Jack Del Rio “can’t answer” why Raiders offense went away from big plays

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The Raiders snapped a four-game losing streak against the Chiefs in Week Seven and they did it by hitting on several big plays on offense in a 31-30 victory.

It looked like they’d be following a similar blueprint against the Bills when Sunday’s game got underway. They drove 81 yards for a touchdown and made four passing plays of at least 10 yards on their way to the end zone, but that proved to be the exception and not the rule for the unit in Buffalo.

Derek Carr threw for 72 yards on that drive, but was 12-of-19 for 107 yards in the first three quarters after that and the Bills would score the next 27 points on their way to a 34-14 victory. After the game, Raiders coach Jack Del Rio was asked why the offense shifted gears.

“I can’t answer to that,” Del Rio said, via the East Bay Times. “I wasn’t — nobody was saying, ‘Don’t take a shot’ — I can’t speak to that right now.”

Del Rio didn’t go into depth when asked if he wanted to see a different offensive approach, but did note that four turnovers — three on offense and one on a punt return — wound up doing a lot of damage. There’s no question that turning the ball over didn’t help, but running 12 plays for 65 yards on the three drives after the opening touchdown didn’t do much to press any advantage the Raiders might have had on offense.

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  1. It’s easy to explain why this happened, the Bills wanted it more and their defense is for real.

  2. “Jack Del Rio ‘can’t answer’ why Raiders offense went away from big plays.” I dunno, I kind of think that the head coach should know why his team did or did not do something. That’s the whole point of being the head coach.

  3. It is time they give the responsibility of play calling to Carr. The current OC is horrible. There is NO WAY a team that got better on offense during the off season…and was ALREADY good, could turn this bad. That falls on the OC, plain and simple.

  4. This site has so much trouble giving the Bills any props. The Bills out hit them. They wanted it more. Idk why everyone loves Crabtree… hit him a few times and he takes himself out of the game.
    Tre white is making them look smart for not resigning Gilmore

  5. Oakland’s Super Bowl was The Chiefs game last Thursday. The Chiefs have been a thorn for the Raiders for awhile now. While the Raiders did play well in the Chiefs victory, they have met their goal for the season now. It’s a good thing the media doesn’t determine the Super Bowl. Why do you think they are called the Faiders?

  6. Offensively McKenzie & Del Rio should’ve kept what was working for the 2 previous years which means they should’ve re-signed both Musgrave and Latavius Murray. Adding a washed up cancer like Lynch was detrimental to say the least but that was forced upon the coaches by the owner as a publicity stunt so that’s all on Son-of-Al.

    Defensively, they should’ve got rid of Norton and signed a proven DC like Wade Phillips. I think the personnel improved but the defensive play calling is terrible. Zero interceptions through 8 games is absolutely inexcusable.

    I have to blame the coaching staff for not getting the players to focus on working hard rather than letting them buy into the offseason media hype surrounding the Raiders. And as mentioned above, adding Lynch created a circus atmosphere which was the last thing a young team needed.

  7. Bills played tough and are a good team. But given the weapons the Raiders have on offense, they should have easily put up 24-28 points…especially with 2 guys out in the Bills secondary. Problem is the Offensive coordinator. He refuses to call play action. He rarely runs behind the strength of the O-line (left side) like they did last year. He calls dink and dunk passing plays, taking what the D gives him, rather than attacking with his team’s strengths. He’s a first time O-coordinator and is clearly in over his head. That said, the Bills D forced turnovers and kept everything in front of them. They get kudos for that, too.

  8. nhpats says:
    October 30, 2017 at 9:08 am
    Remember all summer when delusional Raders’ fans were anointing the Raiders as AFC champions?
    I’m a Patriots fan too and too many Patriots fans were talking about going undefeated as well and the team right now is decimated with injuries. I’ll give the Bills some credit this season. They have caught up to and passed Miami, at least for now.

  9. Ask Rex Ryan…. Del Rio is like Ryan without all the flash, purely Defense minded head coach, stays away from the offense stuff, just like he did in Jax.
    scrimshawturtle says:
    October 30, 2017 at 9:07 am
    “Jack Del Rio ‘can’t answer’ why Raiders offense went away from big plays.” I dunno, I kind of think that the head coach should know why his team did or did not do something. That’s the whole point of being the head coach.

  10. The Raiders need to open up their offense and use more no huddle. No huddle with the weapons they have on offense and Carr’s quick release would be hard for other defenses to stop. I agree with the previous post talking about the circus that Lynch brings, never should have signed him, should’ve drafted a back instead to pound the ball. The defense has kept them in games until late but seem to wear down when t offense is struggling. Just one of those years. Still a young team on the rise still learning, last yea thy could’ve easily been 8-8 with all the close games they pulled out.

  11. When they leave for Las Vegas they’ll do better……..in a near empty stadium. The NFL has to stop betraying fan bases by relocating teams around. The Charger fiasco is the ultimate test case. A new stadium will bring ‘curious’ fans. A new stadium with a losing team will be empty.

  12. The Raiders snapped a four-game losing streak against the Chiefs in Week Seven and they did it by hitting on several big plays and two extra plays after time expired in a 31-30 victory.

  13. Don’t be surprised. He acted this way near the end of his run at Jacksonville, shifting blame instead of just owning it.

  14. This team appears to be far too comfortable with talking big and playing mediocre, inconsistent football. This applies to the coaches too. Marshawn seems to be the leader now in regards to maturity and professionalism.

