Pete Carroll cites Jadeveon Clowney as the reason the Seahawks couldn’t run the ball


Texans defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is known primarily as a pass rusher, but the Seahawks found out the hard way on Sunday that Clowney can be a handful in the run game as well.

Although quarterback Russell Wilson ran the ball effectively, when Wilson handed off the Seahawks couldn’t get anything going at all: Seattle finished with 17 carries for just three yards on Wilson’s handoffs. Asked on 710 ESPN what the problem was, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said the Seahawks struggled to block Clowney.

“We whiffed on 90. We really didn’t handle him like we thought we would. He was on fire,” Carroll said.

Carroll said the Seahawks hoped they could catch Clowney off balance because sometimes great pass rushers over-pursue and get beaten in the run game, but it didn’t work out that way.

“We thought we would catch him and we didn’t. So it was a really hard day,” Carroll said.

Although Clowney did not make the immediate impact some expected as the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft, he has developed into one of the most impressive defensive players in the NFL. He turned out to be even better than the Seahawks were expecting.

25 responses to “Pete Carroll cites Jadeveon Clowney as the reason the Seahawks couldn’t run the ball

  1. He really is a stud. I remember the constant calls of “bust” and “made of glass” and only had one play in college here on PFT. Got healthy and some experience and now just a friggin’ monster and as noted, excellent run stopper….

  2. No, their running backs are not good; their offense is lucky and they run the same rub routes everytime. Bill O’Brien protested at the incorrect time yesterday….

  3. The Texans had no pass rush most of the 2nd half which is supposed to their strength. Not trying to get a 1st down and giving thae ball back to Wilson was beyond stupid with the way they were playing defense.

  4. dvdman123 says:
    Oh please, it’s because the Seahawks have no offensive line.
    Huh. They had a good enough offensive line to generate 452 passing yards and 34 points.

  5. Anybody who thinks Clowney stinks needs to stop giving opinions on football. Even referring to him to a bust compared to the expectations shows a lack of knowledge on the sport in general. Dude is a beast against the run and a heckuva pass rusher and playmaker.

  6. “17 carries for just three yards on Wilson’s handoffs.”

    That is just BRUTAL! Between Bevell and Cable they NEED to figure this out….and soon!

  7. Uh, you couldn’t run to the other side?

    No no you aren’t understanding at all. Picture an offensive lineman completely falling down wiffing on his block so that a defensive lineman runs straight to the point of hand off.

    Clowney could have almost received the handoff several times and it doesn’t matter which direction anyone was going, the Seahawks were lucky to not fumble. There were plays where it looked like a screenplay…where all the lineman let their guys go right by as a ruse…but it wasn’t a screenplay it was a diveplay. It was that ugly.

    Eventually they just gave up trying to run and turned Russell loose.

  8. officialgame says:
    October 30, 2017 at 3:32 pm
    The Texans had no pass rush most of the 2nd half which is supposed to their strength.
    Maybe losing Watt and Mercilus slowed down their pass rush? Just guessing! And, Wilson is not an easy sack.

  9. How the heck did Rawls run directly into their linebacker at the 3 and not glance off forward for a 1st down?? That was the worst 2nd down run inside the 10 ive seen in years. He followed it up with a horrible attempt to catch a wide open TD. Rawls has gotta be benched. Come on Schneider….trade for a running back and Prosise man up!

  10. Clowney was a monster yesterday. Our O-line is terrible, and the back-up LT we have playing is well below average – – but he doesn’t usually look as bad as he did yesterday. Clowney was in our backfield all day. If Russell wasn’t a magician back there, there’d be many more sacks too.

  11. Clowney, Myles Garrett, and Joey Bosa are 3 of the best defensive ends to come into the league in a long time. Clowney might have the most freakish talent. Time will tell which one has the best career, but I expect all three to be HOFers.

  12. I’m not sure what it is but I think if Clowney was a little more focused ALL THE TIME, he would be a monster. I’m not saying he takes plays off but when he is ON … he’s a nightmare. If he ever gets 100% focused on every play look the hell out.

  13. I wonder if he can play DB as well. We’re going nowhere with this secondary. Our games will be worth watching though, since they’ll be 43-40.

  14. dvdman123 says:
    October 30, 2017 at 3:19 pm
    Oh please, it’s because the Seahawks have no offensive line.


    Has every other team they’ve played in the last 1.5 seasons also had no offensive line? If you haven’t been paying attention, he’s been a top 3 edge defender vs the run for a year and a half now.

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