Ben McAdoo: You can make case we weren’t hungry enough

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The Giants had a bye last week and General Manager Jerry Reese held a press conference that saw him both say he was responsible for putting together a 1-6 team and that he’d put together a good team that bought into its own hype too much.

As a result of that hype purchase, Reese said he thinks the team has not been hungry enough this season. That criticism extends beyond the players to the job the coaching staff has done to get players ready to play and coach Ben McAdoo addressed it on Monday by saying that a lack of hunger would only account for some of what’s gone wrong this year.

“Were we a hungry enough football team?” McAdoo said, via Newsday. “You can make a case that we weren’t. … Each and every game, there are a variety of things that happen that put you on a path to either winning or losing, and the same can be said for a season. So it’s difficult to point to just one thing and say it’s just one thing. We have to be careful of doing that.”

Offensive lineman Justin Pugh was one of the players that called this Giants team the best one they’ve ever been on, although he said Monday that never meant “we’re so good we don’t have to get ready to go play.” He did add that he feels the “hungriest” team wins in the NFL, allowing him to see Reese’s point based on the comparison between the team has performed in close games this year and the way they won them last year.

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  1. Giants got way to much hype in the offseason and they were smelling themselves and reading the headlines and tabloids about them being a Super Bowl contender. They need to rebuild after this season is over and that means getting rid of McAdoo and trading or cutting Eli Manning!!

  2. So basically, McAdoo is unable to inspire his team to play the way Coughlin, who was fired after two championships, was able to do. And there is no leader among the players. When it should be the quarterback.

  3. the players should all be as hungry as coach McAdoo, then they would all look like o-lineman and wear over sized clothes too and they can slick back their hair

  4. Great karma for Mara, the snake, and Lisa Friel! Ole Rog is trying to figure out how he can help, further, without being obvious…smh…I’m sure he’ll think of something! What a “leader” for the NFL…….

  5. BTW, is the NFL going to have to totally implode, before the owners come to their senses about old Rog? I would frankly enjoy seeing that happen 🙂 They are on their way…..

  6. The Giants haven’t been hungry since 2007. It’s so easy to see; other teams complete plays and simply try harder. The Giants look like they are just going through the motions every week and it’s no surprise they are 1-6 and yet another disappointing season for Giants fans.

  7. Justin Pugh has been on garbage teams, what the hell does he know?

    This team has been mediocre with glaring holes for years. Last year the defense carried them and they won 8 games that could have gone either way.

    Reese and ownership bought their own hype.

  8. cboys4life2014 says:
    October 31, 2017 at 9:09 am
    You can also make the case that the Giants suck


    Cowboys will be about as good as the Giants when Zeke’s suspension kicks in.

    And the birds will handily take the NFC East.

  9. Coach MaGoo is incompetent; the New York Nightmaras used the failed Redskins upgrade by free agent move to destroy the team; now it is gutless and without talent and their best player, the princess Odelphia Beckham is so inconsistent that you’d be hard pressed to call him good.

    I am enjoying the fall of the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate. It is delicious.

  10. Does nobody close to McAdoo care enough about him to tell him how ridiculous that slick look is on him? Who’s gonna take a guy seriously that looks like a 1970s used car salesman?

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