Browns’ pursuit of A.J. McCarron further undermines DeShone Kizer

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However it happened and whoever is to blame, the Browns have become involved in yet another bungle, thanks to the failed effort to trade for Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron. So now they’ll move forward without McCarron and with rookie DeShone Kizer, who continues to be the on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again, on-again starter.

Apart from the team’s willingness to periodically bench and un-bench Kizer, the decision to pursue McCarron at the trade deadline sends a clear message that the organization doesn’t really believe in Kizer. And that message will be received by the most important audience of all: The locker room.

Quarterbacks need to lead, but not every quarterback is a natural, born leader. Some of them need some help, ideally from their teams.

At a time when Kizer is trying to become a leader, the team is undermining him, either by benching him on a whim or trying to acquire his replacement. But he’ll still be expected to lead, even if the players realize that the team is saying, “Don’t waste your time following him; he won’t be the quarterback for long.”

The Browns have received plenty of criticism in recent weeks for passing on budding franchise quarterbacks like Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. But the truth may be that, in the Browns organization as currently constituted from ownership down to the coaching staff, no quarterback is going to thrive, because the dysfunction is simply too pervasive to give any quarterback the support he needs to become the player, and the leader, he needs to be.

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  1. Have any of you in the media actually watched Browns games? Kizer is terrible. Absolutely terrible. He has zero pocket awareness and no touch on his passes at all.

  2. When your college coach, usually your biggest cheerleader, says you’re not ready to start in the NFL, teams should pay attention. The Browns have only themselves to blame for the poor performance of Kizer and the QB mess.

  3. McCarron and Garoppolo are 27 and 26 respectively, and they have thrown 200 NFL passes between the two of them. Cleveland should just sit back and wait for a team to offer them a second round pick to take one of them off their hands.

    Brock Osweiler IS YOUNGER THAN BOTH, and was a far more proven quantity when the Texans signed him back in 2016.

  4. It sounds to me like their QB room isn’t playing well and they wanted to try to improve it. If Kizer’s confidence is that fragile, then he’s not a NFL QB.

  5. The parallels between McCarron/Garoppolo and Matt Flynn when he was backing up Aaron Rodgers in GB are quite strong. They were all about same age, just had a couple starts in their careers, each had a single great game, and all of a sudden they’re Steve Young stuck behind Joe Montana waiting for their chance to be a superstar. Good luck with that.

  6. … But the truth may be that, in the Browns organization as currently constituted from ownership down to the coaching staff, no quarterback is going to thrive, because the dysfunction is simply too pervasive to give any quarterback the support he needs to become the player, and the leader, he needs to be.

    I agree. It’s sad. The only solution I can see is that the Cleveland fans do the unthinkable. I have family there so I know how loyal you guys are but… Start a, “Brown-out.” Boycot the games. If not games; buy no merch, no food, no drink, etc. If the faithful Dawg Pound quits attending or at least spending one additional dollar at the stadium, perhaps ownership will get a clue.

    Hopefully, Jimmy & Co. will see the writing on the wall & sell.

    It’ll give him more time to devote to defrauding customers who do business with his trucking endeavors.

  7. The Browns need a HC that knows what he is doing and that know how to build a competative team and can coach them up to get the best out of the players he has… Hue just isn’t that guy…
    Can’t help but feel sorry for the Browns fans…

  8. Like the Browns’ were really worried about the kids confidence, the message it sends to the rest of the team and it’s loyal(almost to a fault)fans.

    The Browns’ give the phrase *next man up* an entirely new meaning!

  9. If they fire Jackson, which they probably will because the Browns are consistent in firing coaches quickly, who is going to want that job?

  10. Mike I agree 100 percent with any quarterback would fail in Cleveland. The only one winning this season in the organization is Haslam. Still gets a full owners cut of the pie, even at 60 million under the cap.

  11. If I were Kizer, I’d think about requesting a trade out of Cleveland after the season. Clearly there’s no faith in him, so why even have faith in them?

  12. You gutted the roster, got a ton of draft picks, don’t trade for AJ. Just draft the best QB on your board this April and get some offensive weapons for him. Build up the D, you aren’t close to being a playoff team so don’t abandon your plan.

  13. I never understand why teams literally wait to the last minute. I mean did hue Jackson wake up feeling good about his quarterbacks Tuesday morning?

  14. Kizer will have the last laugh in January, when the front office and coaching staff are all fired. Then In February, he’ll have a new coach and GM, who may or may not want him.

  15. Oh, one more thing. Was anyone surprised when the Browns blew that trade? Anyone? It was just another shrug of the shoulders. It is sad but it is what they do. If you knew it was in the air you thought “Well, they’re going to find a way to mess this one up.” And they did.

  16. Kizer has been yo-yo’d so many times this year it’d be hard on anyone to be shown so little confidence. He also has a much worse supporting cast than the other young QBs mentioned.

    Either ride with him or let him sit but the constant pulling him halfway through the game is just ruining the kid.

  17. The Browns have an easy solution come 2018.
    Trade down, don’t take a QB in the first round, take one in the 2nd or 3rd round.
    Trust the process.
    In 10-20 years they will hit on a franchise QB and with all the hundreds of picks they have acquired they will have a great team.

    Or not …

    Imagine if they took Carson Wentz instead of trading that pick.
    They could have had Deshaun Watson.

    I can’t wait to see how they blow their QB pick in 2018.

