2. It was evident from Hard Knocks that they had bought into the hype and thought they were all that. Every year there is at least one team that’s sposed to be a super bowl contender that ends up sucking.

  3. Most times, it’s better to have the memories of past glory than, tarnish those memories with current defeat. I don’t see a Gruden return as a remote possibility. If it happens, I don’t see it ending well.

  4. I knew this team would be a let down during Hard Knocks. If you’re not a dominant team, you’ll be in a number of close games. With the fg kicking issues they were bound to be a 7 win team.

  5. NOT a chance. He’s making 8.5m to talk football with no real chance to get fired. Call that at least another 85m in earnings minimum. And he’s going to trade that for insecurity, risk of tarnishing his image and year round work. NO WAY

  6. While I agree that the powers that be have no qualms about replacing coaches, they certainly haven’t gotten better by doing so.

  7. Ownership needs to find a good general manager and a great coach, then leave them to do the things they know how to do best… Manage the team and coach, stop micro managing the GM and Head Coach…

  8. I can assure you that most of us do not want him back.

    What we want is to get some players that can rush the QB or cover wide receivers. And for our defense to occasionally stop someone on 3rd down.

    It’s a hugely disappointing season so far, but it’s not time to blow it up yet. Outside of last game, where Winston played through a shoulder injury, the offense has been better than expected. What nobody expected was that the defense would be this bad. It may be time to fire Mike Smith, but I don’t see how you fire Koetter… yet.

  9. High expectation by the media and some fans that bought into it… They were over-hyped like their defense and their qb… Many commented foreseeing the Bucs would not live up to the hype…

    Funny thing is, many want a new head coach but by into Winston as their qb… Many head coaches want to pick their own qb not hand-me-downs from the last staff…

  10. “Great choice, this guy here I can’t say enough good things about. He is out there every play hustling, getting after it, really just a great coach in a league of great coaches. Top notch.” — Jon Gruden

  11. electricboogalo says:
    October 30, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    Give me a break. That was Dungy’s team that Gruden walked into and won a superbowl.
    I understand the reason for this very popular argument, but he faced the Raiders in the Super Bowl. The team he coached the year previous. Gruden had the juice then. Don’t know if he does now. Keyshawn Johnson called him a “used car salesman”. Keyshawn is an idiot, but he sure does sound like he’s trying to get you to buy a broken down Volvo on MNF.

  12. Not keeping Jon Gruden was the biggest mistake Al Davis ever made. I was a lifelong Raiders fan but I was cheering for the Bucs in the Super Bowl because of the way Al treated Gruden. I’m not sure Jon Gruden wants to deal with many of these Diva’s that are in the NFL today. The players just feel this overwhelming sense of entitlement now days. They kneel to insult something I hold near and dear and do stupid things on the field that would have players in the past CUT from the roster. I really like Jon Gruden but if he’s making good money and happy right now I would have no idea why he would return to THIS NFL. The NFL I knew and Loved is turning into something I want nothing to do with.

  13. electricboogalo says:
    That was Dungy’s team that Gruden walked into and won a superbowl.
    1/2 correct, it was Dungys team that Dungy couldn't get to the Super Bowl. Gruden Did !
    That's why TD got canned.

  14. I’d rather see them bring back John Lynch and Mike Alstot. Those two guys were the best Tampa ever had.

  15. I think a 2nd Gruden HC stint in Tampa would work out as well for the Bucs as Art Shell’s 2nd stint as HC did for the Raiders. And as a Raiders fan, I never wanted Gruden back in Oakland when the rumors were swirling a few years back.

  16. There was an assumption being made or a level of expectation set that Winston was going to rise into that upper echelon of quarterbacks this year. For whatever reason, injury or otherwise, he seems to have regressed.

  17. We do not want Gruden back, we want Koetter to give up play calling duties and get BOTH sides of the ball prepared to play. It’s amazing how one side is always severely under prepared, that’s on the head coach.

  18. I don’t think Gruden’s musings will go much farther than that. He has a cushy TV job that requires a significantly smaller time commitment than an NFL head coach has to make, for as much or more than he’d make as a coach. The appeal of returning to coach would wear off very quickly when faced with the grind he would have to go through as compared to the TV job.

  19. Michael LaRocca, Technical Editor says:
    October 30, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    The people in Tampa need to shut up and drink their Coronas. They’ve got a better coach than Gruden ever was.

    Not sure about that, actually I am sure Dirk Koetter is not a better coach than Gruden was, but I do agree that Gruden is not the answer.

  20. Anybody saying ti was Dungy’s team needs to do some research on the changes Gruden made when he got there.

    Twenty-seven players were on the championship team that did not finish the 2001 season with Dungy. Players such as Michael Pittman, Joe Jurevicius, Keenan McCardell and others.

    If it had been Dungy’s team they never would’ve won the Super Bowl.

    (facts are your friends)

  21. rondayne says:
    October 30, 2017 at 6:42 pm
    I’ll donate $20 if it means I don’t have to hear him in the booth anymore

    Mr. Dayne, THANK YOU! And I’ll up the ante to $50! 🙂

  22. I think one of Tampa’s biggest issues is Winston’s inconsistent play at QB. He’s got accuracy and decision-making issues. Can any coach fix that? It’s not all on him,but it’s a big part of the problem.

  23. Gruden will patrol the sidelines again in Tampa, I would bet on that, either next year or the following, book it

  24. The Bears and the Buccaneers both had a great coach in Lovie Smith. They both decided that they could do better with someone with far less experience and no track record of success. How did that work out for them?

    At this point, I am hoping my team hires Lovie.

  25. He was fired after a 9-7 season.

    Art Shell was fired by Oakland after a 9-7 season and Al Davis later admitted it was a mistake. He rehired Shell almost 10 years later, but after a 2-14 season, fired Shell again.

  26. Offensively, the Bucs need to run the ball more!!!! It’s really that simple!!! The run ought to be used to set up the pass. If that were the case, it would freeze the linebackers for a second or two and you could go downfield on deeper routes. When you can know that it’s going to be a pass, more than not, they sit back in coverage and get ’em. Plus, the offensive line is not doing it’s job enough for Jameis to have the time he needs.

    Defensively, the Bucs need some major help in their pass rush and their defensive secondary. Too many big plays down field and too little pressure. The linebackers need to be able to blitz more to put pressure on the QB, especially in obvious passing situations.

    I think Koetter should be given another year, but Mike Smith is waiting there in case he falters.

  27. I always love the “Gruden won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s players” comments.

    Do you know who didn’t win a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s players?

    The answer: Tony Dungy

  28. Everyone knew going into the season that the defense was suspect. But there are too many first round picks, money, and talent on that offense to keep regressing like they are. Coaching is becoming an obvious problem there. The playcalling is bad. And Koetter is starting to lose the locker room. I don’t know about the Gruden stuff, but if Koetter doesn’t turn it around quick, he’s toast.

  29. For the Lovie fans out there, he couldn’t make an in game adjustment if his life depended on it. That’s why he’s gone.
    Koetter has come out at least twice in recent post game press conferences and took the blame for the team being unprepared. While I admire that he doesn’t throw his players under the bus, that can’t bode well for continued employment after the season.
    Where the hell is Jason Licht? He is doing nothing when it comes to the rash of injuries and ineffective play of the defense. He should be another “dead man walking” along with Dirk and Mike Smith.

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