Eagles say LeGarrette Blount remains starting running back

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The Eagles made a trade for Jay Ajayi on Tuesday, but executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman stressed that it wasn’t because of unhappiness about the backs they already have.

Roseman said the deal for Ajayi was an opportunity to obtain a back who has succeeded in the NFL and is under contract through the end of the 2018 season to add to what is already on hand. That group includes LeGarrette Blount, who has been the lead back through the first half of the season and who Roseman said would remain the starter.

“[Blount is] awesome. He wants to win. He’s all about winning. Nothing changed today,” Roseman said, via WIP.

Roseman did say that one thing has changed for the Eagles. They sent a fourth-round pick to Miami, which is the third of their 2018 picks that they’ve traded away, and Roseman said that while the team wants to have picks, the “perspective is different” because of their 7-1 start to the season.

That perspective change should also lead them to shift Blount and Ajayi’s roles as the rest of the season plays out and the Eagles fine out exactly what they got on Tuesday.

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  1. The Eagles have played the 3rd easiest schedule so far in the NFL. Let’s hope this start isn’t just a result of that, otherwise trading away all their picks is going to be a huge mistake.

  2. I’m not against this deal. Ajayi can’t play comes cheap next year, just like Darby. I get the feeling this was less about getting a running back and more keeping a top running back from going to Dallas. Well worth a 4th rounder imo

  3. Eagles have a well balanced team that looks excellent in all 3 phases.

    The Redskins are garbage. Dallas sucks. Giants are tanking.

  4. According to Rotoworld….
    LB 100 carries 467 yards (4.7ypc) 2TD
    JA 138 carries 465 yards (3.4ypc) 0TD

  5. Not sour grapes, but just remember Ajayi will be a locker room cancer if he does not get the carries. This was a good move for the Eagles, but he is NOT an every down Back because he isn’t the best pass catcher and can’t Block. He gives the play away as soon as he enter the huddle. FACT!

  6. factschecker says:
    October 31, 2017 at 2:31 pm
    According to Rotoworld….
    LB 100 carries 467 yards (4.7ypc) 2TD
    JA 138 carries 465 yards (3.4ypc) 0TD

    Umm, useless Stats. As the Dolphins have the most inept O-Line in the NFL and I am a Dolphins Fan!! Trust me Jay is way better than Blount as a pure runner. See my other comment about Blocking, Catching and Attitude.

  7. This is all coachspeak Ajayi is a huge upgrade for the Eagles. You can’t compare Blount’s ypc to Ajayi’s as he’s had a far better online. Ajayi still managed to break a 130 yard game on the dolphins. Oh, and he catches just fine. There’s a reason they liked him more than Miller.

  8. . . . .until after the eagles bye week after this weekend. By then he should know more of the playbook and blocking assignments and get the starting role.

  9. Factschecker,

    According to bird2urmother. . . .
    Blount runs behind eagles O-line
    Ajayi ran behind dolphins O-line

  10. Funny how anytime someone leaves a team the fans want to rip them. I’ll take Ajayi in the backfield on the Eagles run through the playoffs. And as for the cancer you sure it isn’t that Jay Cutler that your coach just had to have once Tannenhill went down. He’s a great judge of talent.

  11. I’ve seen nothing in Ajayi’s game this season to suggest that he should be the starter in Philly. He looked flat-out terrible last week. Drake ran much harder.

  12. No brainer for the Eagles. Fourth rounders frequently fail to make the team. They gave up basically nothing for a guy who can definitely help them. The only question is what the the Dolphins were thinking. If this was some move to send a message it was a very expensive one.

  13. I was expecting a left tackle or an mlb with cover skills to replace Hicks. This caught me by surprise, as I’m sure it did most people. Howie Roseman has earned the benefit of the doubt through some pretty adept moves as of late. Hope this is another good one.

  14. Blount will likely remain the starter for this week only. After the bye week, when Ajayi has had time to learn some of the plays, he will take over.

