A.J. McCarron: It feels good to be wanted


There were a handful of trades that got completed before Tuesday afternoon’s deadline, but there was also one that didn’t get done.

The Bengals and Browns agreed to a trade that would send quarterback A.J. McCarron to Cleveland and the Bengals let the league know shortly before the 4 p.m. ET deadline, but the Browns didn’t and the league wouldn’t let the trade go through once they got around to it.

McCarron had heard from his agent that a deal was happening before getting word of the complication that left him in Cincinnati. McCarron shared his reaction to the rollercoaster when he met with the media on Wednesday and said he was thankful to Bengals owner Mike Brown for being willing to send him somewhere he would play.

“I’m not angry. I’m not upset. It feels good to be wanted,” McCarron said, via the team’s website. “Today I’m going to thank Mr. Brown personally. I admire that he was going to give me an opportunity to go start and play somewhere. I really appreciate that of him. He’s been an unbelievable owner in my experience here.”

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said he was “relieved” that the Browns failed to get the paperwork done because Andy Dalton‘s backup is a “valuable member” of the team. The second- and third-round picks that the Bengals were set to receive are valuable as well, but they remain in Cleveland for the time being.

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  1. I’m not sure this is a bad thing for McCarron. Sure he would love to actually play on Sundays, but then they’d start franchise tagging him and he’d be stuck in that terrible organization for 3+ years.

  2. If Cincinnati had any brains at all, AT ALL, they would send Dalton to Cleveland and let McCarron start for the Bengals. It would be a win-win for Cincy, they get a better starting QB and they get to play against Dalton twice a year.

  3. Go figure, the Browns may have just united a team….unfortunately it was the in state rival. Sorry Browns but you are and will always be the Mistake by the Lake

  4. He dodged a bullet. You could give Cleveland the best offensive players in the league and that front office would have them back to looking like an expansion club within two seasons.

  5. I think that the Browns wanted McCarron as a stop gap and to a lesser extent as a mentor for Kizer. However the compensation was too high seeing what Garropolo brought. Probably good that it fell through.

  6. Erik Gainer says:
    November 1, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    So does this deal get done after the season??
    Not until after the draft, if at all.

  7. Andy Dalton has a better arm but McCarron is better in big games. Watched McCarron come from behind in a win against LSU in prime time. He would have won 3 championships at Bama as a starter if Saban didn’t outsmart himself when he tried 57 yard field goal in the Iron Bowl that was returned as kick six.

  8. Two bottom feeder franchises working on a deal for a career back up QB.
    The only way this could be better if the Football Maven Arians joined in on the mix
    for McCarron.

  9. I don’t understand this notion the Browns were going to give up too much for McCarron. They have 12 picks in the 2018 draft. Even with the McCarron trade going through, they would still have 10 picks including two first-rounders and two 2nd rounders. At some point, the picks have to turn into players.

    People bash the Browns for hoarding picks over players; now, when the want to cash in a small portion of those chips, you say it’s too much. I don’t get it.

  10. Please Jimmay Haslem…sell this team and go back to Tennessee and take those video boards in the shape of Tennessee with you! It seems no matter how much you try to put the right people in place, they just aren’t any different than the last regime. Hire Jim Tressel and let him pick his own staff. Honestly, he can’t do any worse. Him and Bobby Bowden could clean up this mess.

  11. I have never seen a more Dysfunctional group as the Browns.
    The next Coach needs to remove every single assistant Coach and employee down to the Cheerleaders and Water Boys with an emphasis on Scouts! Imagine all those high Draft picks that should have been at least one round later and 3/4 of the round lower. man those poor Browns fans.
    Not a Browns fan but you HAVE to give them credit for showing up!

  12. @ldbeachtecorion61

    The Browns don’t even have cheerleaders … not like that would theoretically stop them from *trying* to fire them all anyway as you suggest

  13. Bummer. Probably not for McCarron though. Picks #33 and #65 would have
    been nice to have though. The Bengals could have packaged those picks
    and maybe even a compensatory pick into another 1st round pick to blow on
    an injured offensive linemen coming out of college. :/ haha

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