Mike Tannebaum optimistic about Dolphins, despite big loss

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If you only listened to coach Adam Gase, you’d swear the Dolphins were winless, as he complains about his “awful” offense. And they did just lose 40-0.

But Dolphins executive Mike Tannenbaum sounds a little more hopeful, pointing to the returns of a few injured players as something that can boost them team as it heads into a stretch of three straight nationally televised games.

During an interview on WFOR, Tannenbaum pointed to the November returns of receiver DeVante Parker, guard Ted Larsen and safety T.J. McDonald. They’re hoping Parker can play Sunday after missing three games with an ankle injury. Larsen might be a week away, and McDonald’s suspension will be up in time for him to return next week when they visit the Panthers.

“I do,” Tannenbaum said when asked if he believed the team could make a run. “Because I believe in the character of our guys. I go out to practice every day. I see our staff. I see our players really engaged and involved and over 16 games, they are all going to have to contribute. . . . There are going to be three or four guys that have meaningful contributions that aren’t even on the radar yet. It’s about opportunities and which players make the most of those opportunities.

“We’re 4-3. That’s far from perfect and there are some things we wish we had different. But with that said, we still have opportunities to accomplish any goals we want this year and that’s really a tribute to Adam and the coaching staff to already have had three quarterbacks contribute.”

Of course, Tannenbaum mentioned three names among this “three or four guys,” so perhaps he’s thinking about an addition at today’s trade deadline.



7 responses to “Mike Tannebaum optimistic about Dolphins, despite big loss

  1. As a Jets fan I want Tannenbaum to remain in Miami for a long time, at least as long as he was with the Jets.

    PS – look at the Jets draft picks 2009 – 2012 under him.

    1 first round hit (Mo Wilkerson) and 3 first round busts.
    Look at his 2nd round picks, all busts.
    In 4 years he drafted about 3-4 starters.

  2. Mike Tannenbaum is one of the few bright spots within the Dolphins organization. He’ll get the team turned around; it’s just going to take a while because he doesn’t have a franchise quarterback on the roster, And that includes Tannehill.

  3. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but it’s my understanding that Dennis Hickey left because Tannenbaum interfered too much with the draft. For example; Hickey did not want Devante Parker he wanted Marcus Peters the corner back Kansas City took–he lead the NFL in interceptions last year. He also didn’t want Phillips from Oklahoma because he was unreliable and immature(just like Parker). Also, recall Joe Philbin wanted to trade Tannehill and draft Derrick Carr, which would have been the right move. But Philbin was undermined at every turn and despite this his offense was never as bad as Coach Gase has put together. There is something wrong deep within this organization and goes to the top.

  4. The Dolphins are victims of very poor drafting and settling for cheaper players for a long long time. In addition, some of their high picks have either not panned out or are mediocre. They can’t keep linemen on the field. They have three first round linemen draft choices that are injured. The guys were hurt last year. The bad line has gotten at least two quarterbacks hurt and allowed our best running back to get traded to the Eagles. The line coach turned out to be a cocaine freak! Tannenbaum has to take some of the blame.

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