Trent Williams isn’t sure he’ll be able to finish season

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Washington left tackle Trent Williams got a week off, to see if his painful right knee responds. And he knows that when the season ends, he’s going to need surgery to repair the damage done.

But he admitted after yesterday’s loss to the Cowboys that he’s not certain he’s going to be able to finish the year.

The immediate problem is the bone bruise, which makes it painful for him to continue. The ligament damage is something he has played through, even while acknowledging a “small chance” he won’t be able to continue.

“I’ve been dealing with it and it just hasn’t gotten any better,” Williams said, via John Keim of “It’s progressively gotten worse. I’m essentially where I started a month later, so if it continues down that road I’m probably not going to be available for my team for a long time.”

He’s met with enough doctors to get multiple opinions on his conditions, and he seems to want to play as long as he can this year. He played last week against the 49ers because of need, and he clearly would prefer to continue.

“Some say you can do it right now and go ahead and be ready for next year,” Williams said. “But the majority says that with a few weeks rest, you give that bone bruise, that bruised area time to chill and kind of recover and then you won’t feel the instability that you feel. . . .

“Obviously the kneecap is gonna float around, there’s really nothing you can do at this point. But when you strengthen all the areas around it you take the chance of your leg buckling and you put all your major ligaments at risk. That’s the scary part.”

Williams said his issue is with the medial patellofemoral ligament, which attaches the inside of the kneecap to the thigh. That’s not one of the more well-known ligaments in the knee, but the instability could lead to bigger problems.

And since he’s never had surgery — he admitted the prospect “scares the s— out of me,” — he’s naturally hesitant about the prospects, even though being 29 makes him wonder how long he can delay it.

6 responses to “Trent Williams isn’t sure he’ll be able to finish season

  1. Why should he?

    The head coach can’t call a decent game or adjust when needed, the QB is consistently trying to dink/dunk or throw INTs to people, and the run game is not there because 1) they have no true stud RB, and 2) the HC doesn’t call run plays!!

    I don’t blame Trent if he wants to take his time coming back. After we lose to Seattle this week we will be 3-5 looking up at an impossible run to the playoffs.

    Fire Allen, Fire Gruden. If Cousins wont sign for $22mil per, let him walk.

  2. I have a bone bruise in my ankle right now and its no joke, in many ways its worse than a break because it takes 6-9 months to heal. You get it when you sprain a joint – it slips 2 bones rub against each other quickly exposing marrow.

  3. Rest a couple games and see if its worth coming back for a push, if not get the procedure. I’d like to see what that big Viking guy on the practice squad can do. Not the former Viking player I’m talking about the guy from Viklandia, Denmark or whatever.

  4. what that big Viking guy on the practice squad can do. Not the former Viking player I’m talking about the guy from Viklandia, Denmark or whatever.
    He can suck. And then get injured. We all saw him do exactly that sunday afternoon. Clemmons was THE worst starting tackle in professional football last season (actual fact, look it up). He’s a nice option as a third stringer, but the less you see of him the better the skins chances are.

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