Report: Martavis Bryant told he’s part of Steelers game plan for Week 10

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We’ll know for sure in a few hours when the trade window closes, but it appears the Steelers are firm on their stated position to not get rid of Martavis Bryant just because he wanted them to.

According to Jeremy Fowler of, a source said that the Steelers told the wantaway wide receiver that he was part of the game plan when they return from their bye week in Week 10, which would ostensibly reinforce their intent to hang onto him.

After weeks of pouting about his role and making remarks on social media and later to a reporter, Bryant was inactive Sunday night against the Lions.

And in his absence, rookie wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster had a breakout game, with seven catches for 193 yards, including a 97-yard touchdown.

That had to have gotten’s Bryant’s attention, but the reality is the Steelers have two primary playmakers who have to get the ball regularly (Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown), meaning the rest of the guys on offense are going to be fighting over the scraps each week.

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  1. Bryant wants out of town, they should obliged him with a trade today. Jimmie G needs someone to throw to in Frisco. Alex Smith needs another target in KC. Denver could use him too but first they need someone that can throw to the WR and not to the DB.

  2. “Martavis Bryant told he’s part of Steelers game plan for Week 10″… like maybe the guy who squirts Gatorade during the time out. Or the guy who hands the ball back to Ben during warmup throws.

  3. Isn’t being on the practice squad running the other teams,routes part of the,”game plan”?

  4. Alex Smith needs another target in KC.
    I can’t see the current AFC #1 seed trading with the current AFC #2 seed. SF…yeah I could see that.

  5. Martavis Bryant is going nowhere except lining up opposite of Antonio Brown. Maybe this breakout game by JUJU has gotten his attention to keep his trap shut and play ball.

  6. jjackwagon says:
    October 31, 2017 at 1:19 pm
    Bryant wants out of town, they should obliged him with a trade today.


    Why, so they could get a 6th or 7th round draft pick in return? Sounds awesome.

    After AB and JJSS, there’s a steep drop in WR talent on the team if you exclude Bryant. Barring some team willing to offer something stupid in return, there’s no reason to move him.

  7. Hopefully Bryant got that wake-up call that all of us kind of need from time to time when we get too full of ourselves and start complaining too much and feeling sorry for ourselves. To quote the late, great Louis Prima “Life goes on without me!”

  8. I wouldn’t say that other players have to fight over scraps after Bell and Brown; after all, JuJu was targeted 10 times himself.

  9. Part of the game plan . . . as in, for practice you are going to be the other teams #1 WR while our third string QB throws floaters across the middle and the Pitts. LBs, Safties and CBs get to practice taking licks against a defenseless receiver!

  10. “Martavis Bryant told he’s part of Steelers game plan for Week 10″ ….yeah he get to retrieve Ju Ju some gatorade during breaks in the game

  11. “Martavis Bryant told he’s part of Steelers game plan for Week 10″ ….yeah he get to retrieve Ju Ju some gatorade during breaks in the game

    I think you embarrass yourself anymore with your inane comments about football yet here to have outdone yourself with an obtuse attempt at humor….isn’t maple syrup harvesting time?

  12. I would be disappointed in the Rooneys, Tomlin and the Steelers if they didn’t try to regenerate this guy’s career in some way. How many young men like him just get lost. He really needs this to work out, so he can build some sort of life. And who would take him at this stage? He is one failed test away from moving in with Josh Gordon. If he stays and begins to play, even if it is not 2015-ish but of some value, he can start to become a player the Steelers need and want. After the season, if he has done his job well, he can be traded somewhere where he can be a Number 1 maybe. He needs to pull himself together and make himself into the player and person another team would value. He has zero leverage, but one hopes he has the good sense to find someone who is worth listening to. This agent of his is no drew Rosenhaus apparently. Best case: He comes into the facility in 2025 to sign a 1-day deal so he can retire a Steeler. Maybe he needs to have a heart-to-heart with a guy who just did that — Santonio Holmes.

  13. He can whine and complain all he wants. He had more touches than anyone else on the team except for Bell and Brown when he started complaining about wanting the ball more. The guy won’t be happy unless they throw to him on every down. Maybe he realizes he’s only hurting himself but that would mean he’d have to have a reality check–that’s not likely.

  14. Considering everyone PIT let walk over the years, it’s strange to stubbornly keep Bryant. He was a part-time player that they benched for a primetime road game…yet he’s so important and irreplaceable that they won’t trade him for players or picks. I like PIT, but this seems more like a spite decision than a football decision.

  15. I think Sammie Coates just tweeted that Martavies ought to shut up and play. Doing your job brings good juju

  16. Big Ben is a good quarterback and is most likely going to throw to the receiver that the defense leaves open. That is if he’s not trying to force the ball to AB. Every defense tries to take away the receiver they perceive as the biggest threat. Maybe Tomlin being a former receiver has something up his sleeve. It has to be hard to balance all that ego on one team. LOL. They all think they can run every play and break for big yardage on every play.

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