Greg Olsen begins comeback, expects to play again next month

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The Panthers have struggled to find an identity on offense this season, which should be #asexpected since they lost their most consistent player.

But the good news is, they could be getting Greg Olsen back on the field in the next month.

Via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Olsen tested his surgically repaired foot Monday, what they hope is a first step toward a return.

“We didn’t do much. Just kind of went outside and moved around a little bit,” Olsen said of his work with the team’s athletic training staff. “I think as the rest of the week goes and the next couple of weeks we’ll just kind of progress based on how it feels and how it responds. But so far we’re feeling pretty positive about what we’ve been able to do.”

The Panthers put Olsen on injured reserve on Sept. 19, after he broke a bone in his right foot against the Bills in Week Two. He’s eligible to start practicing now, but they’re going to work him back gradually. The hope is that he can play on Nov. 26 against the Jets.

“If I didn’t play this year I’d be very surprised,” he said. “But nothing’s guaranteed in this league.”

For the last three years, 1,000-yard seasons were for Olsen, as he was the first tight end in league history to pull that off.

Backup Ed Dickson had a great game against the Lions (175 yards), but they’ve struggled without a reliable downfield threat. There’s also the matter he’s one of four team captains to miss time with injuries this year, which might help explain their uneven performances.