Report: Some with Jets lament not trading back up for Deshaun Watson


Over the years, we’ve heard various personnel executives talk about how much they liked Tom Brady coming out of Michigan with former Colts General Manager Bill Polian going so far as saying that he had a first-round grade on Brady.

It is hard to believe that Polian, who understands the value of a franchise quarterback quite well, would have repeatedly passed on Brady if that was the case and it’s hard to believe he would have been there for the Patriots in the sixth round if other teams were also high on his ability. It’s much easier to believe that those who missed out on a star are revisiting and revising history to explain how they allowed it to happen.

The spectacular start to Deshaun Watson‘s career appears to be having the same effect. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that there are some around the Jets letting it be known that they were willing to trade back into the first round to take Watson after using the sixth overall pick on safety Jamal Adams. That would have been unnecessary if they just took Watson, of course, and the seriousness of that desire seems questionable beyond letting an opportunity to take Watson pass.

Per Mehta, those around the Jets were willing to trade their 2018 first-round pick and Muhammad Wilkerson to jump back up to take Watson. It’s difficult to imagine that Cleveland, who got the 25th overall pick and a 2018 first from Houston, would have taken Wilkerson’s massive contract at a point when they’ve been hoarding draft picks and just took Myles Garrett with the first overall pick.

It is equally difficult to believe that the Chargers, Panthers or Bengals — who picked 7th, 8th and 9th — would have made such a deal even if the Jets threw in other assets as part of the deal. Mehta reports that the Jets never made an offer, so that could be wrong but it still seems that the way the Jets were going to get Watson was by taking his sixth and their lack of conviction that he was the right guy at that spot can’t change because of how well Watson’s done in his first seven games.


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  1. Pump the brakes folks. Remember when a certain, now controversial, QB was lighting up the Packers on the way to a Super Bowl? Sample size.

  2. I think that Watson is a truly amazing QB and I am most certain that he will put a 50 burger on the Colts this weekend, but it’s also worth pointing out that the Texas’ OL was doing an amazing job giving him a lot of time in the pocket. Let’s see how he progresses and adjust to more pressure from defenses.

  3. Hindsight is 20/20. If you refer back to the info on these guys when they were approachng the draft it was not anywhere near as declarative as what the second guessers say now. And as mentioned above however nice his start has looked he still has a career to log before we put him in the HOF.

    As far as the talk on Brady. I knew Brady was the GOAT and a future HOF back when he was still in middle school. That or I am just talking out my backside. You can make your own guesses. It was easy enough to say that either way.

  4. Let’s not compare Watson to Kaep please. Watson is doing it with his arm first and looking to run second. He’s more in the Russell Wilson mold if you’re going to compare him to someone. Those teams who needed quarterbacks and passed on him (Niners) or didn’t move up (Cardinals), plus the aforementioned Jets, Browns, etc…will be regretting it for years to come.

  5. If Watson had gone to Browns, everyone would be talking how smart they are not drafting Watson – because Watson would be another cog in factory of sadness by now, like Kizer. Texans just have had bad luck at QB, but the Browns make their bad luck everywhere.

  6. Should I Be Offended by Redskins? says:
    October 30, 2017 at 1:16 pm
    Well, to be fair, Watson was kind of an unknown.

    I mean really, who watches the NCAA Championship? And it’s not like anyone who beats Alabama is worth a look.


    This! Watson looked great, albeit threw a bit more INT’s than one who’d hope. I told my friends who don’t pay attention that Watson looks to be the real deal, and you only need to watch the past two National Championships to see it. Not trying to sound prophetic, Watson just plays the best against the best. Has the “it” factor, combined with extreme athleticism, and appears to be a straight shooter. Good for Houston to draft him. Shame one the Browns, Niners and Jets who have an obvious need for a QB starter.

    Jags took Fournette, solid, but imagine if they had Watson and a productive duo of TJ Yeldon and Chris Ivory? With their newfound defense? Wow.

  7. I like Watson but this revisionist history is BS. If anyone actually knew he was hands down the best player, he would have gone #1. As is the case with any player, let’s see Deshaun prove it in back to back seasons before we crown him. That said he’s off to a historic start and looks to have a bright future

  8. kamthechancellor says:
    October 30, 2017 at 1:39 pm
    Let’s not compare Watson to Kaep please.


