Vance Joseph doesn’t commit to Trevor Siemian

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When Broncos coach Vance Joseph named Trevor Siemian the team’s starting quarterback, Joseph said it was a decision that would last for the season. With the season inching toward being lost, Joseph could be changing his mind.

Asked after the 29-19 loss to the Chiefs whether Joseph had given or will give any consideration to making a change at the position, Joseph didn’t rule it out.

“Well I am going to watch the film tomorrow,” Joseph told reporters. “Obviously like most coaches would do and see but tonight, our defense played winning football in my opinion. Our offensive line blocked. We ran the ball for 177 [yards] and the pass [protection] was better, but it all falls back to turning the ball over five times. That’s insane. You can’t win turning the ball over five times. Guys work too hard along with coaches and players to have a big game and give it away five times. It is mind boggling.”

Three of the turnovers came from Siemian, who threw three interceptions.For the year, he has 10 interceptions and two lost fumbles. That’s 12 turnovers in seven games.

“I am not sure,” Joseph said regarding a possible change, “but losing three games in a row and having five turnovers tonight, anything is possible.”

Monday night was bad enough to prompt a question as to whether Joseph considered benching Siemian for, gulp, Brock Osweiler.

“Well, at halftime we are in the game still,” Joseph said. “You know, he is our starting quarterback. Late in the third quarter, it is 20-13, so we are back in the football game. So to go back with our quarterback in my opinion was the right decision. Obviously, it did not end well, but we were in the game even with three or four turnovers, we are in the football game. I stay with Trevor because he is our guy. I mean, he has worked all week so that was my decision to stay with him.”

That decision to stay with him may not stay in place moving forward. Paxton Lynch, a 2016 first-round pick for whom they traded up, has recovered from a shoulder injury. With a short-week trip to Philly and a visit from the Patriots looming, that 3-1 record that became 3-4 could be on its way to 3-6. And with G.M. John Elway unafraid to make dramatic changes, Joseph could be the one in danger of being out the door, if he sticks with Siemian much longer.

27 responses to “Vance Joseph doesn’t commit to Trevor Siemian

  1. Honestly, Anyone other than Vance would’ve put Osweiller in for the second half.

    Osweiller may not be the answer but stubbornly saying Siemien can do no wrong is stupid.

  2. The pass throw? Is that the opposite of the run handoff? Or is he saying the pass catch was an issue? Because I saw plenty off the pass throw and the pass catch being the problem.

  3. Not sure Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler are much better or an improvement over Trevor Siemian. Don’t think the Broncos will go the RG3 or Colin Kapernick Route either. Broncos go up against the Eagles and their defense in Philly this week so things surely don’t get any easier for them!!

  4. I told Denver fans several times last year that Siemian would never cut it as a starting NFL QB and by way of the huge amount of thumbs down disagreed. What say you today?

  5. The QB situation in Denver is beyond a mess and it’s not just Siemian, it’s all 3 of them.

    This falls on Elway, who was wrongfully crowned king of GM’s because Manning decided on the Bronco’s.

  6. “At halftime, we’re in the game still”… so I decided to change NOTHING… and assure it continues to slip away.

    Siemian did NOTHING in the first half to make anyone believe the second half would be better.

    What kind of coaching is that?

  7. “Three of the turnovers came from Siemian, who threw three interceptions.For the year, he has 10 interceptions and two lost fumbles. That’s 12 turnovers in seven games.”

    Peyton Manning 2015 = rating 67.9, YPG 225, 9 TD, 17 INT, 1 FUM (+2 more in SB).
    Trevor Siemian 2017 = rating 76.8, YPG 238, 9 TD, 4 INT, 2 FUM

    Yeah Trevor, you’re going to have to start playing much better if you expect to improve on Peyton’s Denver SB season. Do try to keep up!

  8. Why do people have such little faith in Osweiler? Without him helping the Broncos to a win against the Patriots in 2015, The Pats would have had homefield advantage in the playoffs and probably would have won that Superbowl.

    He was also good enough for the Texans to make it to the playoffs last season. The Broncos Defense is pretty good. Osweiler is good enough to give them a chance at winning.

  9. Just a month ago everybody was saying Trevor was a star (see Aqib Talib quote), what happened ? Oh, yeah reality sits in when you realize he was a 7th round draft pick and the first 3 games are hardly a indicator of greatness.

  10. Oh Vance, you silly goose. Everyone knew Siemian was horrible… except for you. You’re in so far over your head. It would be wise to step down at the end of the season before your inevitable termination. I can’t believe this guy is a head coach in the NFL.

  11. charliecharger says:
    October 31, 2017 at 7:56 am
    Paxton Lynch is as good as Wentz. The Broncos’ future is very bright.

    Hah! Carson has a former qb as a head coach to mentor him as well as Foles to lean on. Lynch would probably be good if former qb Kubiak was still there and there was a backup with a history of winning some games. Johnson has no clue what he’s doing.

  12. Siemian’s footwork look awful and he was not accurate at all. He’s delivery looked off, he was dropping his elbow with a 3/4 delivery and kept putting the ball into the turf at his receiver’s feet. He appears to have regressed in his decision making too, he was lofting the ball into tight coverage. Can Paxton Lynch really be any worse? It might be time to find out.

  13. VJ is a bad coach, deer in the headlights, spot light too big! No in game adjustments, keep running into the same wall, losing the locker room, wasting a great Defense.

    VJ has to be let go!

    Just like Trevor “Garbage” Siemian!

    Kyle Shanahan should hired! Wake up Elway!

  14. stevejjones says:
    October 31, 2017 at 6:03 am
    Should have developed Tebow behind Manning.
    Right.. Now another NFL team swooped in and is enjoying the vast talents of Tebow. I mean he is on an NFL roster right?

  15. The Broncos’ remaining schedule is pretty tough. This is only going to get worse. They just need a good QB and a few more weapons at WR to put them back in contender status.

  16. Forget the QB debate, the real debate is whether or not Vance will coach more games in Denver than Josh McDaniels did.

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