Jerry Jones: Extra consideration of Goodell extension “shouldn’t surprise anybody”

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A report from ESPN put Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in the lead of a push to halt progress on a contract extension for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and led to questions for Jones about what’s going on after the Cowboys won on Sunday.

Jones, who was added to the NFL’s Compensation Committee on an ad hoc basis, didn’t share his views about Goodell’s extension. He did say he “wouldn’t get into the nuances” of what was said on a recent conference call involving 17 team owners but that there’s nothing unusual about the way the process is being handled.

“I wouldn’t at all comment regarding that status,” Jones said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “As you know, I’m … very much involved in the dialogue that goes on with the contract. I’m not on the committee per se. But we make the commissioner in the NFL the most powerful person that I know of as to the organization and his constituency. So it’s a big deal when we not only hire him but when we extend him. That has a lot of consideration to it. It shouldn’t surprise anybody.”

Jones was part of a unanimous vote in May that gave the green light to negotiate a new contract with Goodell. Any attempt to block it now would take 24 owners agreeing not to move forward with a deal.

25 responses to “Jerry Jones: Extra consideration of Goodell extension “shouldn’t surprise anybody”

  1. Goodell is a cancer for the NFL. If they extend that bozos contract, he will just continue to fly the plane into the mountain.

  2. Goodell for all the good he done grwoing revenue to record highs. Has screwed the NFL multiple times. He continues to let the players run the NFL with this kneeling crap when it is hurting the NFL ratings and bottom line. He has to go.

  3. According to what I can find Goodell has made around $212 million since taking over in 2006. Hey Jerry – bye bye. Who wants this gig now. Owners blame you for a boring product and loss of fans due to a changing landscape. You have to try and deal with the tensions between the owners and players and the anger of some fans. Lots of no win situations. I’d ask them to Cut me a nice $50 million golden parachute payment and out the door I would go. Why stick around and put up with his crap..

  4. I think its more that there is an extension being considered at all is what is surprising. That they are giving extra consideration before proceeding is not surprising at all.

  5. I think the NFL can get a smarter commissioner who has a clue about how to project a positive league image and an effective pro-active public relations strategy. Goodell’s attacks on players, teams, kangaroo court of discipline, and his cozy relationship with NY based teams has reached a point where he has to be replaced.

  6. RegisHawk says:
    October 30, 2017 at 11:54 am
    Jerry says he doesn’t like the prisoners running the asylum.
    Except he wouldn’t pander to the inmates as McNair did.

  7. He’s done a good job as the comish for the owners. They take turns whispering in his ear and getting pissed when the focus of his punishment is on their teams. However he has kept the focus on him and taken on some big stars in the game. Not to mention getting that sweet deal with the players.

    Other then the money, fame and appearance of power its a pretty horrible job. You have 32 bosses who are competing, every decision you make pisses off a fan base, some players and/or some owners and you have very limited authority thanks to the fact you don’t really run the league and that players are governed by the labor deal.

    Goodell the Powerful is basically Keyser Söze

  8. Consequently, this proves all of the “Goodell only does what the owners tell him to do” bozos completely wrong.

  9. Personally I think Jerry Jones is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, hypocrites, of all the NFL owners. He sat back as Goodell handed out punishment for Bounty-gate and ‘Deflategate’ but now that the shoe is on the other foot he is questioning the commissioner’s abilities.

  10. You go Jerry!!! Ole Rog is KILLING the NFL and doesn’t have the stones to lead, frankly….

  11. Jerry was just Fine watching other teams get punished for nothing. Now one of his criminals gets suspended for allegedly beating a woman and something has to be done. Elliot should be suspended and then they can work on a replacement for Roger.

  12. Jerry understands what the problem(s) are and has bigger stones than Goodell and the majority of other owners. Goodell’s not stopping the SJW cancer from spreading. This was slow in coming, but better than never.

  13. The league needs to set up a seperate discipline committee /procedure. The Commisioner is put in a no win situation.
    Most of the criticism comes from discipline issues. He has done good job on the business side.

  14. Goodell is awful at his job. Is there a single incident he’s handled correctly?

    He is mishandling the anthem issue. It’s like deflate-gate. He allowed a small issue to balloon into something huge. He should have told Brady he was fined for deflating, and suspended for 1 game for lying an deestroying his phone. End of story. But he let it be about temperature and gas laws and whatever when that was not the real issue.

    Same with these protests. You step in right whenit happens and say, this is not a free speech issue. You are at work on gameday. You must at least stand for the anthem as is in the rules. You are employees. You can say anything you like to reporters later or on social media, but when you are on the clock, standing for the anthem is the rule.

    His weak responses to everything is what leads to things getting out of hand. He is more concerned with people saying mean things about him than in doing what is best for the league, IE, his job.

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