Report: Jimmy Garoppolo won’t start this week

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The 49ers have made a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo in hopes that he’s their quarterback of the future, but it is expected to be some time before they put him in charge of their offense.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Garoppolo is not expected to be in the starting lineup for the 0-8 49ers when they face the Cardinals this weekend. Rookie C.J. Beathard is expected to make his third straight start since replacing Brian Hoyer, who is set to be released with Garoppolo joining the team.

That’s not a particularly surprising piece of information as Garoppolo has a lot to learn about Kyle Shanahan’s offense before he’ll be in position to run it. That may mean Beathard remains the starter in Week 10 against the Giants as well because the 49ers have a bye in Week 11. That would give Garoppolo three weeks to soak up the offense and six games to put what he’s learned into motion before the year is out.

The 49ers may be 0-10 by that point, but they didn’t trade for Garoppolo to win right now. They made the move to win games in the future and that makes getting him into the lineup immediately a less urgent matter.

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  1. Jimmy G needs time to learn the system and get use to play calls and audibles that Kyle Shanahan has. Expect him to start next week or the week after, especially if C.J. Beathard continues to look putrid!!

  2. I wonder if Hoyer will go off on a rant now about San Francisco like he did about Cleveland.

    Jimmy will now get a huge FA type age 26 contract and the 49ers will pray he isn’t the next Matt Cassell which set the Chiefs back 10 years. He was the only broken part on the Chiefs when Reid arrived.

  3. Mercifully, neither will Deshone Kizer. Why the Browns wouldn’t give a 2 for Jimmy G, I’ll never know.

  4. As a Pats fan I can say the Niners got a good one. Timing sucked for the Pats and I don’t think you push Tom out early if he’s still playing at a high level. Perhaps they draft a good QB with the pick they got back to learn under Tom for 2-3 years.

    I can see Jimmy starting week 11 and in and maybe only winning a game or two with that team. But give him the offseason to prep, learn the offense. He shouldn’t be judged by what he can do in the last 5-6 weeks with a likely 0-10 team and 3 weeks of preparation.

    Good luck Jimmy, we’ll be rooting for you in Foxboro.

  5. Its not just the offensive terminoloy he needs to learn. Our offensive Tackles need to get healthy.

    Last game we had back up interior linemen playing both Left Tackle and Right Tackle. Think about that for a second. You want to put your new QB of the future behind that line?

    But after the bye week its most likely both players will be back and healthy *most likely hopefully I pray.

    But yeah him not starting till after the bye week should not come as a surprise to any 49ers fan.

  6. This is an example of the dysfunction going on in the 49’s. Your team is win less and on its way to the bottom. You have just traded for a QB that is highly thought of and the team immediately announces that it will be some time before he’s handed the wheel to the San Francisco Titanic. Oy vey.

  7. Not only that but Belichick won’t be happy if his top 2nd round pick moves notably down the order.

  8. How many teams will need a QB next season and how many ‘sure things’ will be in the draft?

    Now that SF (thinks?) they don’t need one, is their plan to pull off a kings ransom deal in exchange for their top 3 pick?

  9. dumb trade for both teams, Jimmy G is a system q.b. who has made only a few starts and the Pats just lost some back-up insurance in case Brady is injured.

  10. I would have rather kept that 2nd rd pick, build depth and sign cousins. Brady backups dont have good track records outside of NE. Its almost like they have a coach and system that can win with just about anyone

  11. Another Matt Cassel, I fear. According to Pats fans, Cassel was “the second best qb in the league” when he played for the Pats. Then, became a lousy backup immediately thereafter. I have seen the Pats fans say the same about Garappolo, I suspect that he will fall on his butt now.

  12. Good move for the Niners, but not sure this is what Garoppolo wished for? He’s used to standing with his team for the National Anthem…….

  13. The niners continue irrelevance for another decade. This dude has glass shoulders and has never really played. Now you expect him to go behind a paper thin O Line with zero talent around him and expect him to succeed. lol. Jed please go away, this all started with you and until your gone it will end with you. I’ll continue to say this Lynch and Shanahan will be gone in a couple years and Jed will once again say we need to bring back that championship culture, which is what he had until he let go of harbaugh. smh. dumpster fire.

  14. He might get traded to the Redskins for Cousins by the end of the deadline today, straight up, that’s why.

  15. Another Matt Cassel, I fear.Then, became a lousy backup immediately thereafter.
    Actually “immediately” Cassel went to the Pro Bowl as the starter for the KC Chiefs. Eventually he did regress into being a backup. But it was not “immediately.”

    Matt Cassel is playing in his 12th season in the NFL. He’s no TB12 or Joe Montana but 12 years speaks for itself.

  16. Should’ve hired BB with him. That’s the only way it would work. Bought a nice chassis but left the power plant and system behind.

  17. He’s looked good when he’s playing. Small amount of games, yet good in those games.

    But people forget that he injured his AC joint in only his 2nd start. So he only made it through 1 3/4th games when being a starter.

    It’s food for thought. A few years ago they got rid of Frank Gore for Carlos Hyde. Gore has been quite a bit better then Hyde, because Hyde can’t stay on the field.

    Still a gamble worth taking for the 49ers. They get to see if he can play with their team, stay healthy, and then decide if he’s worth the money. They had nothing to lose, except maybe a couple of spots in draft positioning if he does well. But he is no sure thing.

    Though this means Kirk Cousins isn’t coming to the 49ers. But he might not go anywhere. I just don’t see the 49ers trading for Garoppolo, re-signing him, and then also signing Cousins. Not just cap/draft considerations, but because Garoppolo wants to be a starter and Cousins isn’t going to sign with them to be in a QB battle. It’s sink or swim with Garoppolo for at least the rest of 2017 and 2018.

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