Adam Gase: “Hard for me to say” what will happen with Jarvis Landry

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A report on Tuesday morning indicated that the Dolphins were open to trading wide receiver Jarvis Landry, but the day came and went with running back Jay Ajayi as the only member of the offense to find a new home.

It’s not the first time that the prospect of trading Landry has been raised around Miami and the lack of an agreement on a contract extension that would guarantee his stay beyond this season have led to questions about the team’s plans for Landry in the long term. Coach Adam Gase heard some of them on Wednesday and said that the team considers Landry a part of what they want at receiver, but that doesn’t mean Landry will be in Miami past this season.

“We have a vision for what we want that wide receiver room to look like and we expect him to be a huge part of that,” Gase said, via the Palm Beach Post. “And however it works out down the road, that’s hard for me to say. Because, you know, I don’t negotiate the contracts. So I’ll blame [executive vice president] Mike [Tannenbaum] on that one. So I like that group. I like that group a lot. We have a lot of talent. We have guys who are trying to do it right. And fight through the entire game. We see some moments where things look really good. And we have to just find ways to improve and we have to keep being on the details and make sure we’re accountable to each other.”

The desire to have a receiver like Landry on hand is easy to understand. He’s about to set a new record for the most catches through the first four years of an NFL career and his 50 catches are twice as many as anyone else on the team. That hasn’t been enough to get a deal done, which leaves a multitude of options open for Landry’s future.

11 responses to “Adam Gase: “Hard for me to say” what will happen with Jarvis Landry

  1. Landry is very good but he allegedly wants and expects top 5 WR money with big guaranteed amounts. Some don’t believe that a prolific slot receiver like Jarvis is not quite as good as Antonio, Julio and Odell.

  2. Landry is probably my top 3 favorite WR’s to emerge in the last 4 seasons. Very quietly doing pretty great things for Miami. Would love to have him in purple and gold.

  3. Do the guy a favor and let him walk out of that hell hole. All the guy has done has help set the record for most catches in first 3 years of being in the league and that was with Tannehill tossing him the ball so imagine if he had a legit NFL QB throwing to him. All said he will have zero trouble in finding a new team.

  4. Just stop throwing that rediclous WR Bubble Screen and we will all be happy. It worked last year for 78 yards and they try and try and it yields -3 yds everytime. Then another tipped hand running play and it is now 3rd and Absurd. That my friends is the Dolphins Offense in a nutshell. Why can’t he run a drag or a rub(pick) the Official like every other team does. Slants and crossing always works, but noooooo… we have get cute and run an End Around or a stupid screen with tiny WRs performing inneffective blocking. Go Shotgun and quick passes… it works for the Patriots and half the time they have subs in for their stars.

  5. Let’s get rid of our best players said Chip Kelly. Hmmm, maybe we’ll see Adam Gase as a ESPN anchor in the near future too. Maybe not – word has it there are more cutbacks in store for that network.

  6. Gase has a house cleaning thats for sure. Way too many stupid people on this team doing dumb things. Obviuosly he inherited many of them. This team needs a remake starting with a Qb and then defensive backs who have brains.

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