    Pretty sure the intent wasn’t to compare Watson to Kaep. The poster was saying that people should wait until Watson has more NFL-level experience under his belt before appointing him the best thing ever. Doesn’t seem unreasonable. The Kaep reference was an example of what happens when people rush to judgment based on limited information and then wind up being wrong.

  9. When I hear about all the personnel people who loved Tom Brady, and when I see how much a great QB means to a franchise, I wonder why the NFL doesn’t keep a secret data base on QB evaluations from all scouts. I mean, investment firms keep track of who’s investments went south and which ones went north. It would be a great resource for owners when they’re interviewing potential GM’s.

  10. Here’s a better question, and I ask this as a Jets fan: would Watson being having a year this good if he had gone to the Jets?

  11. Nothing like revisionist history, huh? “Now that we know how good he is, let’s make it known we wanted him.” If you thought he was going to be as good as he is, you would have moved heaven and earth to trade for him (or more simply would have just drafted him when you had the chance). You made a bad call and early returns look like it could cost you your job. I guess that’s why all these guys are coming out and saying they liked him, so that when owners start dropping the hammer on guys for passing on Watson they can say “But I said we should trade for him!”

  12. Agree with therealzeitgeist, there is no guarantee whatsoever that Watson would be having the same early impact had he gone to the Browns or the Jets, for instance.
    And after watching the Barrett kid from Ohio State dismantle Penn State this past Saturday, he reminds me a lot of Watson.

  13. therealjr says:
    October 30, 2017 at 1:20 pm
    Pump the brakes folks. Remember when a certain, now controversial, QB was lighting up the Packers on the way to a Super Bowl? Sample size.
    You’re going to need to be a little more specific. The Packers defense could get lit up by a high school QB. And yes, I am a Packers fan. I just understand that Capers is terrible.

  14. After watching Watson’s first game at Clemson when he was a Frosh I had him slated to go #1 overall in the 2017 draft. I was wrong, he didn’t go #1 but not as wrong as the people who get paid to evaluate talent and make picks. I have genius level IQ when it comes to football talent so I can’t expect those GMs and scouts to see what I see but I thought this one was a no brainer.

  15. There weren’t very many knocks on Watson coming out of the draft. People second guess themselves and over think draft picks nowadays. Watson was a starter for 2 or more years at Clemson which is major d1 and played in big time games while at Clemson (parcells checklist for young qbs). If there was a Qb over the last decade that you should take a chance on Watson was it. This year the QBs coming out don’t have half of Watson’s experience but some team will say they feel comfortable taking them…you should of felt comfortable with Watson or Wentz… another QB with a great college resume.

    Doesn’t hurt that their respective teams have given them weapons to work with unlike Andrew Luck.

  16. Exhibit B on why the Pats are great. Most teams are afraid of drafting a player in a slot that might seem to overvalue them. Belichick drafts who he wants, when he wants. Sometimes it doesn’t work out (Ras-I Dowling?) and sometimes it does (Logan Mankins). In any case, tthere’s no wringing of hands over what might have been. Next man up, move on, fit another ring.

  17. For the umpteenth time all this chat reveals is how incredibly difficult it is to evaluate college talent for the draft. You have all these experts evaluating hundreds of hours of tape and watching workouts and still to this day it comes down to luck. If you look at past drafts Watson could have just as easily been a dud….

  18. Meanwhile the Browns have no problems with passing on Watson, Carson Wentz and Jared Goff because they didn’t fit their system. Maybe that’s because those guys are winners and their organization is run by a bunch of clueless losers.

  19. Is it just me or did I hear many of these “experts” pre draft talking all kinds of trash about Watson. How he would not be a great NFL QB? Too many bad throws? Runs to much? I mean many people were saying none of the QB’s should really even be a first round draft pick. Many had Trubisky as better even though Trubisky had no college pedigree associated with him. Now they want to call out other teams who passed. And anyway, the QB is the most interdependent position on the entire field. The Texans were a solid offense and a super strong defense. They were literally only a QB away. So, pump the breaks.

  20. If the Jets are lamenting imagine how the Bears feel?
    They paid up to get a bust (Mitch Trubisky) when they could have had Watson.

    In fact, maybe they could have traded with the Jets! Swap #1s and the Jets throw in a #2 or #3. Then they get Watson and another player.

    Or the Browns, who amass draft picks and skip on the good prospects to select questionable ones.
    Will they stick with Kizer next year? Probably not, so they will take yet another QB in 2018.

  21. If only you’d have been there yesterday lighting up Century Link field. Watson is the real deal! And he’s a real competitor!

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