Dolphins will go with the guys they have at running back

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With Jay Ajayi out as the running back in Miami, who’s in? Basically, the guys who are already there.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Dolphins currently plan to go with the guys they currently have: Damien Williams, Kenyan Drake, and Senorise Perry. They also could elevate De’Veon Smith from the practice squad.

So why move on from Ajayi? Surely, plenty was happening behind the scenes. In 2016, the season began with a decision to leave Ajayi behind for a trip to Seattle, given his apparent reaction to the decision to start Arian Foster. And with the offense already as bad as it can’t be, it’s not going to get much worse without him.

Ajayi has a pair of 100-yard performances in seven 2017 games. But he has only 465 for the season, and a 3.4-yard average per carry. The trade comes a little more than a year after Ajayi authored back-to-back 200-yard games, making him the best running back the Dolphins had since Ricky Williams in his pre-suspension prime.

For the year, Williams has 32 yards rushing on 12 carries, and Drake has 25 yards on 10. One or both of them is about to get a lot more work, soon.

9 responses to “Dolphins will go with the guys they have at running back

  1. The fix is in, the NFL wants the Eagles to win the SB. Makes ZERO sense for the Dolphins to trade a Pro Bowler for a bottom of the 4th round pick, when they have no one to replace him. His “offense” to coaching and management are pretty mild and certainly not enough to warrant getting rid of a guy ala Martavis Bryant. NFL is rigged, Eagles are winning the SB.

  2. Looking at this year and last year, other then the 3 200 yard games he was pedestrian last year. 12 games and 650 yards + 2 games against the horrible Rex Ryan Def and a good game against the Steelers. This year 3.4 yards a carry. I think they sold at the right time.

  3. Stop Jay Ajay and you beat the Phins. Trade Jay Ajsy the Phins….

    This doesn’t look good. And, for a fourth round pick? Bad move by the Phins.

    This season is going to be hard to watch.

  4. This is the first stop to jump off the Gase bandwagon…

    The problem is with the offensive line. Period.
    The guards are sub par.The left side is a joke. Tunsil is playing like a rookie.
    The Anthony Steen/Sam Young 2nd stringers aren’t commanding the line when they play.
    And who is talking about how good Pouncey is playing?? Nobody.
    These guys can NOT protect either of our rusty QBs, or create good running lanes.

    I could see getting rid of Ajayi if someone else was performing well while in the line up.
    Right now I’d rather see Drake and De’Veon Smith get a chance, Damien has never been impressive at RB.

    Gase is making very Chip Kelly like decisions right now, and that doesn’t bode well.

  5. I am sorry to see Jay Ajayi go, but the bottom line is he would cost a fortune after the Rookie Contract and moreover this O-Line is horrible!!! Le’veon Bell would not have any more succes than Ajayi. The real issue is that Gase wants to run an Offense with Backs that can catch and only Damian can do this, so it tips the play. I don’t like it, I don’t make excuses for it, but this was the right thing to do. RB’s are a dime a dozen… the O-Line makes all the difference. This will be a painful year to watch nonetheless. I wish Jay the best with the Eagles. He will make Fantasy owners move hime from the Bench and has a legit shot at a Super Bowl.

  6. With the guys they have….which is????? Kenyan Drake of the massive 10 yards at 2.5 avg or Williams who can’t run or catch without falling down?


  7. Ajayi had defenders in his face while still in the backfield! he couldnt even make it to the line half the time. and he still had the 4th most yds after contact in the league. its the o-line thats the problem.. not Ajayi.

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