  18. I feel for Browns fans, I really do. But there is definitely a perverse part of me that enjoys seeing what ways that franchise finds to sink to new lows, because they always take that challenge.

    If they ever start winning I’ll be happy for the fans, they deserve it, but I’ll selfishly be kind of sad as well.

  19. I hope Kizer succeeds despite all this BS – young kid with plenty of potential to develop.

    Browns are just making it more and more likely that it won’t be in their camp.

  20. The players know to follow the QB of the day as their jobs depend upon it. Kizer’s play indicates to them he’s not sufficiently developed yet. Not that big an issue.

  21. I don’t know, I feel the biggest thing to undermine DeShone Kizer thusfar has been DeShone Kizer’s garbage play.

  22. Bradley Robert Hamrick says:
    October 31, 2017 at 10:17 pm
    Who cares about his feelings/ The NFL is a business. They are trying to win games

    The Browns’ are not trying to win games. They make that apparent. Like others have posted, they have a guaranteed financial windfall. How else could you do business this bad and stay in said business??

  23. Kiser needs a mentor. I think they wanted McCarron to mentor Kiser because he’s familiar with Hugh’s offense. I hope they realized that a second and third round pick was too much for McCarron and masterfully botched the trade. *Hopeful Browns Fan*

  24. Kizer has not performed well enough to earn the team’s loyalty; especially, after claiming he would be a mix of mannimg, brady, and superman. Also, quarterback shouldn’t be the default leader. Leaders motivate and get the best out of others. Hquarterback really has nothing to with that. You ever see brady on that sideline? I think it is goofy, but man he is pumped and always saying let’s go! Kizer needs to keep his head in that playbook

  25. Kizer stinks, can’t win in the NFL with a 52% completion percentage. But I put as much blame on Hue as Kizer, for the simple reason that he should be playing Kessler that is a very good game manager that doesn’t turn the ball over very often. But Hue falls in love with Big arm QB’s, not the QB that gives the team the best chance to win.

  26. Kizer isn’t an NFL QB. Look at Notre Dame without him at the helm. Kizer was one of the most overrated prospects to come out in quite a while. All of his issues in college have followed him to the NFL.

  27. dawgbite says:
    October 31, 2017 at 9:55 pm
    It sounds to me like their QB room isn’t playing well and they wanted to try to improve it. If Kizer’s confidence is that fragile, then he’s not a NFL QB.


    Hard to build confidence when the team keeps yanking him in and out of games, surrounds him with poor receiving talent, and goes after other QBs that the team has been implicitly/explicitly linked to previously. Whatever potential Kizer has, Browns seem hellbent on ruining it by completely mismanaging his development.

  28. This is a bit more complicated than people think. When the Browns have offensive and defensive lines that are accustomed to playing together for a period of time, and other talent are accustomed to playing TOGETHER for a period of time then the QB will have a chance to have more success. These players are learning each other and the coaches are learning what these players can become in the Browns systems. You cannot put the cart before the horse. (And I am not calling the players animals!!!). This is an organization that have put together a team that is built to DEVELOP into a great team, not be a great team. But the NFL beast is not that patient. The Browns have found themselves in a very predictable HOT SEAT!! But, I said at the end of last year, they need to modify their plan to “win some games now”. But they still let some “less than perfect talent go!!!” Talent that were familiar in their system. All the successful teams have consistency at their core. The Browns changed everything again this year. Quasi OC, QB coach, Defensive Coordinator, Starting QB’s, Offensive line, Wide Receivers, TE’s, and many other people. They are still the youngest team in the league!!! That is not what you want if you want to win now.

    They would have won at least a couple games this year by keeping some key people familiar with their system (while not perfect). They should have re-signed either Josh McGown or RG3- both veterans with LOTS of NFL experience who had one full year in their system. They should have kept the Wide outs they had played with- I.e. Terrell Pryor. They should have kept a few other of players who were familiar with the system. They should have brought in a few more top performers in defense. They could have drafted a hugely successful college QB in Desean Watson, and went to work from there. By having Watson and RG3 you would have two similar style QB’s one familiar with the system to get things started and to seriously compete for the starting job or be a solid backup that could come in should one struggle in the BROWNS system. I promise you, they would have won 3 games at least with a similar approach. Instead they rebuilt a rebuild and that is why they are still struggling to find a win. It could have been avoided. But they want the PERFECT guy, now. I mean look at Kyle Shanahan struggling in San Fran this year. He went to the SB last year. Did he suddenly become stupid? No.

  29. This organization can’t seem to get it right. Hire a coach (Pettine) before the GM… put a lawyer and baseball guy in charge of the roster… hire a football guy who could care less (Holmgren), draft putridly year after year. I love the Browns.. I bleed Brown and Orange, for the love of GOD Jimmy… fire Sashi and Depodesta, hire a real football guy (Parcells, Polian, Wolfe) and get this right. 5 picks in the top 60 should net an immediate turn around. The words ineptitude and Browns should not be synonymous with one another…. EVER. Hell…. I COULD DRAFT BETTER THAN THESE BOZO’S.

  30. Not really. He undermined himself when he had that meeting and then was out partying the next night on video. You could have stuck a fork in him at that point, as if his play wasn’t doing enough of that because his accuracy is terrible. They’re going to have to draft another player. Sometimes it’s like that kind of like when the Panthers took Claussen in the second round but wisely knew to draft Newton #1 overall the next year.

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