Jimmy Garoppolo will be expensive, but 49ers have the cap space

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Technically, Jimmy Garoppolo adds nothing to the 49ers’ 2018 salary cap because his contract expires after the 2017 season. But in reality, the 49ers have just made a trade that will add a significant cap hit in 2018.

The 49ers wouldn’t have traded a second-round pick for Garoppolo if they didn’t either already have an understanding with him about what it would take to get him signed to a long-term contract, or have plans to put the franchise tag on him in March. The franchise tag would guarantee him a 2018 salary of somewhere around $25 million, so he’d be crazy to sign for anything less than $25 million up front. One way or the other, Garoppolo is going to be a very rich man within the next five months.

And the high second-round pick the 49ers just gave up for Garoppolo would be an inexpensive player: One of the reasons those picks are valuable is that a high second-round pick only costs a little more than $1 million against the salary cap. So the 49ers just traded an inexpensive asset for an expensive asset.

The good news for the 49ers is they have the cap space: According to Spotrac, the 49ers have more than $50 million in cap space in 2018, the third-most in the NFL, despite having 48 players under contract for 2018, the second-most in the NFL. Some people thought the 49ers were saving up cap space so they’d be able to afford Kirk Cousins. As it turned out, they were saving up because they’re going to pay Garoppolo a lot of money next year.

37 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo will be expensive, but 49ers have the cap space

  1. Hats off to Lynch and Kyle. They had a very good draft, got some good players and now got a QB and still kept their 1st Rd pick. They likey would have either spent one of their first 2 Rd picks on a QB or overspent for cousins anyway.

    They are really building a good team, they will be fighting the Rams for first place in that division for a while.

  2. As Kyle Shanahan welcomes Jimmy to the 49ers and hands Garapolo his new 49ers playbook, Jimmy says “No need coach Shanahan, i stil have a copy of your Falcons playbook on my Ipad from last year’s Super Bowl and it already has notes in it.

  3. “The 49ers wouldn’t have traded a second-round pick for Garoppolo if they didn’t either already have an understanding with him…”

    The Browns would have…

  4. .
    Don’t be surprised if this move by the Patriots leads to another trade. It seems like they made a deal that they easily could have made at season’s end, but instead chose to do it on the day before the trade deadline.

    The Patriots did Garopollo a huge favor by not trading him to Cleveland. Of all the QB desperate teams, the 49ers were his best option.

  5. Time will tell whether NE or SF won this trade, or both. Or neither.

    But JG is already a winner here.

  6. This is a surprise, and puts a big hurt on the leverage Cousins has… …will be interesting to see how the off-season plays out with the Redskins, now!

  7. By definition, no one should ever criticize any Bill Belichick decision, because over a long period of time he has been proven correct more often than anyone else in the NFL. He knows what Jimmy Garoppolo can do and he also knows his precise worth. However, this trade seems a big risk to let him go and you are betting big that Brady can hold up without injury. Another Super Bowl ring is still there for the taking.

  8. The Niners can now trade the #2 pick in the draft for a small ransom. They will get another first and at least another 2nd. So, in effect, they trust this guy who has been coached by BB under TB for 3 years, have to pay the man, get their draft pick back, plus some more draft picks.

    The only downside, is the cost of Garopollo if he is not good. If he’s good and the Niners parlay that 2nd pick into some cheap talent to offset JG, then it’s a huge win over rolling the dice on a college QB and less draft picks.

    The Browns will trade the #1 pick again and whoever the 2nd best rated QB will be traded by the Niners.

  9. Jimmy G is the real deal. BB wanted him out of the AFC if he wasn’t staying in NE.

    Of all the teams in the NFL that could swallow the Kraepernick fiasco with just a mild burp, it would be New England and BB, but the thought of them doing the NFL that favor makes me sick to my stomach. I sure hope that isn’t the case here. If it is, it would be ironic he’d have to don The Red White and Blue EVERY Sunday as a meber of THE PATRIOTS.

  10. I know they can’t express it, but when these situations happen, I wonder how these players really feel that go from teams on top of the league to a team at the very bottom!

  11. great move by the 49ers–they have the rest of the season to evaluate Jimmy G before committing big money to him– great situation for Jimmy with a stable GM and a proven QB oriented coach— great for the Pats since Brady was going nowhere and Jimmy G will not be in the AFC to haunt them

  12. Please do not over spend on this guy… he needs to prove he can operate outside NE. With that said, there is not enough time this year to prove anything… Never dreamed I would say this but I hope he gets a nice signing bonus a and 15-17 mil, to keep us with space to build…

  13. Why do people think this guy is Cassel or Mallet? You’d almost think it’s just a lazy comparison and they don’t realize Jimmy was a better prospect than those 2 coming out of the draft.

  14. Wow…9ers got an insane deal. People from the north burbs of Chicago succeed- it’s what we do. Can’t believe they only had to give up a 2nd…back in April the pats could have gotten 2 firsts. Maybe BB is starting to show signs of aging

  15. Good gamble by 49ers. Give him a 8 game tryout, if he works out, he will be worth tagging, if not you cut him and only lose a low 2 rounder.

  16. NBCsportsWillDeleteThisCommentAnyway… says:
    October 30, 2017 at 11:49 pm
    please explain how they easily could have made this deal at the end of the year when his contract would be up?

    They could tag him and still get a second but then they could not have been sure of getting a very high second or guaranteed he’d end up in the NFC

  17. Curious to see how Garrapolo plays out, he has all the leverage. Worse case he gets franchised, though I think he gets a big guaranteed deal before he pulls a Cassel on them.

  18. They are really building a good team, they will be fighting the Rams for first place in that division for a while.

    Haha good one I see what you did there.

    As long as Russell Wilson is in Seattle they will be in the way. You know this. The Rams were reminded of this fact 3 weeks ago at home in case they were thinking the same thing.

    Don’t look now the Seahawks have added a left tackle to protect Russell’s Blindside finally. And that’s after beating the Rams in LA without one.

  19. Good Luck Jimmy G. Wish you well and hope you tear up the competition in that division. Sad to see you go but for us Pats fans it’s back to “In Bill We Trust”.

  20. “Looks at list of former Pats backup QBs after they left the team”… Matt Cassel…Ryan Mallet…Brian Hoyer…. yeah this is going to go well.

  21. The fact remains that he has not proven himself over a full season, and it would be unlikely that other teams would offer him a big contract after the Brock Osweiler debacle.

  22. Will Jimmy G be able to withstand the Seahawks hard-hitting defense at least two games every year? In 2016, he wasn’t even able to finish 2 full games before he was out with an injury?

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