Report: Bengals botched A.J. McCarron trade at deadline

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A new version of events has surfaced blaming the Bengals for the A.J. McCarron trade that wasn’t.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer tweeted that the Browns sent a signed trade document to the Bengals to sign and send to the league, confirming the trade. The Bengals sent in the wrong document, one signed only by them.

The league needed both signatures to approve the trade, and the deadline passed before they got both.

An earlier report blamed the Browns for failing to get the trade into the league in time. The Bengals would have received 2018 second- and third-round picks in exchange for the backup quarterback.

Stay tuned to this one.

28 responses to “Report: Bengals botched A.J. McCarron trade at deadline

  1. Hmmm the NFL source said the browns failed and the random source is saying the opposite after everyone started ripping on the Browns FO.

  2. Honor and doing the right thing doesn’t mean anything to anyone these days. Even the reporting is blaming the teams instead of blaming the NFL for blocking this honest mix up of a transaction. Honor the trade and do the right thing here NFL!

  3. I want to know why TONY GROSSI flat out lied and said the Browns were too busy celebrating to call in the trade. That is a flat out lie. The paperwork has to be faxed. It’s not a phone call in. I can’t wait for him to talk his way out of that one.

  4. Yeah if both teams are in agreement, get out of the way and let them proceed. I love how the NFL acts like it has its act together but can’t even keep one of their players suspended. Get over yourselves.

  5. How can you decide to trade a #2 AND a #3 for McCarron but won’t give a #2 ONLY for Jimmy G? For gods sake, you could have had Jimmy G. AND Kelvin Benjamin for what you were going to give for AJ! You strengthen two weak areas and then you cut that piece of crap Kenny Brit and it’s a win-win-win! As a fan for 52 yrs., they are making it VERY difficult for me to stay a fan…..

  6. Regardless of which team screwed up, they deserve not having the trade go through for waiting until the last second. They couldn’t agree on this earlier?? Amateurs.

  7. As the old saying goes, “that’s why they put erasers on pencils”

    OK, so no one uses pencils anymore.

  8. As much as it pains me to say this, the league office PROBABLY IS doing the right thing here.

    They held firm on the Elvis Dumervil filing due to him missing the deadline for submitting the signed document. Allowing this trade to go through would go against precedent, and create problems on future trades.

    Having said that, a few things still bother me about this trade:

    1. Faxing documents to the league office as official notification might be better than sending a telegram, but the internet does work pretty well for document flow.

    2. signing your document and sending it to the other team without also sending a copy to the league office is just silly. It’s a chain of custody thing – The Bengals could have changed the statement of the deal to sneak in another draft pick or two, and sent in the signed papers. Before anyone says that couldn’t happen, I’ll just say I was a plaintiff in a federal case where the defendant did that very thing.

    3. Going forward, each team should sign THEIR copy of the trade document, and submit it to the league. If the 2 trade documents match, AND the signatures match the ones on the specimen cards on file with the NFL, then the trade can proceed.

    4. Item 3 applies if the league insists on sign/fax. But surely one of the big advertisers (Microsoft, IBM, Apple, FedEx, UPS, etc.) would jump at the chance to be the “trusted document workflow provider to the NFL”

  9. First, The NFL front office is a joke. Matter of minutes or a signature..What’s wrong with pushing something through that actually helps the leagues biggest asset…a Player with a chance to have a career!!. Secondly, I hope the other 30 teams take notice in future considerations when dealing with both of these incompetent teams.

  10. Seriously the NFL should just approve the trade and make it a null issue. They worry about a time and date when it is done and yet they ignore when team clearly cheat the cap to win a SB.

  11. This is not an NFL issue, this is a Browns and Bengals issue. Both teams had more then enough time to meet the necessary requirements. The rules are the rules. You folks want two teams collaborating after a deadline and blaming it on an administrative error? Paperwork and deadlines are in place to eliminate dishonesty. It obvious, the Browns backed out of this deal.

    Take a minute and imagine this deal going through after the Jimmy G. deal. How exactly do you think your fan base is going to react…like the Browns don’t already have enough credibility issues with their fan base already. Take it from a Bears fan…we know exactly how front offices can ruin franchises for decades.

  12. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

    Each team sends the documentation to the league well before the deadline. The league approves them. A team doesn’t send the signed docs to the other team; that’s not how it works.

  13. Outside of the NFL, there hasn’t been one story involving a fax machine in 20 years. They agreed on the trade and then realized that NO ONE has a fax machine. Hue Jackson tried riding his bike to NY to submit, but didn’t get there in time. Mr Moneyball didn’t account for an unseasonable east to west breeze that slowed him down. Fax Machine? Really?

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