  15. Carr is a decent QB but he is NOT top tier. The media hype is what made him get that huge contract. People were saying the Raiders were going to wipe out the AFC this season. They will be lucky to make the playoffs and even break 500.

  16. This is what we’ll be reading next year when teams figure out Watson. From “best young QB” to “he’s okay” in just a few games. The media is so quick to anoint the next great that and those were; RG3, Winston, Carr, Newton, etc were all supposed to be HOF by now but each is mediocre at best. Now it’s Watson and Wentz and people are already anointing them.

    Can we give them 3 years before we say they’re great please?

  17. The offense has taken a step back with the loss of Musgrave. Lynch has proven to be a downgrade from Murray and really more of a spectacle than anything else. More of a “hey look over here we have Oaklands own Beast mode now” signing than a legit RB signing. Lynch also seems to be into this more for his own attention than playing football again. The defense was always a liability even last year. Ken Norton should have been canned after last year, but they kept him anyway probably thinking the offense would mask his crappy defense.

    So now they have a mediocre-below average offense and a bad defense. They will be lucky to finish .500.

  18. Couldn’t have anything to do with A.) the rain, B.) the coverage, C.) the pass rush, or D.) the playcalling? I mean, take your pick, you have plenty of reasons. The Bills secondary adapted after that first drive, you know, like good teams are supposed to. It doesn’t help that Oakland has zero rushing attack. But, hey, the raiders beat themselves by losing by 20, had nothing to do with other team on the field.

  19. there are 3 types of head coaches in the nfl….those who make it happen, those who wait for it to happen, and those who say,”duh” what happened????

  20. Raiders can not run the ball. team not on same page, some players going through motions. Donald penn slaps his helmet three times yesterday, like he is saying get it donald
    Always something with this team

  21. As a Raider fan, I hated when people talked about the Raiders and the super bowl in the off season. Congrats Buffalo on a well deserved win against a team that has lost its identity. But let’s not get it twisted, you beat a Raiders team that played like crap. Some of it was because of Buffalo, some of it was because of the many issues the Raiders have yet to address. Enjoy the win, and reserve your talk about how great your team is at the end of the season. You have a decent challenge in front of you before you can thump your chest, how about getting that 0-4 Super Bowl stank off of you.

  22. But… but.. but… the Raiders will win the AFC West and go to the Super Bowl.. right Raiders fans?


  23. Overall, the Raiders have been hot garbage for decades. This will not play well in Vegas. I see the Raiders in Mexico City in 10 years. Bring the tarps just in case.

  24. I’m still confused as to why Norton is still employed by the Raiders. With that said, it makes completely no sense why the old OC was not retained when the offense was ranked 6th overall last year. Lynch is washed up but even worse he’s a locker room cancer. Norton and Lynch both need to be on the next ride out of town.

  25. boltson says:
    October 30, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Raiders fans: “Oh no, we suck again!”


    Just like your Chargers with the same identical record. But at least one of us can take consolation in past (albeit long ago) championship glory. It ain’t your team, but maybe one day the Bolts will get it right.

  26. Well Jack, you better figure it out.

    This team is underachieving by a mile and that’s usually a coaching issue.

  27. They lost to the Bills because they’re a bottom 5 team in the NFL. They haven’t even started the hard part of their schedule. 10 losses at a minimum.

  28. Conley should have gotten his walking papers when they found out about his mis-deeds. You don’t expect to have good karma when your number one draft pick is arrested. Reggie might not get the blame for this year but he can’t afford to have another mediocre draft.

  29. The Raiders need to stop running the ball on 1st down all the time! The Raiders run the Screen Pass too much during the game that it never ever works. The Raiders need to play like they did against KC all the time that they were attracting the whole game that the offense could have done more! The Raiders were too conservative Sunday that they had ever chance in this world to put that game away in the 1st half. The Raiders should never ever be satisfy with a 7 point lead! T.J. Carrie should play corner not nickle. T.J. Carrie gets burned all the time on chasing guys over the middle for a short pass that it is hard to defend. T.J. Carrie does a good job projecting the corners. McDonald is terrible playing CB that he get burns all the time. The Raiders need to learn how to stop running teams! The Raiders have no business losing to teams that have weak offense! Every team the Raiders lost to this year has had a weak offense! There are three teams on the Raiders schedule that have aggressive offense they are the Pats, Chefs and Eagles. This 3-5 record is a disgrace! The Raiders need to be in attack mode on offense the rest of the season that they are using play action and doing more flee flickers. There is no rule that you cannot do a flee flicker more than once in a game or every drive if you wanted to.

  30. Del Rio announced today at his presser that “we need to get our mojo back.” That’s it. What an awesome head coach! This team is so checked out it’s not even funny. They have quit.

  31. Like I’ve said..he’s a DC and not even a great one! Great motivator and guy to turn culture around…but Davis loves loyalty. Jumped the gun on his extension. Who cares if teams are 3-14 when attempting 50+, but most teams don’t have a cook, Cooper, Crabtree, Roberts, Walford, Lee, Holton, Richard, or Washington and an oliwal or qb like Carr. Plus it worked for NE last year and

  32. I am a Raiders fan and the problem with them is the OC Todd Downey – he has destroyed the season for the raiders! He should be the first to go! I feel the offense plays well it helps the defense. If not then the defense gets tired and then exposed! Go Raiders!

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