  15. Anyone who’s watched the Eagles this season (and clearly most of you haven’t, including the author) this isn’t about Ajayi taking Blount’s carries. He’s going to take Smallwood and Clements’ carries. Neither of those guys has the size to help with protection or the ability to catch the swing pass out of the backfield. Ajayi is assuming Darren Sproles role on the team – and he’s bigger, stronger and younger (only 24) and still on his rookie deal.

    Fantastic pick-up by Howie Roseman – especially for a late 4th rounder.

  16. Barner is a punt returner, Smallwood has talent but can’t stay healthy….Clement is a solid backup but not a starter. Blount is great at what he does but none of them have the talent that Ajayi does. Great move, and cheap.

  17. Ideally you’d see a Blount/Ajayi 50/50 split with one dominating in the first half and softening defenses for the other in the second half. Either way, Eagles face some porous run d’s in the second half. This team is built for cold weather playoff games in Philly.

  18. When the season started, the Eagles had one of the toughest schedules, like top 3 if I remember correctly.

    Can’t help it when the Iggles are making them all look bad.

  19. Miami just didn’t trade away their starting Pro Bowl RB for the hell of it or because they desperately needed an extra 4th Rd pick in ‘18. Several things factored into their decision to get him off the team. One problem was the same one that made Gase leave him in Miami against Seattle last year. Another was his failure to study the playbook so he knew which defender he was responsible for picking up and not getting his QB killed. Another was that he’s a one trick pony with his outside zone run and the rest of the league found ways to cancel it out which then caused him to get frustrated and pouty again. As good a receiver as he was in his last season at Boise St. for some reason he had a glitch trying to get it together in the pros. A huge factor was hinted at by Jeff Darlington right after the trade was announced, his knee is becoming an issue. Everyone knew coming out of college that there was risk there and he likely had maybe 5 seasons in him before the knee forced him out. There’s a reason why they only got a 4th for him, Roseman and Tannenbaum are old friends and you can bet Howie knows the whole story which is why he offered the 4. Also, Gase has always been a fan of Damien Williams heart and skill set especially as a 3rd down receiving option. The team has faith in Drake as well. Solid receiver who can line up all over the field and possesses 4.4 speed and is actually bigger than Ajayi believe it or not. Williams is a tad heavier than Ajayi and also a little faster than Jay as well. I love Jay, he was fun to watch until the line couldn’t block as well and he couldn’t create those same epic runs with sheer willpower anymore because defensive coordinators had taken away his preferred running plays and he couldn’t adjust. And lastly, the Dolphins roster has been mismanaged trash for so long a minimum 3 year rebuild was happening regardless just to purge the crap players and field a team capable of simply competing every week. Another offseason and another round of better players being added and they’ll consistently challenge for a playoff spot. The only major misjudgment I see was their overconfidence with regards to the guard positions. They’re putting a system in place in the same manner New England did where eventually they can plug and play and just reload a few guys every offseason but they’re in the initial stages and overestimated their ability to go cheap at guard and coach up the players sufficiently to get solid enough play that the weakness wasn’t glaring and they were wrong, which I’m absolutely certain they will rectify this coming offseason and never underestimate the value of quality guard play again. Something to consider going forward right now though, the offense that they will field Sunday night against Oakland will be completely different than what they’ve shown since last preseason. They’ll have an advantage even if only for a few games that the film on them and their tendencies that opponents study of the offense will be totally worthless until the new offense they’re going to field has enough snaps on tape to show tendencies again. Anyhow, just my opinion and I’m sure some dickbag will feel compelled to disagree with everything I said regardless of the fact it all makes sense just to be the troll. But honestly, don’t waste your time. I don’t care what anyone thinks and talking crap will just be wasted because after I finish this comment I’m never looking back here again because you know, life goes on. I have faith in Adam Gase until he gives me reason not to and I don’t listen to Omar’s bitchy lackeys who only have an opinion because they copied it from that arrogant loudmouth toolbag.

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