Trevor Siemian: Our defense and offensive line played well enough to win

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Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian acknowledged after Monday night’s loss to the Chiefs that he was the problem.

Siemian, who threw three interceptions and had some ugly passes that simply didn’t look like the work of an NFL quarterback, said the defense and offensive line were good enough and he wasn’t.

“This week the defense played well enough to win,” Siemian said. “The offensive line played well enough to win. Just the mistakes — you hate beating yourself. For me, that’s the frustrating part. . . . [I had] a couple bad decisions. [It’s] tough to win, tough to beat good teams when you turn it over.”

It is unclear whether Siemian will keep the job or whether he could be benched for either of the backups, Brock Osweiler or Paxton Lynch. But at some point, the Broncos have to get better on offense. And Siemian looks like he’s getting worse.

8 responses to “Trevor Siemian: Our defense and offensive line played well enough to win

  1. Trevor Siemian rating 2017 = 76.8
    Peyton Manning rating 2015 = 67.9

    Yeah, they’ll never find another great like Peyton Manning to carry that team to a Super Bowl victory.

  2. I only had the game on in the background and wasn’t watching real close – but I did see a dude named Fowler have a key drop or two, and an offensive line that didn’t appear to give a whole lot of pocket most times. Not that Siemian wasn’t without problems – but that offense looks like it needs more than a capable QB.

  3. Kaeperdink’s best option is the CFL. Until he gets back on the field somewhere else and proves he is worth the distraction, no NFL team is taking a chance on him.

  4. The poor OL play, especially at RT really has killed Siemian’s development. He now feels pressure way too quickly. Same thing happened to David Carr, etc. At this point, even though Osweiller reads defenses at a glacial pace, fewer interceptions would be a welcome event for the defense. Once Lynch is truly healthy, look for hime to get a shot. But, next year either Elway goes big for Brees or Manning IF he can find the cap room for both QB and a quality right tackle. Or, Chip Kelly wins the job, which many of us Broncos fans see as the true long term answer.

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