Zach Miller needed urgent vascular surgery for knee damage

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Bears tight end Zach Miller has more to worry about than the fact a touchdown was taken off the board yesterday.

According to a report from Chris Mortensen of ESPN, there’s also concern for far more than his return to the field.

Miller stayed in New Orleans last night to have “urgent vascular surgery” to repair the damage from his dislocated knee.

That suggests serious damage, that transcends his availability for future football games. Miller was carted off in the third quarter and taken to the hospital.

The 33-year-old has missed plenty of time with injuries in recent years, finishing the 2014 and 2016 seasons on injured reserve with broken feet. But this report sounds far more serious.

42 responses to “Zach Miller needed urgent vascular surgery for knee damage

  1. All the best to Zack Miller, he should be focused on his longterm health at this point and not his career.

  2. Dang. I hope Miller is able to fully recover and have full use of his knee/leg. Football is nothing more than an afterthought at this point.

  3. Time to call it a career and enjoy your NFL money, which hopefully he’s been wise with. I’d be concerned about being able to walk 10 years from now. Should not get back on the field again.

  4. I was wondering about that. When they said he was staying hospitalized overnight I knew it wasn’t good. Bears fan here and I don’t care if he plays another down just so he keeps his leg.

  5. I saw a still pic scrolling through Facebook, it was disgusting. Hoping he can make a full recovery, and get back to a normal life. That’s more important than football.

  6. I just hope Richard Sherman sees this comment thread and is satisfied by all the thoughtful comments regarding this young man’s personal health and well-being with no mentions of fantasy football.

  7. Really hard to watch. That might be the most brutal thing I’ve ever seen happen on a football field. A true cringe worthy moment. Thoughts go out to him and a huge thanks to the ones responding so quickly to hopefully help save this man from further disaster

  8. Mort is reporting the doctors were working to avert amputation. Here is hoping that they got there in time to get the blood flowing again.

  9. bocadiver1 says:

    October 30, 2017 at 9:41 am

    Giants on bye, enjoyed a weekend without the NFL. Watched plenty of college ball – better game!

    There’s 1 in every room………………..

  10. Robert Edwards came back from a similar injury, he was never the same player and only 24 when it happened. At 33 Miller is done. Hopefully he recovers well and can enjoy his retirement.

  11. This whole play has me wondering what the NY referee saw to overturn the touchdown called on the field?..Are you kidding me? He caught that ball and even the fans in N.O. knew it, the announcer’s new it . The only person who didn’t see it was this clown in N.Y…
    I sure hope Zak is gonna be OK. God Speed.

  12. I just hope Richard Sherman sees this comment thread and is satisfied by all the thoughtful comments regarding this young man’s personal health and well-being with no mentions of fantasy football.

    Like your dumb comment?

  13. cobrala2 says:
    October 30, 2017 at 9:11 am
    Sounds horrific.
    Best wishes to his long-term health.

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    What kind of degenerate do you have to be to down-vote this? Hoping Miller’s surgery goes really well and he makes it back to playing football.

  14. It’s sad really…but I’m not shocked that some dolt(s) actually go through and click on the thumbs down on any post wishing Miller well. The guy will be lucky to keep his leg, let alone have any quality of life beyond football. Nice to see those keyboard commandos continuing to hide in anonymity.

  15. Best of luck zac. Ps that was a touch down, the refs suck. They dont care about getting it right when some dork face in ny has the final say. Lets start fining the refs for getting it wrong.

  16. Here’s hoping he fully recovers. Same thing happened to Bridgewater and he’s likely to be activated next week — so there is realistic hope.

  17. Robbing poor Zack of that TD was the definition of “adding insult to injury” – I have YET to hear a single valid argument or claim about why that wasn’t a TD that makes anything even resembling sense.

    Mind-boggling B.S. calls like that will kill this sport just as quickly as CTE or protests – mark my words.

    Miller had become the elder statesman of that team’s offense, having overseen transition from Cutler to Trubisky – he’s got heart & character like few others. Here’s hoping he always has home with the Bears in the future, on the sidelines or somewhere else in the organization.

  18. The slo-mo made me wince. It was brutal. Good luck with the recovery, and I hope his insurance premiums are paid up.

  19. Damn… I’ve spent the past few years thinking Zach Miller was Zach Miller… but he’s not. Zach Miller the tight end is different from Zach Miller the Tight End.

    Anyways… regardless of which Zach Miller tight end I’m hoping to recover well, I hope he recovers well.

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